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Private Request

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 22nd September 2021

Characters: K'mai, Ninaine
Description: Ninaine makes a request of K'mai
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 3 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Orifa, N'call, T'lat


It was lucky, Ninaine decided, that Orifa spoke about everything that
she considered exciting, even conversations that might not have been
considered appropriate at home. It was only that reason that Ninaine
was knowledgeable about her younger sister's conversation with K'mai.
While she didn't know him personally, she had heard enough of his
reputation to know that he might be helpful.

So, under the pretence of visiting her younger sister and her new
lifemate, Ninaine sought out the bluerider. He was easily found;
apparently many knew him and were willing to point him out. She
approached while he was cleaning up after a drill, waiting patiently
until it appeared he had a free moment. "K'mai? May I speak with you
for a moment?"

K'mai had a good memory for people, so even though they hadn't really
interacted he recognized Ninane. "Sure." It must be important if she'd
come all the way from Barrier Lake, or sought him out when she was
here for another reason. Ah, visiting her sister maybe.

"Privately, I hope." She paused, remembering his reputation and how he
might take that suggestion and then cleared her throat. "It's about my

"Would my weyr be okay?"

Ninaine hesitated, then nodded. "Yes, that would be alright."

K'mai led the way and waited until the door was shut behind them. "So,
you wanted to talk about Orifa?"

Standing uncomfortably, Ninaine hugged herself firmly as she debated
her next words, trying to find the right ones. "I know you've met her.
You got her all sorts of flustered, not that that's not easy to do,"
she admitted before continuing. "She's really not...she's not the
brightest, you know. And...I was honestly hoping she wouldn't Impress.
We weren't...we weren't really raised for this sort of life you

"Yeah, holdbred," he said with a shrug. "She told me you didn't want
her to be here."

"I don't, but it's too late now." Ninaine sighed and then took a
breath, deciding to speak plainly. "I don't want her to have to go
through what I did. I don't want her to fight it as hard. I was hoping
that...I know your reputation. T'lat told me things. Can you help her?
Introduce her to things? Help her to be a real greenrider without all
the shame it can bring?"

K'mai couldn't help a little laugh. "I kind of thought you might warn
me off your sister, not do the opposite." Turning more serious, he
said, "I'd be happy to help her. Orifa is a sweet girl and I'd hate
for her to be hurt or feel ashamed."

"I might have when I first started here," She admitted with a
half-smile. "But I know what's necessary now. She needs to have that
and she needs to know it's part of what she is now....when it's time.
I'm afraid that though it's been explained to her, she really doesn't
or won't understand until it's right in front of her."

"I've helped other people before. I'll check in on her here and there
so we can get more familiar, and once she's a Senior I can start
introducing her to sex. Unless she takes a liking to a boy." He
smiled. "But even then I'll talk her through things."

Ninaine's nose wrinkled, but she nodded. "Thank you. If there is a
boy..." Her words trailed off before she caught herself and shook her
head. "I just hope he has experience. I can't watch over her like she
needs and Faranth knows she needs it."

"I could give this hypothetical boy lessons too, if needed."

Ninaine nearly choked and then cleared her throat. "Ahem...yes. If
needed. I guess I should have remembered that you enjoy men and

K'mai laughed. "Yes, that. Unfortunately not all boys are up for it.
If Hypothetical Boy isn't the type, I can merely explain rather than
demonstrate. If he's worthy of your sister, he'll listen and want to
make it good for her."

Ninaine couldn't stop the little smile that grew on her lips. As a
Candidate, she would have been horrified and embarrassed to even have
broached this topic; it was funny how a few turns changed a person.
"Thank you, K'mai. I honestly do appreciate your help in this. "

"No problem." Then a thought occurred to him and he frowned. "Do you
think she might... have expectations if I help her? Even if I explain
that I'm doing it as a friend?" He couldn't help thinking of the mess
with H'run.

Ninaine opened her mouth, paused as she thought, then frowned before
answering. "I honestly don't know. We weren't allowed to court
without a specific arrangement by our parents. The man she was to have
married was old enough to be her grandfather and as far as I know,
she'd only met him a few times. I don't know what she'll expect. "

K'mai made a face at the idea of Orifa marrying an old man. "Well,
I'll do my best to explain it to her. I'm sure she'll have some sense
of how things work in the Weyr by then, especially with classes."

"I would hope so. She isn't as....stubborn about things as I was. "
Her sister had a much sweeter nature and always had. She wanted to
please others. "I think if you explain things simply and straight
forward to her, she'll understand better. "

The bluerider nodded. "So you had a rough time of it?" He'd heard a
bit of gossip about Ninaine but he knew how things could be

Ninaine's brows shot up as she tilted her head at K'mai. "I'm
surprised T'lat didn't tell you or you don't remember. Luneth attacked
J'darin as a hatchling. She tore his arm open for getting too close to
me." Her smile was humorless. "She's better now."

"Oh, yes, that. I did hear about Luneth attacking the Weyrlingmaster."
News of that incident had spread to River Bluff at the time. "I'd
heard some uh, flight related gossip too but," he shrugged. "you know
how Weyr gossip can be."

Her cheeks immediately flamed and she looked down, clearing her
throat. "Uhm...yes. My first flight wasn't pleasant, at least for the
one who caught. It didn't go well." She rubbed her cheek, immediately
changing the subject back to Orifa. "Which is why I don't want my
sister to go through that."

So the story was true, at least to some degree. K'mai nodded. "That
would be unpleasant for everyone."

"Indeed." Ninaine agreed, remembering the humiliation of the
experience of vomiting on the rider who had one her first flight. She
took a breath, then offered a hand to K'mai. "Thank you for your

"You're a good sister, Ninaine." He shook her hand. "With us looking
out for her, I'm sure Orifa will be fine."

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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