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Lavender Letters

Writers: Aaron, Heather
Date Posted: 10th February 2022

Characters: Brennault, Zavek
Description: Brennault sends a letter to Zavek.
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 9, day 24 of Turn 10

Marvel popped in to Zavek's kitchen from between, a task he was becoming rather familiar with, and deposited Brennault's letter on the table. Then he peered about to see if anyone had left a snack for him.


Your package has been delivered. I am looking forward to spending more time near the Weyr after my long journey abroad, and I am looking forward to beginning the sword lessons.

How is Cook? Tell her I miss her breakfast. No one makes it quite like her.

I'll stay in touch to be sure I'm always available should you need to sending anything else.


Zavek read Brennault’s letter while eating his lunch, a smile on his face. There was nothing personal or affectionate about the letter, but as he held it in his hand, he could recall the way Brennault had looked lying in his bed….

Closing his eyes and savoring the mental image for a moment, Zavek then began writing his response.

I am glad that you arrived safely at the station and that your travel was uneventful.”

He smirked a little as he wrote the next part.

“I especially appreciate the care and attention you showed my package the last time you were at Lavender Run. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”

Writing in disguise and innuendo was fun, he decided, nibbling on his writing tool.

Signing his name to the letter, Zavek returned downstairs where Marvel was enjoying a treat.

“Here you go, Marvel.”

Marvel cheeped a happy response to Zavek and sent warm feelings to him. Marvel liked Zavek – and not only because Brennault did. The man knew how to give a good treat.

He took the message dutifully and returned it to Brennault. Once he was finished with his treat, that is. He cheeped again and then disappeared between.

On reading the message, Brennault grinned. Zavek was getting into the spirit of this letter writing thing!

**Oh, I'll look forward to you doing more business with me, too,** he thought, chuckling to himself.

For good measure, he wrote back,


I am honored to be at your disposal. If ever you have need of me, you know how to reach me.


While reading the reply, Zavek stood and stroked Marvel’s head, admiring the little fella. As a beastcrafter, and someone raised around a farm, Zavek had always been partial to runnerbeasts and bovines, but he might need to consider a firelizard….

“Wait here just a second,” Zavek instructed the flit.

Folding the letter, Zavek tucked it into his back pocket and left through the back door of his house. When he returned, he carries a single sprig of lavender in his hand.

“Give this to Brennault,” he instructed Marvel.

Marvel sniffed the twig or whatever it was and took it gingerly. It smelled like Zavek, so that likely meant that Brennault would think it was important, so he decided to treat it as such. Humans were always getting attached to weird stuff like sticks.

He popped back between and showed Brennault images of Zavek giving him the stick and then of himself giving the stick to Brennault.

"Aw, thanks, buddy," said Brennault as he took the sprig and sniffed it. He smiled and twisted it in his finger to admire it and to enjoy the memories it brought to mind.

Last updated on the February 10th 2022

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