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Triad Weyrs - Stories (1-Dec-17 to 31-Dec-17)

1st December 2017

Getting Ready to Begin a New Life
Lanniya goes to Yanley about selecting a weyr when she transfers
Writers: Miriah, Paula
Characters: Lanniya, Yanley

Lonely Night, Drunken Night
The drunken Lord Holder finds himself in Erassa's company
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Corowal, Erassa

2nd December 2017

Double Dare
A Double Dare is made and it will be interesting.
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Harki, Rorela, Paetri

Realization of Family
Ninaine asks Teseada for a favor.
Writers: Emma, Miriah
Characters: Teseada, Ninaine

We Wish Them Happy
Karhal speaks about what he's seen.
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Karhal, Loella, Benani

3rd December 2017

All of the Good Looking Men
R'sedel tries to make a new friend, and Zh'no tries not to...
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Zh'no, R'sedel

Shards on the Sands
A new queen and her clutchmates are hatched
Writers: Devin, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik

4th December 2017

An Exit Interview
L'pin conducts an exit interview with A'be
Writers: Avery, Paula
Characters: L'pin, A'be

I Want My Music
Dessa impresses
Writers: Paula
Characters: Dessa, Corowal

Innuendos Abound
Three candidates have a private party
Writers: Avery, Devin, Paula
Characters: Dessa, T'lin, V'rel

Interview with the Weyrwoman
Cyradis interviews female Candidates including Dessa
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Dessa

Leaving on a Dragon
Renfal is searched by Oria and L'cor
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Suzee
Characters: R'fal, Oria, L'cor

Pretending in the Sunlight
Benamil and Nazli get to know each other a little better.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Benamil, Nazli, Benani

Steady as a Rock
Kedon becomes K'don and holds tight to Maciath's reassurances that his parents will not be upset with him for forgetting to look up at them
Writers: Aaron
Characters: K'don

5th December 2017

Between the Lines
The people who love you know what you're saying, even if you don't actually say it.
Writers: Avery, Yvonne
Characters: Kapera, J'nus

Lost Relatives
Dessa interacts with relatives
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Dessa, Sh'dori, Baltim

Moving News
Talwynn tells Yanley that she's moving out her weyr.
Writers: Avery, Paula
Characters: Talwynn, Yanley

One Lump or Two
Kedon makes sure that Aishara's mare doesn't have something stuck in her food
Writers: Aaron, Paula
Characters: K'don, Aishara

Tavern Talks
K'yne would like to talk. R'ien would like to listen.
Writers: Heather, Leigh M-F.
Characters: K'yne, R'ien

6th December 2017

In the Moment
Corowal and Erassa continue their drunken night
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Corowal, Erassa

Like Only Yesterday
Harki is being her usual good influence on an impressionable youth...
Writers: Eimi, Yvonne
Characters: Kaiafel, Harki

The Guests Have Arrived
Sanora and Capwick chat as they prepare for guests at the opening of the Vintner Hall Gather.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Sanora, Capwick

7th December 2017

Choosing the Right Buck
R'sedel and Zh'no have a more normal conversation... almost.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: R'sedel, Zh'no

Dealing with the Dense
Jeyme has to deal with an upset wingrider in her new capacity as Wingthird.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Jeyme, S'guin

8th December 2017

A Dusty Hem
Sanora tries to fit in with the other Amber Hills ladies, but things don't go exactly as planned.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Sanora, Tibaline, Ribinia, Kiora

A Little First-Aid
The new Dragonsfall Weyrlings have their dragonet first-aid class.
Writers: Avery, Heather, Len, Paula, Suzee
Characters: S'lan, W'ser, Erivana, E'naer, Tarley, J'nne

Bonding Time
Riveenata is sent on an errand by Kehyan to spend time with K'lvin
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Riveenata, K'lvin, Kehyan

9th December 2017

A Greenrider's Hospitality (1/3)
Jeyme shows Haroon Dolphin Cove hospitality
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Jeyme, Haroon

A Greenrider's Hospitality (2/3)
Jeyme gives Haroon a tour of her weyr.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Jeyme, Haroon

All the Ways That Count
Benamil makes a decision about his relationship with Arion.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Benamil, Arion

My Brother's Keeper
Akidra delivers Arion's letter to Benamil.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Benamil, Akidra

Sisterly Advice
Arion enlists his sister's help in his trouble with Benamil.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Arion, Akidra

Something to Talk About
The couple talk about their future.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: R'enh, Saibra

The Last One
Vatirel stands at Panitath's Hatching
Writers: Avery
Characters: V'rel, L'pin

We're Going To The Hatching
A'kades takes his family to the Hatching.
Writers: Avery
Characters: A'kades, Jadirah, V'rel, Kadera, Jadirel

You Are My Kind
Sanora's actions have consequences...
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Capwick, Sanora

10th December 2017

Living in the Shadows
Benamil tries to explain to Arion about his fake marriage.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Benamil, Arion

Meeting The New Guy
Z'dhi makes friends at the weyrlake.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Z'dhi, R'sedel, R'axe

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