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Mandated Therapy

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 22nd September 2021

Characters: Yasmeane, Eyvia
Description: Yasmeane revisits her first mandated meeting with Mind Healer, Eyvia
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 9, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: K'reyel, Saibra, D'kere

**Flashback to m3 d01**

Humiliation. Plain and simple. The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader were bent on humiliating her.

Tears burned Yasmeane's eyes as she huddled against Isaroth's side, her arms wrapped tightly around her drawn-up knees.

}:It will be okay. You will see. The Weyrleader and Weyrwoman want what is best for us.:{ The green assured her rider.

"Ha," the mirthful sound was watery from tears.

**From now on everyone will just see me as the girl who accused D'kere of rape out of malice. I _swear_ Isaroth, that's what I _remember._** She squeezed her eyes tightly shut again as flashes of the memories floated about disjointedly in her mind.

}:Gossip changes quickly around the Weyr. People will forget.:{ Isaroth soothed.

Yasmeane wished that she could simply press herself so far into Isaroth that she disappeared.

}:We need to go or we will be late for our mindhealer meeting.:{

The thought of walking among other people, of feeling their stares on her, made a feeling of panic claw its way up the back of Yasmeane's throat.

}:I'll fly you to her ledge. You won't have to see anyone.:{ Isaroth coaxed.

Yasmeane had to dig within herself to find the energy to climb to Isaroth's neckridge, but with her dragon's coaxing, she was able to at least sit straight on her neckridge as the green jumped from her weyrledge.


Eyvia's eyes revealed nothing as she greeted Yasmeane and motioned for her to sit. Those blue orbs, void of emotion, made Yasmeane feel slightly uneasy as she sank into a chair.

"My name is Eyvia, my dragon is Pomiath. It's nice to meet you, Yasmeane. Why don't you tell me why we are here today?"

Yasmeane picked at her thumbnail. "The Weyrleaders believe that I accused bronzerider D'kere of rape, on purpose. As part of my punishment, I have to attend mind healer sessions until I am cleared."

Eyvia's calm blue eyes revealed nothing as she blinked slowly.

"You believe that the Weyrleaders' punishment is unfair?"

"Yes," Yasmeane said bitterly. "D'kere wasn't punished at all. Just me."

"What should D'kere be punished for?" Eyvia asked.

"This is all his fault. He was supposed to help me. He was my teacher." Yasmeane wrapped her arms as tightly around her torso as they would go.

"How should D'kere have helped you?"

Yasmeane chewed on her lower lip. "In one of our last Weyrling classes they told us that virgins should have sex before their first flight. I'm not from the Weyr, I don't really know anyone here. The thought of just having sex with some random person is..." she shuddered, "repulsive."

Eyvia's head tilted as she jotted down something on her clipboard. "Did you follow their instructions and find someone?"

"Yes, well, I thought I had. I asked D'kere if he would... you know... do it... since I trusted him."

"Do you think that would have been problematic, since he was your teacher?"

"No, it's just one more way of teaching, isn't it?" Yasmeane asked back, to which Eyvia did not reply.

"So what happened?"

"Well, he said he needed to ask his weyrmate. Apparently she must have said no, because he came back and said he couldn't and he gave me a list... a _list_" she laughed bitterly, "of men who would just sleep with me. It was so casual, just like a list of items your mom needs you to pick up from the market."

"Did you use the list?" Eyvia asked.

"No," Yasmeane snorted, lifting her chin. "I threw it away."

"Why? You said that you trusted D'kere. His advice was for you to use the list. Why not trust him on that one thing?"

Yasmeane couldn't meet Eyvia's eyes, she stared slightly off to the left, looking at the knick knacks on the mindhealer's shelf instead. "I don't know."

Eyvia blinked slowly again, studying Yasmeane. "Was there anyone on the list that you knew?"

"No." Yasmeane still refused to meet the other greenrider's eyes.

"Had you any boyfriends before this?"

Yasmeane visibly bristled. "I don't see what that has to do with anything."

Eyvia made another notation.

"Do you have family here at the Weyr, Yasmeane?"

The younger greenrider relaxed a little at the change of questioning. "No."

"Where is your family?"

"They farm just outside of Amber Hills."

"Is your family very traditional?"

Yasmeane's eyes grew heated. "I know what you're insinuating. Poor Yasmeane, from some holdbred, backwater farm family that doesn't believe in Weyr customs like hopping from bed to bed, spreading your legs for whoever asks, or men kissing men!"

"Is that what your family thinks?"

Yasmeane's jaw clenched so hard she could hear her back molars squeak in protest. "Yes."

Eyvia made a final note. "I think that's plenty for today, Yasmeane. Between now and our next meeting, I want you to think again about why you threw away the list D'kere gave you. Why you didn't trust him. Can you do that?"

"I'll try." Yasmeane sniffed.

"Good. You are free to go."

***Present Day***

“What’s this?” Yasmeane asked, hollowly.

“A little present. Today marks sixth months since you started visiting me.” Eyva said, sliding the fresh pastry across the table.

“You mean, sixth months of _forced_ punishment.” She picked up the pastry all the same and bit into it.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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