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Old Friends, New Roles

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 5th March 2021

Characters: R'lor, Timassa
Description: R'lor comes to visit his friend Timassa and they talk about promotions and pregnancy.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 8, day 8 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: D'hol
Corrected for location in title


Kularth came out of /between/ and circled wide over Barrier Lake. It
was a lovely sight, and an unusual one for a Weyr with those large
freestanding buildings. Sunlight sparkled off the waters of the bay
and dragons of all colors flew between the newly-built weyrs and the
land that hugged the crescent-shaped structure.

It was more than the view that made R'lor smile as Kularth slowly spiraled down.

}:I am here,:{ the blue announced to Saryolth. }:Where should I bring mine?:{

Timassa lept up off the couch and trotted out to the weyrledge that
didn't currently contain Yumath and waved at the bluerider. "R'lor,"
she called. "We're up here!" Of course this was the Weyrleader's weyr
and rather huge but then she hadn't seen R'lor in ages.

Kularth landed on the ledge, his scarred right wing folding slower and
more awkwardly than the left. R'lor slid down and pulled off his
riding helmet. "Timassa!" His smile widened as he went to embrace his
friend. "So good to see you, love."

"Good to see you too," she smiled and put her arms around his neck
giving him a big fat kiss right there where anyone could see.

He laughed after he pulled back. "And here I thought _I_ had the
exciting news, but you had to outdo me!" He glanced down at her
middle, which was showing the telltale curve of pregnancy.
"Congratulations again. I have to admit this is quite a surprise."

"Yes," she grinned and looked down. "I never thought I'd go through
with this," she shook her head. "But he was just so sharding happy
about it it." She started pulling him inside their Weyr. "You've got
to see this place, it's amazing really!"

"So this is the Weyrleader's Weyr?" R'lor asked. She'd mentioned that
she was staying with the new Weyrleader of Barrier Lake, and now she
was having his child. . .yet they weren't weyrmates. Well, weyrfolk
were free to define their relationships however they wanted. He wasn't
judging, merely curious. "It's quite impressive."

"Yes," she smiled looking around the weyr. "The craftsmen who built
it really went all out. Especially in the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's
quarters. This one is family sized and my room is up there." She
pointed up the stairs. "D'ho's is in there," she pointed to the side.
"Would you like a drink?" She led him over to the side board where
there were several different kinds.

"Juice, please." He took another look around, noticing the fine
details. As outstanding as it was, his mind was preoccupied. "I have
to ask, why choose to have a baby now?" Timassa had always ended her

"It was D'hol," she said simply. "I've never seen a man react like
that. He just wanted the baby so badly. I couldn't say no." She smiled
softly at the memory. "But you should have seen him when he found out
it was twins. I thought he was going to faint."

R'lor chuckled. "He must be quite special, your D'hol."

She chuckled at that. "Oh he certainly is special," she said. "But
he's not mine, and I don't really think I want him to be actually. I
don't think I've ever wanted that kind of a relationship. Too much
work. Know what I mean?"

"I think I'd like to have a weyrmate. It would have to be the right
person of course." Meeting new people was a challenge, but maybe he'd
have luck at Dolphin Cove.

"I think you're the kind who'd enjoy that. There's some good people
at Dolphin Cove," she nodded. "Are you looking for a young one or for
some maturity," she asked as she poured them both some juice and took
it toward the spacious couch.

R'lor followed her to the couch and sat near her. "I get enough of the
young ones when Kularth decides to chase our weyrlings." He sighed,
but his expression was amused. "I'd like someone my own age, or older.
Someone steady and mature, with just enough excitement to keep life
interesting. The kind who would, I don't know, surprise me with a
picnic or something."

She chuckled and pulled her feet up on the couch as she sipped her
juice. "Found any candidates yet, or have you not been there long

"I just arrived, love. Besides, I need to focus on my work now anyway.
I don't want them to think they made a mistake giving me rank."

"No one's going to think that," she shook her head. "you're a good
hard worker. You deserve the rank love." She gave him back the same
endearment. There'd been a time they'd been close.

R'lor took a sip of juice. "Ah, probably just jitters talking. But I
was passed over a few times for promotion at Rising Moons."

"Well with the new Weyr and all the shuffling, I'm sure you'll have an
easier time." She really did feel confident about it. "I only have
good things to say about the leadership at Dolphin Cove."

"I've heard positive things as well, which is part of why I chose to
ask for a transfer. Blue and greenriders seem to be well-respected and
have prospects for leadership. They've even had a bluerider as
Weyrlingmaster Second." R'lor laughed. "Not that I'm quite _that_
ambitious. At least not yet." It had crossed his mind as a possibility
for the future, but for now it was more than enough to have his new
role as 'Third and to try to adjust to his new home.

She nodded, "You're right," she smiled. "But I am also glad you came
for a visit. I don't often get to see old friends these days." She
didn't know how people went through life without building some kind of
relationships even if they were more acquaintances and friendships
than close familial bonds. She put her hand on his arm and gave him a
warm smile.

"It's truly good to see you. I'll be busy after the next Hatching, but
I'll try to come by when I can. I'll certainly visit once the baby--
babies come."

She smiled at that. "Don't let that be the _only_ reason," she poked
him in the arm.

He chuckled. "Of course not. And I expect you to come visit _me_ once
you're able."

"We will, soon as we're able," she nodded. "Would you like to see my room?"

"I would." His new weyr at Dolphin Cove was nicer than his previous
one, but it was nothing compared to this beautiful, spacious weyr.

"Come on," she grinned and moved toward the stairs. "I'll give you the
private tour. You're not going to believe what they've done with the
bathing rooms."

"I have to say, I'm jealous. Maybe I should have moved _here_." R'lor
admired the craftsmanship as he followed her up the stairs.

Once they reached the landing, she turned toward the front of the weyr
and the room she led him into held a large bed, wardrobe, desk, and a
small fire blazed in the ceramic stove set in one corner. But best of
all there was a large window looking out over the cove and lake

"What a view!" R'lor's eyes were wide as he took it in.

"I can close the curtains or I can wake up to the sunrise over the
lake. Pretty amazing right?" She smiled and pointed across the
hallway. "I'm planning on setting up the babies room across the hall
when they're not with their foster mothers."

He turned to his friend with a teasing smile. "You sound positively domestic."

She gave him a skeptical look. "Have you _met_ me," she chuckled

"Having children, planning a room for them, living with a man . . ."

She made a rude noise, "Not quite the same thing. First," she counted
off a finger. "We arrived here and there weren't enough weyrs to go
around so D'hol invited me to share since he had three rooms and only
him when he became Weyrleader." She ticked off another finger. "He's
very good in the furs and understands that I don't want any kind of
'relationship," She shook her head. "So, I'm free to entertain and so
is he." She fell sideways onto her bed and lifted a brow at him.
"This," she waved at her obviously expanding belly. "Was an accident."

"So defensive," he said with a smile. "I'm going to tell all our old
friends that you're weyrmated and pregnant and desperately in love."

"You are a bad man," she laughed. "I've missed you."

He sat down next to her and patted her arm. "I missed you too." They'd
grown up together, and Timassa was one of the few people he was truly
comfortable around.

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