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An Irrational Rational Request

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 14th September 2019

Characters: Benamil, Arion
Description: Arion has a special request for Benamil.
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 12, day 15 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Nazli, Benani, Zathris


Benamil's eyes widened as he looked into Arion's hopeful green eyes. "You want to do what now?"

"I want you to meet my family." Arion repeated, his fingers traveling up the back of Benamil's neck and twisting into the hair at his nape.

"Well, I mean, I have met Akidra and K'yre..." Benamil said hesitantly.

"I mean my parents and my other brothers and sisters." Arion corrected, although his brow was furrowing as the realization came to him. "You don't want to meet them?"

Benamil opened his mouth to answer but then snapped it shut. The truth was, he did not want to meet the rest of Arion's family. Not because he did not want to meet them but because he was worried that the more people knew about them the more likely the rumors would be to start spreading again.

Arion's green eyes flashed and he pushed up from the bed, jerking the sheet with him as he went and wrapped it around his waist, leaving Benamil naked and scrambling for a blanket on the bed.

"I see." Arion sniffed as he began collecting his clothing.

"I didn't even say anything!" Benamil exclaimed.

"You didn't have to," the vintner hissed. "I saw that look on your face."

Benamil left the bed, tossing the blanket aside as he lifted his hands in protest. "What look?"

Arion's eyes narrowed. "You don't want to meet them!"

"That's not true," Benamil crossed the room and grabbed Arion by the arms. "It's not true. I _do_ want to meet them. I'm just worried that..."


"Well, the more people that know about us the more likely it is for rumors to spread again." Benamil said.

"My family wouldn't tell, Ben. They've known about me for Turns and they don't even live in Amber Hills." Arion pointed out, still feeling prickly.

Benamil tried to word what he had to say carefully. "It just scares me, okay? More people knowing just raises the chance of everyone knowing."

"And that would be so awful, wouldn't it?" Arion snapped, even though he knew that part of his hurt was irrational.

"It would be, Arion, and you know why." Benamil said softly. "We wouldn't be able to live here anymore and what about Nazli? I can't do that to her."

"I know that," Arion insisted. "But I still want you to meet my family. You say our relationship is just as real as your marriage with Nazli, well, part of being with someone is knowing their family. Your family knows."

Benamil arched an eyebrow. "Two people in my family know- Benani, and Zathris, and neither of them knowing was by choice."

"Well it's not as if my family doesn't _know_ I'm in a relationship with you. They know already. They just want to _meet_ you. How does that change anything?" Arion pointed out.

"They... know already?" Benamil drawled in confusion.

Arion blushed a little. "I do write letters and keep in touch with my family."

Realization dawned on Benamil. "You told them without asking me?"

The vintner's mouth dropped open. "I didn't realize I needed your 'permission', Son of Benaroy."

"That is definitely something we should have discussed first." Benamil insisted.

"Look, just because your family is narrow-minded and you can't tell them about you doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to talk to my family, who _aren't_ narrowminded, by the way." Arion said as he found his pants and began tugging them on.

Benamil yanked his shirt over his head. "My family isn't..." but he stopped short of saying that his family wasn't narrow-minded because well... They were holders and they believed what they believed. He knew that his family loved him and he felt like _most_ of them would probably still love him even if they knew but.... There were also some, he knew, that would never understand and would probably disown him if they knew about his relationship with Arion. But still, he felt the automatic need to defend his family.

Arion looked up, daring Benamil to finish the statement he had started. "Look, I'm not asking you to walk out into the courtyard and proclaim your love for me in front of everyone. I'm asking you to meet my parents. They would like to know the man that's stolen their youngest son's heart."

Benamil, who had been buttoning his pants, stopped and looked at Arion. "Well... when you put it like that I feel like a heel."

"If the shoe fits." Arion crossed his arms over his chest.

Releasing a little sigh, Benamil raked his fingers through his after-sex-hair. "Okay, I'll do it."

Arion's face broke into a grin as he bounded over and wrapped his arms around Benamil's neck. "Thank you, Ben. It will be fine, you'll see."

"It's not like I can ever really refuse you anything." Benamil said.

"Hey, are you going somewhere?" Arion asked with a slight frown as he looked down at Benamil's fully clothed figure.

"Well, you started putting clothes on, so I just assumed..."

Arion's mouth curved wickedly. "Maybe I just like it when you take my clothes off?"

Benamil chuckled, hands sliding down Arion's back. "I have gotten pretty good at it."

"Come on, beastcrafter, we have another candlemark before either of us is expected to be seen around the Hold." Arion said, tugging Benamil back toward his bed.

"Only a candlemark, huh? I'd better get started then," he growled, pressing Arion down onto the bed.

Last updated on the September 23rd 2019

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