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A Familiar Rank

Writers: Heather, Suzee
Date Posted: 27th March 2024

Characters: R'enh, Saibra
Description: R'enh reports to Saibra that he's just been made Weyrsecond
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 7, day 2 of Turn 11
Notes: Mentioned: K'reyel


"Saibra," he shouted as he slammed rather loudly into her office. He
hadn't wanted to share this news with her through their lifemates. He
wanted to tell her in person, face to face.

"K'reyel just made me Weyrsecond!"

The Weyrwoman spun from her bookshelf, her face a picture of surprise
as her weyrmate came stomping in. "R'enh! That's fantastic," she
smiled, looking into his eyes. "Are you happy with that? I know you've
enjoyed having your own Wing."

"Yes," he smiled. "Do you remember when I stepped up after
N'vanik was scored and had to fill in until he was back. It was a great
experience." He wrapped his arms around her and spun in a circle.

Saibra’s eyes warmed with a fond memory. “I remember when a dashing
Weyrsecond showed up at my weyr to introduce himself to Dolphin Cove’s
new goldrider.”

"How can you blame me," he shook his head. "She was very lovely." His
bright blue eyes crinkled even more. "But not as beautiful as you."

"What would you like to do to celebrate?" Saibra asked, all thoughts
of work now completely vanished.

"As always, you read my mind," he cocked an eyebrow at her. "I am very
very hungry Weyrwoman."

"Carnal food first, or physical food?" she asked, her fingers tracing
over the buttons of his shirt.

"Yes," he said with a waggle of both eyebrows, meaning he wanted both
of them voraciously. He began plucking at the strings of her bodice.
"I believe this first. Then that, then this again."

Saibra's smile widened as her hands yanked the hem of his tunic out of
his trousers. "That's what I was hoping you would say."

**Chioneth, block the ledge to my office.** The gold was not amused at
having to move from her sunny spot, but she sprawled out onto the
stone ledge in front of the Weyrwoman's office regardless.

He lifted his arms and the tunic slid off upward over his head and his
expression turned from grin to lust in a heartbeat. Saibra was nothing
if not adventurous and she surprised him with her intensity at times.
Pure joy lit him up and he pulled her to him, the evidence of his
desire tenting his trousers. "Desk? Couch?" He ground out before
taking possession of her mouth.

"Desk," Saibra said against his lips, excitement spiking through her
stomach. When his hands were on her like this she was reminded of when
they first met and how they couldn't get enough of each other. She
still couldn't get enough of her weyrmate.

He picked her up as easily as bags of stone for Mnoranth to chew. He
carried her the few steps to the desk supporting her with one arm
while the other cleared a space with a swipe sending things flying all
without breaking their kiss. He set her on the edge of the desk and
lifted her skirts.

Saibra's hands made quick work of unbuckling the bronzerider's belt
and shoving his pants out of the way. Out on the ledge, Chioneth's
tail flicked back and forth, her eyes whirling a light orange in hue
as her rider's amorous feelings spilled over into their mental link.

His mouth came down on hers again and then they were joined in that
timeless rhythm.

~~fade to black~~

"Now food," he grinned and pulled down her skirts. But his hands were
gentle as he cupped her face and swept a stray curl behind her ear. "I
do love you Saibra," he added.

"I love you, too," she said. "Especially when you come stomping into
my office like that."

"I'll remember that," he said as he buckled his belt. "Would you like
me to grab some wine to celebrate?"

Saibra gingerly eased herself off the desk. "Wine sounds perfect.
Bring it to our bathing pool?" she suggested.

"I will," he smiled at her. "I'll go down to the dining hall. Do you
want anything else?"

"Whatever you think will pair well with the wine," she said, pressing
a kiss to his cheek.

The corner of his mouth tilted up and he curled an arm round her
waist. "You will pair very well with the wine," he said. "But I'll
bring some food too."

Last updated on the March 28th 2024

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