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Cliff Diving & Wine

Writers: Francesca, Halyonix
Date Posted: 3rd June 2024

Characters: L'rin, A'lin, V'dryn
Description: Late night shenanigans and hopes.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 12, day 6 of Turn 11
Notes: Mentioned: J'nic

Videryn hadn't entirely decided if the three of them made for a
definitive trio but he was slowly becoming friends with many of the
other Candidates, the brothers in question by far two of his favorite
recently. Lenorin could be a bit of a know-it-all at times but Videryn
forgave him every time he took off his shirt (because he was fairly
certain Lenorin had no idea how sexually fluid Videryn was but Videryn
wasn't about to ruin the show). And the younger brother Arlin
definitely went off on the "not heterosexual" sense for Videryn but he
wasn't sure if the older brother knew. Or if it was true.

Either way, that wasn't the point of tonight.

"Psst," Videryn hissed softly. Even that simple sound still held a
cultured tone. Videryn would probably never escape his education --
his father had ensured that. There would always be some aspect of
Videryn that would gravitate towards eloquence, etiquette, and
intellect but currently, there was a side of him that wanted to get as
far away from that as possible.

He held up two wineskins and shot Lenorin a conspiratorial smile.

Lenorin returned the smile. The two had conspired during chores
earlier but he had been a little skeptical of Videryn's ability to get
the wineskins. However, now that he had them, they just needed to slip
away. They had almost two candlemarks before they were supposed to be
back, which gave them plenty of time. He nudged Arlin, sitting next to
him. "Let's go," he said softly.

"Huh?" Arlin had been enjoying just sitting doing nothing after a
long day and hadn't noticed the two other Candidates.

"Just come on." Without explaining, Lenorin headed to the stairs. He
wouldn't have minded if some of the girls had joined them, but they
probably would have just been scared.

Arlin followed along, confused. "It's dark out. Where are we going?"

"It's not too far. It'll be fun." He stopped in the stairwell, waiting
for Videryn to join them. It wasn't a long walk but the Candidates
stayed silent until they were certain no one would overhear their

"Far too lovely a night to just waste away indoors," Videryn said with
a grin. "Heard from one of the sailors that this was the best place
for diving too. Have you ever tried it, Arlin?"

Arlin had spent the entire walk feeling nervous about being out and
wondering if he could just make an excuse and head back to the
candidate barracks. Videryn's question startled him. "It's fun, during
the day," he said softly.

"We've jumped off these cliffs tons of times with our cousins,"
Lenorin chimed in, ignoring his brother's reticence. "Even in the
dark, there's nothing in the water that can hurt you. I can't believe
we've never done this at night!"

"Full moons too!" Videryn pointed out. "Almost as good as daylight but
still enough shadows to make it fun." He playfully elbowed Arlin,
trying to coax the shyer of the brothers into a better mood. He opened
one of the wineskins, took a deep drink, and then passed it to
Lenorin. "Did Weyrlingmaster J'nic interview you too?" he asked
conversationally, fairly certain of the answer but wanting to chat.

Arlin wasn't so sure this would be fun, but he wasn't too concerned
about anyone getting hurt. They were all good swimmers. And, there was
plenty of time before they were supposed to be back to the barracks.
Besides, maybe he could keep the other two Candidates from making any
wherry-brained decisions.

Lenorin took a few gulps of wine and passed the wineskin to his
brother, who took just a sip. "Yeah, he spoke to both of us. He asked
me why I wanted to be a dragonrider and what color dragon I want to
Impress." A wide smile crossed his face as he remembered the
conversation. "He even told me I should make sure to be 'comfortable
with physical intimacy.'" He rolled his eyes. "As if I'd ask a male
greenrider for help with that; not that I need any help, of course.
Weyrfolk are so strange."

"Plenty of women around to choose from, if that's your fancy," Videryn
pointed out. He did agree with Lenorin that adjusting to Weyrlife had
been a jump but so far, Videryn was enjoying it. There was a freedom
here that he would have never found in the Hold, not even if he had
risen to Steward rank. At the Hold, he would have had to hide his
bisexual preference. He would have never been allowed to be truly
himself. "Quite a different approach from the Hold though, encouraging
us to experiment," he remarked. "I definitely didn't expect that." He
took another swig and then asked Lenorin, "Have you any particularly
lovely ladies in mind?" A saucy smile accompanied his question.

"None of the Candidates, really," Lenorin said. "They're either too
uptight or seem to hate men or are crafters." He gave a dismissive
wave and took another long drink of wine. "Greenriders are the way to
go." He had only been with one, but there was no need to say that.
"How about you?" Lenorin was confident Videryn would fare even worse
than he had with the female Candidates, but he was welcome to try.

Videryn gave Lenorin a wink. "Greenriders are indeed the way to go,"
he agreed, except that he didn't say which gender of greenrider and
that was on purpose. "I do find it rather interesting, being at the
Weyr, with them _encouraging_ us to get in a bit of practice in
preparation for a mating flight. What a drastically different approach
than how Holds handle sex! I could get used to it. What about you,

Arlin had hoped to get away with just quietly listening. "It's very
different from back home," he said. "It's strange."

Lenorin came to his rescue, as he usually did. "Come on, let's jump!"
Off came his shirt, shoes, and socks. He went to the edge of the cliff
and looked down but didn't see anything.

Arlin removed his shoes and socks as well but kept his shirt on. While
he was not thrilled about cliff diving in the dark, he was relieved to
do something that didn't involve much talking.

"We should be able to jump from here," Videryn said after disrobing
and joining Lenorin at the edge. "Mora, go scout, dear. Straight down
from here." The green firelizard trilled, took off, and neatly folded
her wings so that she fell in a straight line, down into the waters
below. A few moments later, she popped back into existence, dripping
wet and resonating an all-clear. "We're good to drop!" Videryn
announced. Without so much as a doubt, he dove off the ledge, pretty
much following the same route his firelizard had just taken,
plummeting into the dark waters below.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Arlin whispered angrily to his
brother. Videryn's firelizard checking did make him feel like they
weren't behaving like complete idiots, but it still didn't seem like a
good idea.

"We'll be fine," Lenorin said, completely unconcerned. He was used to
his brother's worrying. "Want to go first or should I?"

Arlin didn't want to go at all, but he'd rather just get it over with.
"I'll go," he muttered. Then, before he changed his mind, he took a
leap and, moments later, splashed into the water. He had to admit, it
was pretty exciting to swim in the dark.

Moments later, Lenorin whooped and leapt off the cliff, trying to make
a big splash as he hit the water. "This is awesome! I can't believe we
didn't think of it sooner."

Videryn let out a thrilled whoop as the brothers joined him in the
water. "Nothing to it! Too bad we don't have dragons to carry us back
up for another jump though. Just think of the fun we'd have then!"

"That would be wonderful," Arlin said wistfully.

"When we all Impress, let's plan to do that as soon as we can fly.
This is the perfect way to celebrate." Lenorin could picture them all
within the Turn; he with his bronze, of course. "For now though, let's
go up for another jump."

"Agreed!" Videryn said, though if he was agreeing to one thing or the
other, or perhaps both, it was hard to say. Either way, the trio swam
towards the shore to jump again.

Last updated on the June 7th 2024

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