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Writers: Yvonne, Miriah, Estelle
Date Posted: 5th July 2021

Characters: Rorela, Harki, H'run, L'keri, Ma'din
Description: Partay and Harki's
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 6 of Turn 10


The little weyr was crowded as people gathered in small groups, some
drinking, some playing dragonpoker, some snacking, and others were
finding themselves in little niches for a little intimate squeeze.
Rorela was thoroughly enjoying herself, squeezed between Ma'din and
another blue rider as she filled glasses with more wine. "And then he
said, 'I swear, it's just because the water's cold!' " She held up her
pinky finger, then began to laugh.

"Well, now I know you can't be talking about me," L'keri sauntered up
and dropped down on the couch opposite them, somehow managing not to
spill a drop of his glass of fruit juice. He winked. "Ooh! Please tell
me it was a bronzerider."

"Wouldn't know. You've never tried. I'm almost hurt. Almost." Rorela
gave a mock pout, then grinned, before looking over at Harki. "Wasn't
he some smithcrafter? You remember, the one that was visiting earlier
this year with the big ego?"

"Hmm?" Harki looked over from her game of dragonpoker. "Uh... saying
he's got a big ego doesn't help me. You gotta give me more to go on
than that. Could I beat him arm wrestling? Oh!" Her eyes lit up as the
door opened and another party-goer entered. She dropped her cards to
go greet H'run.

The bluerider kissed her cheek, shifting his gitar case to the other
hand to do so. "That is quite a dress, my friend. If one could call it

"Isn't it just!" Harki simpered a moment, then pulled him over to
where Ma'din, Rorela and L'keri sat. "Look who finally decided to show

Ma'din rolled his eyes, leveling a gaze at the handsome blue rider.
This was the man Harki was raving over? He wasn't _that_ good looking.
Disgruntled, Ma'din draped an arm over Rorela's shoulder. "Wonderful."
His voice was flat. "Music."

H'run smiled as he sat next to L'keri. "I see you are a man of taste and
refinement. Ma'din, am I correct?"

"That's him. Don't mind him, H'run, you'll always have an eager listener
in me." L'keri's eye roved appreciatively from one greenrider to the
other. "I like a good romantic ballad. Gets me in the mood."

Ma'din rolled his eyes and glanced at H'run. "Please don't. Trust me,
Rorela and Harki don't need that to get in the mood." He grunted at
the sudden elbow that found its way into his abdomen. "Hey!" He rubbed
his belly and then looked up at Harki. "Defend me here."

The greenrider sniffed and pointedly got up and promptly sat in
L'keri's lap instead. "I like music. "

Harki smirked from her perch on the back of the couch. "Did you
seriously just call me easy, Ma'din? At my own party?"

The response was swift. "No. I just know what buttons to push. I don't
need music."

She rolled her eyes. "My weyr, my rules. H'run, we would _love_ some music."

The bluerider had watched the back-and-forth with interest, and now
inclined his head to hide a small smirk. "As my lady wishes." He picked
up his gitar, took a brief moment to tune it, then launched into the
requested love ballad-- making moon eyes at the grouchy brownrider
Ma'din as he did so.

"What happens in my lady's presence
Is wholly indescribable
My heart is changed ever since
She kissed my lips, and oh, I'm hers"

L'keri got a sentimental look in his eye as he listened to H'run. There
was nothing like a party, a song and a pretty greenrider to enjoy them
with. "Ahh. Isn't that lovely?" His free arm, which had been resting on
the back of the couch, slipped casually down around her shoulders. "You
think a single kiss could make such a change in a man?"

Ma'din met the gaze of the bluerider with ease, one brow arching at
the lyrics. His voice was dry as he answered L'keri. "Yes. Lovely. Can
you play something less...sappy?"

Rorela glanced at Harki and snickered a little, even as she wiggled in
L'keri's lap. "Depends on where she kisses him."

Harki snorted back a laugh.

They were starting to get an audience. H'run _loved_ an audience. He
batted his long eyelashes at Ma'din and slid from his seat so that he
was on his knees before the brownrider. "I can't help it. You inspire
me." He strummed his gitar a bit harder for the second verse, raising
his voice as he sang.

"My lady's eyes are dark and lovely
Her voice most desirable
I cannot ignore the evidence
That just one touch and I am hers"

"Aren't they sweet?" L'keri was enjoying the spectacle nearly as much as
the greenrider in his lap. As H'run finished his verse, he fished in his
pocket for a mark piece. "Who'll bet with me that the harper can make
him smile?"

Ma'din didn't even blink at the serenade from the bluerider. Without
comment and with a perfectly straight face, he leaned over, plucked
the mark from L'keri's palm before Rorela could take it, then sat
back. He met H'run's gaze and settling firmly in his seat, yawned.

"You're such an ass." Rorela grumped at Ma'din. "You could at least
crack a smile."

"I'm apparently an inspiration."

H'run didn't miss a beat as he began to sing even louder as he
launched into the third verse.

Behind Ma'din, Harki leaned down so that her lips brushed the
brownrider's ear and whispered, "Penis penis penis."

Ma'din's eyes twitched as he lightly bit the inside of his cheek. It
took a moment as he continued to meet H'run's gaze before he answered.
"Have one, yes. You happen to like it."

"Oh come on!" Harki sat back in a huff. "Penises are _always_ funny!"

L'keri gave her a mock-indignant look. "No, they're not! Some of them
are _immensely_ serious."

H'run changed keys to strum a few minor chords. "My friend, man to
man... I would let the greenrider have this one."

Rorela wiggled her bottom and made a point of appearing to consider
something. "I wouldn't say _immensely_. I would say averagely

Unfortunately, she'd said that at the moment Ma'din had been taking a
drink of his spirits and he nearly snorted his drink up his nose. He
choked feeling the burn.

L'keri just grinned, unfazed. "Sometimes it takes a closer examination
to appreciate the full extent of my seriousness." He peered at Ma'din
over her shoulder. "Was that a little giggle I heard, brownrider? Maybe
a hint of a smile?"

Ma'din glanced at H'run, then at L'keri, his lips wildly twitching
despite his control. Finally, a smile cracked his lips and he gave in,
giving a little chuckle. "Alright, Harki, you win." He looked at
L'keri and almost looked offended. "I don't giggle."

"When you're drunk you do." Rorela looked over her shoulder again at
L'keri and waggled her brows. "I may take you up on that closer look.
Later." She turned to H'run. "More songs!"

"Yes, more! More!" L'keri applauded vigorously. He'd have to thank H'run
sometime, he thought, wriggling comfortably himself as he enjoyed the
warmth of the greenrider in his lap. That song had certainly done the trick.

Harki grabbed Ma'din by the chin and planted a giant, fat kiss on his
lips as H'run launched into a second ballad. "See? Always funny," she
said, looking as satisfied as a feline in the cream. Not only was she
throwing an exceptionally good party, but she was right, too. And
nothing could be sweeter.

Last updated on the July 21st 2021

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