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This One and That One

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 22nd September 2021

Characters: Timassa, D'hol
Description: Timassa and D'hol name their daughters
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 10, day 28 of Turn 10


As Timassa rested, D'hol looked down at the two children in the small
cradle and felt an intense surge of love for the two tiny infants.
They were safe, they were alive, but he couldn't rest; he had to watch
them, to make sure that they were okay, that they were breathing. His
touch was light as he reached down to touch a soft cheek, then smiled
gently as one turned her little mouth towards his finger.

Timssa opened her eyes and saw D'hol smile in a way she had never seen
before. "We did it," she whispered. The surgery was still fuzzy though
she did remember that the children had been born and were both girls.
"How do they look?" she asked without trying to twist around to see
them. They'd warned her she could pull her stitches and should stay
flat for at least a day.

"Beautiful." He barely looked up, but his voice cracked with repressed
emotion. "They're beautiful, Timassa." Very carefully, he scooped up
one of the babies as though he was worried that the smallest might
break in his hands. With studied care, he scooped up the other; they
seemed to be so small....Cradling them both closely, he slowly walked
to Timassa and very carefully laid the smallest baby in her arms.
"You did it." He laid a palm against Timassa's cheek. "Thank you."

Her eyes misted as he placed the tiny bundle in her arms. "So small,"
she said. Then giggled and looked up at D'hol through the mist.
"You're welcome," she said. "Saryolth just asked me if she was going
to stay this size and said. 'Maybe she could ride a firelizard.'"

That brought a low chuckle, but it was stilled by D'hol very gently
pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was tender, sweet, and spoke of a
sudden surge of emotion within him that he had never spoken. Slowly,
he pulled away and rested his brow against hers as he closed his eyes
and took a deep, steadying breath. "They're perfect."

The warmth of his lips made her breath catch in her throat. They'd
kissed many times but not like this. He'd never kissed her like that.
Her hand came up to cup the side of his face like he had hers a moment
before. "I love you," she said very softly.

His eyes opened, and he moved just enough to allow them to meet hers
for a long moment, the hazel orbs gentle and soft. It was a rare
expression few had seen from him. "I love you, Timassa." His voice was
soft; he knew that those words meant something from her; that they
were important and likely not just said on impulse.

Her eyes closed and tears leaked from them dripping toward her ears.
Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd ever hear those words
from him. She pulled their baby up and kissed her soft cheek. "Happy
birthday sweetheart," she murmured. The tiny mouth began to turn to
her searching... "Can you help me," she asked.

"Of course." D'hol reached to carefully untie the gown at her
shoulders and brushed aside the cloth to allow her breast to be
exposed. He almost offered to get her mother, but selfishly, he wanted
this first time to be just he and Timassa. He didn't want to share
this moment. "First this little one, then the other, I think."

She turned slightly and held the baby close like her mother had told
her. Then her eyes flew open in surprise as she latched on. "Oh my,"
she grinned up at D'hol. "I think she's hungry."

As if knowing that her sister was receiving something she was not, the
little baby in D'hol's arms began to squirm restlessly. D'hol chuckled
and looked down, rocking the baby slowly. "Shhh...your turn will come
soon." His hand brushed lightly over the bare scalp of the child. "I
think they both are."

"Yes," she nodded happily. "Mama said it is possible nurse them both
at the same time but maybe we're going to need a foster mother sooner
rather than later." She strained a little so she could see the other
baby and try and compare what she could see. Though she was beginning
to feel a bit fatigued. "Are they identical, do you think? Should we
give them bracelets to tell them apart? Maybe some beads?"

D'hol bent a little for Timassa to look at their other daughter. "Yes,
most likely, we will, but not until you're ready for that." He
examined the two of them, looking from one baby to the other. "This
one's smaller, but you and your sister were identical? Why don't you
ask your mother how she managed? I haven't the foggiest idea what to
do." He frowned. "I thought...you just sort of knew, to be honest."

"Oh look," Timassa smiled as she unwrapped the daughter she held to
count fingers and toes. "They've tied a bit of thread around her
wrist." There was a little white bead on it with the number one
painted on it.. She showed the tiny fist to D'hol, "Does she have one

D'hol nudged aside the blanket to check, then held up the clenched
little fist. "Looks like it." There was a tiny green bead with a
little "two" painted on it. The little baby began to squirm again,
then let out a surprising bellow that made her father's brows shoot up
in surprise. "I think she might be hungry." He looked at the other
baby. "Would you like to try her as well, or do I need to take one?"

Timassa chuckled and looked down at the little one she held. She'd
stopped the frantic sucking and seemed much more relaxed so she looked
back up at D'hol. "Maybe we can trade?"

He echoed her chuckle and carefully bent to hand Timassa the other
infant, then slipped his hands under his other daughter to gently pull
her away. There was a bit of fussing from the small child that stilled
as he propped her up against his shoulder and patted her. A healthy
belch was heard before she snuggled against his neck. The softness in
his eyes would have been shocking to those who knew him as a proud,
stern leader.

She looked up after her second daughter began to suckle. "This one
isn't quite as frantic," she smiled. Then she caught the look on his
face. "You know, we need to name the girls. Can't keep calling them
This one and That one."

He looked back down at the daughter in his arms. The mothers of his
children had typically named them and for a moment, he couldn't think
of anything. Then he smiled. "How about Lassa for this one?" It was
brief, but feminine enough.

She smiled up at him. "I like it," she said, then looked down at the
other one at her breast. "She rather looks like a Mihola to me. What
do you think?"

"It fits her." D'hol agreed readily, the expression staying on his
face. Then he frowned and looked at Timassa, clearing his throat. "I
have a question to ask of you."

"Mmmm?" she mused in acknowledgement with a soft happy smile on her
lips. She was beginning to feel a bit tired yet this time with just
the four of them was special.

D'hol stood quietly for a moment, eyelid twitching before looking down
at his daughters, then Timassa. "Stay with me. Not in your own room,
but...with me. As a partner."

She took a deep breath and paused looking into the intensity of his
hazel eyes. She'd never contemplated this kind of move nor made any
suggestions that she might want to become something more permanent.
Her relationships were normally quite transitory. Knowing his history
and knowing herself she took a breath. "I want you more than I can
say," she started. "But can I think about it?"

Though he was disappointed, he understood her hesitation. "Of course.
No pressure, Timassa. Whatever you decide, I'll accept."

She reached out to take the hand of the man she admired so much. She
knew she didn't need to own him like holders seemed to. Besides, both
of them had rather convoluted pasts that were part and parcel of who
they were. She smiled, "You know I'd have to change wings."

He nodded. "I know. Honestly, you should have earlier, but I didn't
want you to." His lips quirked upwards. "I rely on you too much in our

She giggled and shook her head. "Kiss me D'hol," she commanded,
pulling on his hand.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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