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Failed Seduction

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 14th August 2019

Characters: Enamra, Thayde
Description: Enamra tries to be a real wife, but doesn't succeed.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 6 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Chalzie


After the talk with Chalzie, and the incident with Finlon, Enamra had
come to a decision. She wanted to be a proper wife to Thayde, a real
wife, even if it ended up hurting. Maybe if she was, Thayde wouldn't
feel stuck with her. Besides, Chalzie had said it could feel good,
hadn't she?

While Thayde was in his office for the evening, she looked at the box
of silky things and picked through them, trying to find something she
though she could wear without utterly cringing out of pure
embarrassment. Some of the underthings revealed more than they
covered; Enamra put those aside quickly. There was one item, however,
that she thought was rather pretty. It was a short little light blue
gown with slender straps and hardly any back to it. It was obviously
short and came with very brief panties, but they were pretty and lacy.

Hesitantly, she disrobed, glanced at the closed door and slipped them
on, then stood before the mirror to look at herself. Enamra gaped at
what she saw, instinctively moving to cover herself before forcing her
own hands away. The gown wasn't just short, it barely reached the
middle of her hips and exposed half of her small breasts. Turning,
slightly, she saw that her entire back was indeed exposed The panties
covered her, but they certainly weren't anything that she could wear
on a daily basis; the lace was far too sheer for that. She couldn't
help but feel a bit decadent as she peered at herself. She didn't look
like a girl at all. She looked like a woman. Her chin lifted and she
smiled at herself. She liked it!

Feeling a bit more confident in her decision, she crawled into bed,
but didn't nestle under the covers. It could be a candlemark or more
before he came to bed so when she laid her head on her pillow, closed
her eyes. Maybe she would still be awake when he did.

Thayde had become well acquainted with his nightly routine. He would
retire to his office after dinner with Enamra, and then he would read,
study, and complete some hidework. That usually took him long enough
so that he was good and sleepy by the time he arrived in their
bedroom, which made it much easier for him to ignore Enamra's supple
young figure and drift right off to sleep.

Tonight as he crept into the bedroom, he shot a glance toward the bed,
brow wrinkling as he noted that Enamra did not have the blankets
pulled over her as usual. His eyes drifted down from the smooth curve
of her neck to the milky swells of her breasts, cupped gently in lace.
He wished it were his hands that were doing the cupping. Thayde
recognized the bit of lingerie as one of the things that had come in
his wife's new wardrobe, he had just never dreamed that she might
actually wear one of them to bed. **Sweet dolphins,** he bit into his
lower lip and averted his gaze as he moved to his side of the bed and
sat down to remove his boots and unbutton his shirt.

The moment he sat, Enamra was alert. She waited, listening as he
disrobed and felt her heart stutter in a mixture of anxiety and
excitement. Would tonight be the night she became his true wife? When
she felt him lay down, it took her quite a while to work up the
courage to roll towards him. Keeping her eyes closed, she snuggled
close, both enjoying his warmth, but also hoping that there would be

Despite knowing how torturous it would be on him in the long run,
Thayde could not resist wrapping his arms around her sweet figure as
she moved closer. **I’ll just enjoy holding her and not think of
anything else.** He told himself, even as his traitorous mind recalled
how inviting and shapely her bare legs had been.

When his arms wrapped around her, Enamra silently wrapped one arm
around him with a contented sigh. Feeling daring, she pressed full
length against him. She wasn't brave enough to let him know she was
awake, but if he wanted her, she would be happy to 'wake up' as
quickly as possible. She feared what would come and the potential
pain, but hoped that it would be like Chalzie suggested, that it would
feel good. Other than pressing against him, she didn't quite know what
else to do.

Thayde adjusted their position slightly, tucking her more comfortably
against his side. Her soft curves felt wonderful. He breathed in the
scent of her hair, a scent that he had begun to associate only with
her. Now, if he could just focus on how content he felt, and not on
his wife’s body, he might actually be able to sleep.

As he shifted, Enamra grew a little frustrated. She was right here
beside him, why didn't he do anything? What could she do? She shifted
her thighs in an effort to get a little more comfortable and when she
brushed against him, she applied just a little bit of pressure with
her upper thighs, lifting one to tuck around one of his legs.

Her new position brought them too close for Thayde’s comfort. His body
throbbed with need for her but his mind rejected the notion. They
hadn’t known each other long enough, she was only fifteen, and the
only experience she’d had sexually had left her pregnant. These were
all noble and good reasons in Thayde’s mind to abstain from intimacy.

Only his body was going to quickly betray him if he didn’t get control
of it. Seeing no other way around it, Thayde disentangled himself from
her and rolled over in the bed, leaving her pressed against his back

When he rolled away from her, Enamra felt the sudden urge to cry. What
else could she possibly do? So, before he could settle, she rolled
too, pressing her back against his. Her body ached in ways she didn't
understand and desires pressed her that she didn't know how to ease.
She curled her hands under her head and stared at the wall, unable to

Thayde, too, was far from sleep. He lay there thinking about his wife
and wishing things were just slightly different between them. He just
didn’t know how to bridge the gap from where they were and where he
hoped they would someday be.


Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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