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A Good Choice of Wingseconds

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 27th September 2021

Characters: Kapera, D'kere
Description: Kapera remembers when she chose a wingsecond.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 9, day 22 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Teseada, Talwynn, Saibra


}:Kenirath's rider is on his way,:{ Riyanth told Kapera. }:And
Onnyth's will be here soon.:{

**Shards!** she thought as she called for a fresh pot of klah to be
brought up. She'd forgotten the wing meeting with the seconds. They
had infirmary reports and drill schedules to go over. At least she
knew D'kere would be prepared. He'd done an amazing job as wingsecond
over the past few months...

~*~ flashback: m4 d5 ~*~

One of the Weyrwoman duties Kapera enjoyed was reviewing the records
of people intending to transfer to the Weyr. For many lower-level
positions, she'd allow the Headwoman or her Second to interview and
approve them. But for riders and especially metallic ones, she liked
to speak with them personally. When she saw a bronzerider's
application tucked into the pile, she studied the record of what he
did and what he had to offer, looked at the supplemental notes, and
nodded to herself.

Barrier Lake and Dragonsfall were in the same time, unlike Dolphin
Cove, so she considered when the right time might be. She wrote a note
to D'kere indicating that she'd be happy to meet with him and his
weyrmate for interviews. She included a selection of times in the next
sevenday, primarily late afternoon appointments and the offer of on a
restday, if that would be easier for his duties.

Having left the Weyrlingstaff at Dragonsfall, D'kere found himself
with much more time on his hands and so setting up a time to interview
with Weyrwoman Kapera had been fairly easy. He had expected to be
interviewed by Teseada for his prospective transfer to Barrier Lake -
he'd actually hoped for it since they already knew each other. He
hoped the events that had transpired with Yasmeane did not affect his

}:Don't worry. Any Weyr would be glad to have a fine pair like us.:{
Kenirath said with typical bronze confidence as he puffed out his
wings and back winged to a smooth landing at Barrier Lake.

D'kere felt a trickle of doubt about that, but didn't reply to his
dragon as he gave his lifemate an affectionate thump on the flank and
then walked to the Weyrwoman's office while smoothing down his hair.

"Weyrwoman Kapera?" he inquired, knocking on her open door.

Riyanth tilted her head up when she saw the new bronze land. She
spread her wings to better catch the sun. }:Hello there.:{

"Bronzerider D'kere, come on in and take a seat," Kapera said with a
smile. "How are you and Kenirath?"

“We are well, Weyrwoman, my regards to Riyanth.” He said as he took
the offered chair.

"Thank you. I'm glad you scheduled a time to talk to me, I'm very
excited to add another bronzerider to our ranks."

“We are excited to, hopefully, be joining your ranks. Me and Talwynn
came and looked around Barrier Lake a fortnight ago. It’s beautiful
here.” And the promise of fishing was also a plus.

"It's quite the change from Dragonsfall, isn't it? No snow half of the
Turn, for one. The lake view is stunning and the forested parts are
beautiful to fly over, though I'm not much of a nature woman," she

"Is it just the environment that draws you here?"

"No, although that is a big part of it," D'kere admitted. "I've lived
at Dragonsfall my entire life. The prospect of something new,
especially since Barrier Lake is literally new, and the idea of a
challenge are exciting."

"It's full of possibilities here, especially for those with ambition
and skill. And you're highly experienced, being both a bronzerider
with leadership experience and a dragonhealer," she said, tapping his
record. "You were Weyrlingmaster's Second at Dragonsfall. Are you
seeking a position on the Weyrlingstaff here?"

"I am not," D'kere said with the hint of a smile. "After resigning
from the Weyrlingstaff at Dragonsfall, I started picking up shifts
again in the dragon infirmary, which I have missed and enjoy. I'm
hoping to be a part of the fighting Wings."

The Weyrwoman made a thoughtful noise. "What altitudes did you fly in
the fighting wings?"

"Before taking the Weyrlingmaster's Second, I flew in the higher
altitudes. I've also flown the lower altitude, filling in for
Weyrwoman Saibra when she was pregnant and Teseada's Onnyth was on the

"That's fantastic," she said, brightening up. "How was your working
relationship with Teseada?"

“Teseada and I get along well. We’re both Dragonsfall natives so we’ve
known each other for several turns.”

"We've decided that it would be nice to have a full Wingsecond as well
as a wingthird to cover care of the Queen's Wing when we're occupied
with goldrider duties. If you have experience in this wing, and you're
not wedded to the idea of staying on the weyrlingstaff..." Kapera
reached into her desk and pulled out Wingsecond knots.

D’kere’s eyebrows rose in surprise, he hadn’t realized he was
interviewing for an actual spot in leadership. **I’m just a nobody,**
he thought. Not a former Wingleader, or the ride of some bronze that
sired a lot of clutches.

“I… I would be honored Weyrwoman. I hadn’t thought… “

"I think you'd be perfect for the job. The Queen's Wing hosts a number
of injured riders before they move back into the higher wings, and as
a dragonhealer you'd be perfectly suited to assess their readiness.
Plus you're experienced in administration."

“I will certainly do my best, Weyrwoman.” D’kere had expected, had
hoped, to be accepted as a Wingrider. Being offered a Wingsecond
position had not even been a thought.

She smiled, relieved. “What were you thinking for your transfer
timing? I know you might have duties and patients to wrap up at

“I need to speak with my weyrmate, but I think by the end of a
fortnight.” D’kere took the new wingknots in his hand.

"I look forward to having you both," Kapera said. "She's here to
interview as well?"

“Yes, she’s looking around currently.” D’kere knew that she was a bit
nervous, since she’d only worked her way back into a fighting wing
last Turn.

"I'll talk to her and we'll find her a place in the wings. I wouldn't
ask you to transfer without a weyrmate," she reassured.

A slightly relieved smile touched his eyes. "Thank you, Weyrwoman."

Kapera's smile was broader. "Go talk to the Headwoman about your new
space while I interview her," she encouraged. "And welcome to the wing."


The drudge showed up with the klah and a few finger snacks. "Tell the
Headwoman thank you for me," Kapera said, pouring her own cup and
waiting for her seconds to arrive.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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