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I'm Perfectly Healthy

Writers: Devin, Emma
Date Posted: 5th March 2021

Characters: D'ren, M'van
Description: Menanth gets a checkup from M'van.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 9, day 9 of Turn 10

}:I am perfectly healthy,:{ Menanth grumbled as he landed near the
dragon infirmary.

**I know, but the Dragonhealers want to check once in a while to make
sure,** D'ren said. **You want to be in top condition for fighting
Thread, don't you?**

The bronze straightened. }:I do!:{

**Then stop complaining.** D'ren made his way over to M'van.
"Weyrdragonhealer, sir. I'm reporting with Menanth for his check up."

"Good to see you both," M'van said as he cast a professional eye over the
bronze. Nothing obvious jumped out at him , and he seemed well cared for,
which was always a good start. "How have you both been?"

"We're okay," D'ren answered automatically. "Menanth had a minor
scoring on his tail recently, but there's hardly a mark left so there
probably won't be a scar."

"I'll check that for you if you'd like. I've got a slightly different oil
that might help make sure there's no scarring." M'van had grabbed a slate
and clipped a hide on it to make notes. "How's his appetite been?"

"Sure, you can check, and I'd appreciate that oil," D'ren said. "His
appetite has been good. He's eating normally."

"And excreting normally?" Dragons went /between/ unless they had problems
passing their waste.


}:The answer to all of his questions is that I am fine.:{

**Hush. Let him do his job.**

"Any troubles flying fall or drills? No strains or pulls in his wings or
limbs?" M'van continued making notes, carrying out the simple checks
required before performing an actual physical exam.

"Nothing recently, no. He's had just a few minor things in the past,
but not often."

"That's good," said M'van as he noted the fact down. "Ok, can you ask him if
he's ok with me doing a physical exam?"

**Will you let the healer give you a physical exam? He can make sure
your health is the very best it can be,** D'ren said. Sometimes it was
like having a child, the way he had to coax Menanth.

}:I suppose. Though I am fine.:{

"He's okay with it," D'ren confirmed.

The notes put aside, M'van quickly, yet thoroughly washed his hands with a
dilute redwort solution before approaching the bronze, and beginning to run
his hands over his hide, initially looking for patches of flaky skin that
the eye might not see, but could be detected by touch. "I see what you mean
about the tail, I can see where he's had a minor score. And it's healing
nicely, but I'd still like you to try adding a touch of a slightly different
oil along there to help prevent scarring and ensure that the skin retains
it's usual suppleness. He'll benefit from it under his wings as well."

"I will, thank you." D'ren watched as the healer did his work. Menanth
was a little impatient, but not agitated in any way, so D'ren let his
mind wander. M'van had been with them at River Bluff when it collapsed
and had been transferred to Dragonsfall in the aftermath as well. They
hadn't been close at all, but D'ren thought the bluerider would
understand better than most. "He barely remembers being 'Scored.
Sometimes I envy their memories, the way they don't carry around their

"It's something that is both baffling and admirable in one. They learn
about flying fall, yet don't take in the real details of it. And nobody has
ever been able to figure out why that is," M'van said. "Maybe it's a good
thing, given what can happen up there."

"Or even what can happen on the ground," D'ren said quietly.

M'van nodded in acknowledgement, there was no need to bring up past hurts.
You couldn't be a rider for very long without either losing someone in fall
or being hurt yourself, and that was without things that can happen because
of the weather or natural disasters. "He looks good," he said as he finished
the exam of the bronze. "I think we'll stick to the usual intervals for his
next exam, unless there is anything that either of you are worried about."

"No, nothing at all." D'ren forced a smile. "Menanth is pleased he was
right about being perfectly healthy."

"Well with you to look out for him I'm sure he'll stay that way," remarked
M'van as he quickly washed his hands again. "I'll make a note on his file,
and I'll have one of my apprentices drop the oil I mentioned over to you
later this evening."

"Thank you, Weyrdragonhealer." He shouldn't be worried about other
things and he should be grateful Menanth was in good health.

"Just keep doing what you're doing and he'll be fine," advised M'van. "And
if you need anything for him, drop by and someone will help you."

"Thank you," D'ren repeated. After all they'd been through, they were
still here. He and Menanth were the lucky ones.

Last updated on the March 9th 2021

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