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Dye Lots (4)

Writers: Aaron, Heather
Date Posted: 13th July 2021

Characters: Brennault, Zavek
Description: Brennault has discovered a bit of subterfuge on his father's part.
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 9, day 16 of Turn 10

Brennault's jaw had nearly hit the floor when he brought the day's haul to the foreman of the working crew the day before he sent his next message. But it was well worth the shock and worry when the holder reassured him. He could not help but write the letter as soon as he got the word, but he waited to send it until morning so he would be sure Zavek received it.


Today was much like the day before until I turned in my haul – exactly three hundred and seventy two purple goo creatures. I thought I was surely getting the hang of the work until the foreman told me that one bottle of this brilliant purple dye takes _ten thousand_ of them! And delicate work on top of that.

I nearly shouted out of frustration. I can't imagine doing this for long enough to dredge up ten thousand, especially if it gets harder from here. The crew had a good laugh at me and sent me to see the holder.

And he had some great news for me. My father sent a package and a letter with me to introduce me to the holder, and it turns out he had purchased a shipment of wine from the North and sent me to pay for it along with a commission to Leeward Lagoon for facilitating the transaction.

My father's commission also covered the rest of the cost of the bottle of dye, which I now hold in my hand! I will be on my way in the morning when you receive this back to the Weyr, where I will find passage to complete my quest. Marvel is very happy I will not be going underwater again tomorrow.

Please expect me to arrive in the evening on the third day after you receive this. Glad to receive word of your good health and good fortune,



Zavek read the note while standing in his kitchen eating breakfast. He could almost see the exasperation that must have been showing on Brennault’s face when he had discovered how much went into the making of the dye.

A small smile touched his lips as he crumpled the note and then tossed it into the small fire burning in the wood stove. If Brennault really was going to be here in a few days’ time, he would have to find a way to get some privacy around his home….

Cook needed some days off, didn’t she? He thought he remembered her having some children who lived a few days away…

Fishing a piece of hide from one of the kitchen drawers, Zavek scrawled a return note. “I look forward to your visit.” That was all he felt he could say, after all, if someone else were to see the note they would just see a lavender farmer eager to have a runner come by and carry his goods.

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