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Support from Family

Writers: Heather, Yvonne
Date Posted: 4th March 2021

Characters: R'nar, Reyela
Description: Reyela goes to help R’nar pack up Ranni’s things.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 23 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis, K’deren


Reyela hesitated at the door to R'nar's weyr. He was kind of a cousin since Cyradis and K'deren had been weyrmated... the family ties in Weyrs could become confusing quickly. She didn't know him that well, but she knew that he was hurting. And it wasn't as if he didn't know that he was coming. Cyradis had suggested that he might need help clearing Ranni's things from his weyr and Reyela had volunteered. She hadn't known Ranni well, mostly by sight from when Ranni had been a Candidate. It made things easier. Steeling herself, she knocked on R'nar's door.

The door swung open, revealing a slightly disheveled R’nar who looked as if he had not slept. “Reyela,” he said her name, recognizing his cousin. “Come in,” he disappeared into the darkened weyr, untucked shirt fluttering around his waist as he flicked on the lights.

The weyr was a mess and it smelled funky and closed-in. Reyela wrinkled her nose as she followed after him. The room felt... sad. It seemed full to the brim with grief, and she wanted to turn heel and run out rather than deal with the feeling. Clearly R'nar clearly needed her help. "How you holding up?" she asked quietly.

“About as good as it looks.” R’nar had been spending most of his time in the dark so he wouldn’t have to look at his home without Ranni in it. He had torn the place apart, snatching the different things of Ranni that he wanted to keep. The thought of completely removing all of her possessions from his weyr had made him feel panicky.

She examined the damage. Cleaning up would be do-able, she decided. It was no worse than her weyr, and she wasn't grieving. "Do you want a hug?"

He held up a hand to keep her at bay. “Not now or I might do something embarrassing like cry. I am barely keeping my head above water as it is.” He rubbed a hand along his face which was itchy from a scruffy growth of beard.

"It's not embarrassing." Still, she respected his wishes and stayed a good distance away. There were crates piled in one corner to take Ranni's things away; someone from the Headwoman's office would have delivered them earlier that day at her request. Reyela sighed and rolled up her sleeves. "All right. Should we do this together, or would you like me to start?"

"I have already tucked away anything of hers that I wanted to keep so.... You can just pack it up. I can't... I can't watch." R'nar's throat felt as if he'd swallowed a redfruit and the entire thing was lodged there. "I'll just, uh, clean up other things..." he glanced down, "and myself."

"Good idea." Reyela hesitated. "Hey R'nar? Don't worry. I've got this for you. If you want to go hang out in a bathing room for a while, or the beach or something, that's fine too." She flashed him a bright smile, hoping that he'd believe her.

Being able to let someone take care of the burden was an immense relief. "I think I will go catch a quick bath, if you're sure."

"Absolutely. Shoo!" Reyela gestured toward the door. "You'll feel better if you do, I promise."


R'nar spent a half-candlemark at the communal bathing pools, trying to ignore sympathetic looks, while he bathed, shaved, and put on clean clothes. It made him feel marginally better, he supposed. When he opened the door to his weyr he could see that Reyela had indeed been working and the doors had been left open to let in fresh air.

"How's it going?" he asked.

Reyela looked up from the crate she was packing as he approached. The weyr was mostly scrubbed of Ranni's things, or at least, the things she thought belonged to Ranni. There was a small pile of items on the table that she wasn't sure about, including a blanket, a vase and a couple of books and soaps. "Almost done! There's a few things on the table I wasn't sure were yours or hers, though..."

He gave the items a cursory glance. "They can all go." R'nar rubbed at the side of his nose. "Thanks again, Rey, for the help. I really do appreciate it."

"Of course." Reyela picked the crate up and carried it to the table to pack away the last of Ranni's things. "I'm happy to help. How was your bath?"

"Good, I managed to avoid most people." He logically knew that he needed to resume all of his regular routines, to help deal with the grief, but so many of his routines had included Ranni. "Now that I am clean, I'll take that hug," he lifted his arms.

Reyela dropped what she was holding to go over and hug him. She said nothing, just let him fold his arms around her and hopefully, for a moment, he would feel a little less lonely.

"You know, I'm sure you will find your lifemate the next time you're on the Sands. There's no way a dragon is going to pass on the chance to have you as their rider."

"That's kind of you to say." Reyela pulled away and went back to packing the crate. She folded the blanket and stuck it in the bottom.

He turned his attention back to the weyr and in a few minutes the place was tidied, cleaned, and the remainder of Ranni's things were in boxed up and ready to be taken away. His brown eyes scanned the place, thinking with an ache in his heart that it looked as if she had never existed.

"Hey... a few of my friends are going to have a beach bonfire tomorrow night after evening chores. You should join us." Reyela smiled at him. R'nar looked like he needed a distraction. "It might even be a little fun?'

“I don’t think I am ready to be around people casually, yet.” He couldn’t imagine what sort of conversation he would have with others at this point.

"If you wanted to come sit in the shadows, I'll be sure to make sure that nobody bothers you."

The shadows sounded good. He could bring his own alcohol.... It would at least give him some time on the beach and maybe he could watch others interact for entertainment. “Alright, but I have your word you’ll run interference if people try to come and do something annoying, like give me their condolences.”

Being outside would be good for him. "Oh, naturally! I am very good at distracting people."

“Then I’ll stop by,” he promised.

"Good." Impulsively she gave him another hug. "I'll see you then."

Last updated on the March 9th 2021

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