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Candid(ate) Meeting

Writers: Devin, Steel
Date Posted: 2nd June 2024

Characters: R'lor, V'tian
Description: Candidate Meeting
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 27 of Turn 11
Notes: Mentor Approved



"Hello, Vytian." R'lor greeted as the Candidate entered his new office. "Please have a seat. This is just an informal meeting. I like to get to know each of the Candidates a bit better."

"Yes, sir." Vytian replied, promptly, briefly wondering if he ought to salute, before he rallied.

He moved to the chair and sat, taking special care to sit up straight, shoulders back, as was proper. "What do you want to know, sir?"

"What made you choose to Stand?"

"I was Searched, sir." Vytian responded. "The rider that brought me in said that I was a more than likely candidate for one of the hatchlings. And I want to Impress." he added, firmly. "Being a rider is important, isn't it?"

"It's the most important thing you can do in a Pass," R'lor said. "But I like to hear everyone's reasons. So, you want to Impress because it's important? Because you want to do your duty for Pern?"

"Yes, _sir_." Vytian responded immediately. "And... and being a dragonrider is.. I want to be one. My family has plenty of other hands to help out on the cothold."

"Ah, that's good. We need our holders to support us as well," R'lor said. "No Craft then? What does your family do?"

"No, sir." Vytian responded, then frowned. "Should I have had a Craft? Will that make me more likely to Impress well?"

He shook his head, refocused. "My family are cotholders. They raise herdbeasts and farm. I'm the _only_ one the dragon said was likely."

"Ah." R'lor made a quick note. "No, you don't need a Craft. You can take one up if you like, though. The Weyr has all kinds of Crafters. Would you mind having some of your chore time working with the beastcrafters or in the Weyr gardens, since you have some experience with those tasks? Or are you sick of them and desperate to do anything else?"

"Anything else, sir. _Please_." Vytian responded promptly. "I have to be a dragonrider, and if I'm to be a dragonrider I can't be interested in cothold things anymore, I have to Impress."

A pause. "Are there... Are there Crafts that involve dragons?"

"Dragonhealing. I can ask one of the journeymen to speak with you," R'lor said. "But even if you do take up a Craft, you'll have to do other chores as part of your Candidate duties. We can accommodate your preferences to some degree, but you might end up doing some of those cothold things, as you call them, because they need to get done."

Vytian nodded. "Understood, sir." He responded. "I would be willing to learn Dragonhealing if they'd have me. Anything to improve my chances."

He paused briefly. "I don't mind hard work. Or... Or doing chores like what I did at our cothold." He added. "But... Thank you. For offering to speak to the Dragonhealers for me."

"Dragonhealing is a noble Craft, but it doesn't increase your chances of Impression," the Weyrlingmaster told him. "We know of very few things that do."

"Then what does?" Vytian asked. "Surely something must--" He stopped himself. "... If I choose a craft that's tailored to dragons, surely a dragon ought to like me more. But... either way. Being a dragonhealer means being around dragons, right?"

"Being chosen by a Search dragon means you're more likely to Impress. Having dragonrider lineage does too. Though none of that is a guarantee." Candidates were always looking for some kind of advantage. "But, yes, apprenticing as a dragonhealer does mean you'll be around dragons more often. It won't help you Impress, but it will help you care for your dragon if you do Impress."

"Anything that can help." Vytian responded, immediately. "I was chosen by a Search dragon so that's good, and maybe a dragon _will_ like if I join the Dragonhealers." His shoulders straighten. "I'm going to Impress, I have to. That'll show my brothers and my Da."

R'lor's lips twitched. "Do they doubt you're dragonrider material?"

"I'm the _only_ one that the dragon liked." Vytian responded. "Four brothers, and only me. So of course they'd complain about it. It doesn't matter, though. I'm going to Impress,and probably the _biggest_ bronze, and then they'll see." He puffs up a bit. "Then I won't have to go home, neither."

"You don't have to go home unless you want to," the Weyrlingmaster said. "Once you choose to become a Candidate, you're weyrfolk, whether you Impress or not."

"... I don't?" Vytian responded. "I mean-- of course I am. I was Searched. And I'm _going_ to Impress. I am." He let out a deep breath. "And once I do then I'll _prove_ I should have had more responsibility
at the cothold."

R'lor wondered if he might be a potential bronzerider with that competitive streak. "Would you like some responsibility among your fellow Candidates?"

Vytian sat up taller, puffed his chest out a bit more. "Yes, _sir_." He responded, immediately. "I haven't been here long, but I'm sure I can only do a good job, sir!" He asserted.

"I'll speak with the Headwoman and have you placed in pairs and groups with Candidates who are . . . a little reluctant to do their chores. Maybe you can provide some encouragement and direction."

"Yes _sir_." Vytian breathed, eyes shining just a bit as he managed to somehow sit even taller. "I won't fail this, sir!"

Last updated on the June 7th 2024

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