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Wild Nights Reading

Writers: Halyonix
Date Posted: 22nd February 2023

Characters: I'lon
Description: Reminiscing before a sweepride
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 7, day 13 of Turn 11

It seemed as though he always awoke like clockwork. There would come a certain moment, a certain angle of the sun peeking into his weyr, and I’lon’s mind would rouse his body from its slumber to start the day. On this morning, since his primary duty that day was a sweepride to the west, he allowed himself a few moments longer in bed, though not enough to make him late. I’lon was no sloth.

}: But there are certain times when one must treat oneself, :{ Napeth remarked. Without opening his eyes, I’lon knew that the ultramarine blue dragon was settled on their ledge, his tail wrapped around all of his limbs like a feline, soaking up the morning sun before they got underway. Napeth was also watching the weyrlings practicing down by the practice fields, another favorite thing of his to do.

**Perhaps fewer nights up late reading though,** I’lon replied as he stretched his limbs.

}: If it was a riveting book, why deprive yourself? :{

I’lon rolled out of bed, on the hunt for his clothes. He’d bathe once they returned from the sweepride since who knew what weather they’d encounter that day near the ranges. Hopefully not rain. A sweepride in the rain was just quiet misery, even worse when it was cold. **True, but I would prefer not to be yawning through our duties the next day, riveting story or not.**

Napeth snorted quietly. }: Sometimes enjoyment requires small sacrifice. :{

**I will remember that when you chide me for being late next time.** Napeth did not reply but I’lon could feel a quiet humor emanating from the dragon’s mind. They were _never_ late.

As I’lon readied for their ride, he reviewed how often he and Napeth bantered like that, one pitching a near opposite perspective of a question or issue to the other like arbiters of old debating a topic. Luckily, neither of them saw this back-and-forth as malicious or dehumanizing -- it was simply a constant mental exercise between the two that kept them seeing other points of view or practicing empathy.

And for that, I’lon was quietly grateful. He had spent so many Turns in an environment where his words had gotten him into more trouble than he could count, where having a mind that needed answers in a Hold that had none had labeled him odd, singled him out for bullying. So now, even though Napeth would pose a counterpoint to an argument, I’lon never felt as though he was being derided or degraded.

It was, in all honesty, amazing what sort of wounds love could heal.

}: Well, it is common knowledge that we dragons do not like bullies, :{ Napeth reminded his rider. }: And look at how many of those from your Hold were Searched. Practically none. That alone should say a great many things about their character. :{

**You know you don’t need to assuage my childhood pains, yes?** I’lon teased his dragon. Napeth flicked one wing dismissively but said nothing else. That had I’lon grinning quietly. Valiant Napeth, always ready to defend him, be it from Thread or some intangible past.

By the time I’lon had dressed, Napeth was stretching his limbs, ready to be strapped. }: I do hope the winds over the ranges aren’t rough today. I’d rather not spend the next six hours adjusting our course. :{

“Nor do I wish to spend it being buffetted by those winds,” I’lon agreed. He gave Napeth’s straps a sharp tug to check their hold and then mounted. “Klah. Meatrolls. Waterskin. And we go.”

As Napeth spiraled down towards the Dining Hall, he said, }: The Wing is gathering tonight for dinner and festivities afterward. Are we attending? :{

To this, I’lon was quiet for a moment. He was not one for parties -- he did not like alcohol or loud noises. Parties tended to have both of those things in abundance. But it was his Wing, his comrades, and he always felt he owed them a moment of getting out of his comfort zone for them. **For an hour,** he finally said. An hour he could do.

}: And then you can begin your next book, :{ Napeth said with a low chuckle. And that actually didn’t sound like a bad way to end the day at all.

Last updated on the February 25th 2023

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