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Avery's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

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Searchrider, Oh Searchrider
Some young construction workers try to get Searched
Writers: Avery, Corrin, Duskdog
Characters: R'bain, H'taysh, Riveenata

Riyanth's Clutch Hatches
Dragons Hatch and Impressions are made.
Writers: Avery
Characters: Kapera

Where We Are
Riveenata and F'lin talk about life, the universe, and everything else
Writers: Avery, Yvonne
Characters: F'lin, Riveenata

There and Back Again
Casmari remembers back to the happiness of living with her sister, Xasvi, for a little while at Dragonsfall.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Xasvi, Casmari

Aslyum Request
A woman with a troubled past asks the Weyrleaders of Dolphin Cove for sanctuary.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik, Zelah

Moving Day Orientation
Aydhan and Kapera check in on Aydhan's first day
Writers: Avery, Sia
Characters: Aydhan, Kapera

A Games Idea
A'kades remembers convincing N'vanik to do the Weyr Games.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'kades, N'vanik

Party Now, Worry Later
The younger generation hangs out after the unusual Impression.
Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin
Characters: T'lin, J'ler, V'rel, Kadira

On the Sidelines
The group watches the Hatching and the chaos caused by the poisoning.
Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin
Characters: V'rel, T'lin, A'vel, Brennault

Promises Kept
J'nus keeps his promise to replace Kapera's destroyed book.
Writers: Avery, Yvonne
Characters: J'nus, Kapera

Blue Surprise - Caught
Nalarith Rises and is caught by a blue for the first time.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'dryn, Z'ku, T'lin, V'rel, R'kehr

Blue Surprise - Choice
Tsogath Rises and chooses Calaroth.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'vel, T'lin, A'kades, R'kehr

Blue Surprise - Consideration
Nalarith chats with Tsogath about being caught by a blue.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'vel, A'dryn

Blue Surprise - Pleasure
A'vel and T'lin enjoy time together after Tsogath's Flight.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: T'lin, A'vel

Blue Surprise - Satisfied PG-17
A'dryn wakes up next to V'rel after the Flight.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'dryn, V'rel

I Somehow Find, You and I Collide (1/2)
R'nar and Eranar are supposed to be joining A'vel for a 'beach day' at Dolphin Cove. Tsogath has other plans.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: A'vel, R'nar

I Somehow Find, You and I Collide (2/2)
R'nar and A'vel recover from Tsogath's flight and make alternate plans for their beach day.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: A'vel, R'nar

A Whirlwind Inside of My Head
Saibra checks in with Kadira to get the full story on what happened with Naradis and to offer support.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Kadira, Saibra, Ki'ben

Drivel Like That
Kapera and J'nus mock a terrible book.
Writers: Avery, Yvonne
Characters: Kapera, J'nus

The Cliches of Fatherhood
M'gan's injury prompts him to have an important talk with R'kehr
Writers: Estelle, Avery
Characters: M'gan, R'kehr

Pre-Interview Jitters
Irrkali fears for her daughter's safety. Alidre fears professional failure.
Writers: Avery
Characters: Irrkali, Alidre

A Day of Play
The DFW Weyrlings enjoy a day in the snow.
Writers: Aaron, Avery, Estelle, Heather, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Gienah, J'ler, R'hil, Orifa, Ki'ben, Kadira

Hungry, Hungry Hatchlings
R'lor helps the new weyrlings feed their dragons after the chaotic events of the Hatching.
Writers: Avery, Curious, Devin, Yvonne
Characters: R'lor, Reyela, L'saz, I'rad

Picking Up The Pieces
Returning from her meeting with Cyradis, Saibra calls L'val to her office to get his account of the 'incident' and makes a decision about visitors to the Weyr going forward.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: L'val, Saibra

Eggs and Wine
Saibra and Kapera end up at Far Island Weyr's hatching together by chance.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Kapera, Saibra

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