Bonus Persona Location: Dolphin Hall!
Make a persona at Dolphin Hall during June and get bonus marks!


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FAQ / What are the upcoming Bonus Locations?

Last updated 11th May 2017 by Suzee

What are the upcoming Bonus Locations?

Article by: Bree

Bonus Locations 2017

JanuaryHarper HallSunstone SeaholdDolphin Hall
FebruaryVintner HallHarper HallSunstone Seahold
MarchEmerald Falls HoldVintner HallHarper Hall
AprilSeacrafter HallEmerald Falls HoldVintner Hall
MayAmber Hills HoldEmerald Falls Hold
JuneDolphin HallAmber Hills Hold
JulyHarper HallDolphin HallAmber Hills Hold
AugustEmerald Falls HoldHarper HallDolphin Hall
SeptemberAmber Hills HoldEmerald Falls HoldHarper Hall
OctoberDolphin HallAmber Hills HoldEmerald Falls Hold
NovemberHarper HallDolphin HallAmber Hills Hold
DecemberEmerald Falls HoldHarper HallDolphin Hall

Bonus Locations 2016

JanuaryEmerald Falls HoldVintner HallHarper Hall
FebruarySeacrafter HallEmerald Falls HoldVintner Hall
MarchAmber Hills HoldSeacrafter HallEmerald Falls Hold
AprilDolphin HallAmber Hills HoldSeacrafter Hall
MaySunstone SeaholdDolphin HallAmber Hills Hold
JuneHarper HallSunstone SeaholdDolphin Hall
JulyVintner HallHarper HallSunstone Seahold
AugustEmerald Falls HoldVintner HallHarper Hall
SeptemberSeacrafter HallEmerald Falls HoldVintner Hall
OctoberAmber Hills HoldSeacrafter HallEmerald Falls Hold
NovemberDolphin HallAmber Hills HoldSeacrafter Hall
DecemberSunstone SeaholdDolphin HallAmber Hills Hold

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