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Birthday with a Bow

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 28th June 2019

Characters: Karhal, Loella
Description: The couple celebrates Loella's birthingday
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 10, day 15 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Benani


Karhal studied the display with a critical eye. He'd not been truly
able to celebrate Loella's last birthing day and this time,
especially after that blasted hatching, it needed to be special; she
deserved it despite the vicious tongue lashing he'd received after the
bronzerider left. If his wife's wit had been any more scathing, she
may well have left real burns upon his hide. Sometimes he forgot that
under that sweet face and diminutive stature, a hellion simmered just
under the surface. But, he had to admit, that same temper kept things

He had pulled some strings, for he had plenty to choose from. The
merchants at the market would be just a little more slow today, there
would be a scuffle between two well paid young men that would delay
her return, and he had finally conscripted Lady Benani by offering a
future favor to assist in delaying Loella's return even further with a
summons to discuss some fabricated necessity. The rest of the strings
were bundled on the table and festooned brightly around their small
home. It had cost him more marks that was most likely wise, and the
trade of not one, but two of his best knives and a small short sword.
But it was worth it.

Flowers, all freshly cut filled their small parlor, and three bolts of
fine embroidered cloth lay carefully wrapped on their table. A dinner,
cooked by the head cook herself, lay steaming in their oven. But the
best gift, and the one he hoped she would enjoy the most, was nestled
in a little box. The pendant was a delicate silver knot with a small,
but glistening red ruby seated deep in its center. Nearly as fine as a
piece that Lady Benani would wear, he thought. Karhal heard footsteps
approaching and an irritated mutter. His lips quirked and he stepped
back to the far wall, waiting to see her reaction.

He was right, she was grumbling when she came in the door. "Unbelievable!
The stupid fight and then..."

She saw the room and her mouth dropped open, she dropped her bags and
her hands rose to her cheeks. "Oh Faranth, Karhal what have you done?"
She walked slowly into the room and to the table where she spotted the
bolts of cloth in some of her favorite colors. She reached out and ran
her fingers over the delicately embroidered edges "Oh my," she sighed.

That was just the reaction he had wanted. Walking silently up behind
his wife, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her
cheek with a gentle caress of lips. "Happy Birthingday, Loella." He
remained behind her and pointed to the box on top of the bolts of
cloth. "I wanted to make today special for you."

"Thank you," she smiled and leaned back against him with her eyes
closed. She smelled a very fresh clean scent. "Did you take a bath,"
she asked and turned opening her eyes. She squeaked and leaped back.
"Faranth Karhal! You're naked."

The sly grin that answered her response was telling. Karhal stood as
bare as the day he was birthed, but with one evident addition.
Standing before her, he put his hands on his hips and looked down at
the pink ribbon tied in a rather crooked bow around the most prominent
part of him. "Not completely."

She couldn't help the laugh that escaped. "Really," she shook her
head. "Pink?" She reached for her present and pretended to fumble
around the ribbon but touching everything else in the process.

He rumbled with obvious pleasure at her fumbling, his grin widening.
"Just trying to get your attention. And for tonight it's all yours to
do with what you want. But..." He pointed at the small box still
laying on the bolt s of cloth. "...after you open that. "

She smiled. "Are you sure," she gave one last caress and turned back
to the table to pick up the box. She lifted the lid and her eyes few
to his as she gasped. "Karhal," she said breathlessly. "It's
beautiful!" She lifted the fine chain and let the pendant dangle from
her fingers to catch the light. "Oh, put it on me," she demanded and
turned her back to him again, holding out the necklace.

He smiled at her reaction, pleased that she loved the expensive piece
of jewelry. His big hands found the delicate clasp difficult to work
and gave a muttered curse before managing to clip the chain around her
neck. He kissed the back of her neck, then the side. "I'm glad you
like it. There's also a dinner prepared for us in the oven. You don't
have to do anything you don't want to this evening. "

"Oh sweetheart," she smiled up at him. She doubted anyone in the hold
would recognize the playful side of her husband. How far they'd come
in the last few Turns. She reached up to pull his face down to hers.

His kiss was lingering and sweet. "Anything for you." He rested his
brow against hers. "You deserve it, sweetling."

"Hmmmm," she mused looking up at him coyly. "Dinner or bed? Dinner or
bed..." She grabbed his hand and started pulling him toward the

He wasn't going to argue. Today was her day and if she'd rather have
him than a warm dinner, well...they could always rewarm the oven. He
followed her very willingly. "I'm all yours, love."

"Oh good," she grinned and pulling him through the door, closed it
firmly behind them.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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