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Dessert and Distractions

Writers: Devin, Yvonne
Date Posted: 26th March 2024

Characters: H'run, K'mai
Description: K'mai checks in on H'run a second time after Calcifeth is 'Scored
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 9, day 15 of Turn 11


}:Hello Calcifeth. Are you healing well?:{ Sebeth asked gently.

}:I am healing, but my wing itches and hurts. I will flame much Thread
when I am able to fly again.:{ The blue dragon's eyes flashed with
red. Thread, his nemesis, had made him hurt _again_, and it would pay.

}:I will be happy to fight by your side again. It is good that you are
healing. I hope your pain and itches are better soon,:{ Sebeth said.
}:Mine would like to know if he can visit yours for a little while.:{

}:I will ask him.:{

What Calcifeth neglected to mention was that H'run was not in his
weyr-- he was in Ripa's. More specifically, he was in her bed. The
greenrider was straddling his hips as she pulled her shirt over her
head with a wicked grin. "You sure you don't want to see if you can
get Calcifeth grounded permanently?"

"I'm seriously thinking about it." H'run was _not_ thinking about his
Wing though, not when there was such a beautiful expanse of smooth,
freckled skin within easy reach--

}:Sebeth's rider wishes to visit you,:{ Calcifeth said.

H'run paused. **Sorry-- say that again?**

}:Sebeth's rider wishes to visit you,:{ the blue dragon repeated. }:I
will tell him that you are busy.:{

**What? No!** H'run sat upright and made an irritated face as Ripa
wrapped her arms around him. "Sorry, my delightful little sweet treat.
I have to go."

"Right now?!" Ripa sat back, stunned. "What happened? Is everything all right?"

"Perfectly." H'run kissed her, then gently extracted himself from her
very alluring embrace. "But I do have to go."

She knotted her fingers around his tunic as he tried to pull it on.
"If it's not an emergency, why do you have to go?"

The bluerider sighed. "I just do. I will make it up to you, I promise."

"At least tell me why you're leaving?" Ripa stuck her lower lip out in a pout.

H'run simply smiled. "I'll see you later," he promised, and left the
half-dressed greenrider to sulk alone in her weyr. Perhaps it wasn't
an _emergency_, but it was K'mai. The other bluerider had kept his
distance since H'run had disastrously confessed his feelings, but with
any luck perhaps he'd come to his senses after Calcifeth's scoring.
Perhaps he'd realized how close he'd come to losing H'run. **Tell
Sebeth that I'm on my way back to my weyr and will be there soon!**

K'mai waited several minutes before arriving, hoping he'd given H'run
enough time to get back. He knocked on H'run's door, holding the tray

There was no answer from inside-- however H'run rounded the corner and
hurried over just as K'mai raised his hand to knock again. "K'mai!
What a lovely surprise. What do I owe this-- oh, is that for me!?"

"Yes." K'mai smiled and held out the tray. It was full of tiny
sandwich cookies and delicate miniature cakes. "I wanted to bring you
a some cheer-up treats." And luckily K'mai had a good relationship
with many in the kitchen staff.

H'run nearly melted on the spot. "That is so thoughtful of you! This
all looks so delicious. Please come in!" He swept the door open and
gestured for K'mai to enter.

K'mai bowed his head graciously and carried the tray inside. H'run was
neither angry nor crying, so that was a good sign. He set the tray on
the table and admired the bakers' work again. "Sebeth says Calcifeth
is healing."

"Mmm hmm. I'd forgotten how much he milks being 'Scored, though. We
haven't been injured since the first Pass." H'run grimaced, then put a
hand on K'mai's shoulder as he peered around him at the baking. "I
can't believe you brought this for me. This is almost too lovely to
eat. Whoever did you have to sleep with to get treats like this?"

"My charms extend beyond the furs." K'mai spread his hands. He _had_
slept with some of the cooks and bakers, though not for this
particular reason. Besides, he didn't want to talk about that in front
of H'run.

"That they do." H'run batted his eyelashes at K'mai as he reached for
one of the tiny cakes. "Please, join me! I can't bear to eat alone,
especially when you were so thoughtful. Honestly, your company cheers

K'mai didn't need to be invited twice. He reached for a tiny berry
cake that he'd been eyeing since he picked up the tray. "That's what a
man likes to hear." The cake was small enough to eat in one bite and
K'mai closed his eyes as the sweetness hit his tongue. "Mmmm!"

Shells, but the man was lovely. H'run sighed as he sat, feeling his
heart break all over again. Whatever scraps of affection K'mai would
offer, he'd accept. He'd already forgotten all about the greenrider
he'd been with when Calcifeth told him that K'mai was looking for him.
"How have drills been without me there?"

"We miss you." K'mai smiled. "Have you found anything to occupy your
time? Decided to do a little extra harpering?"

The bluerider heaved a great sigh. "Not really. I suppose I should...
I was going to write a song about our dear Kadira but there have been
so many already, it seems like a waste of time. I suppose I'm looking
for something to do." He reached for another cake, this one a pink
confection with candied citrus peels on the top. "Do you have any
suggestions for me?"

"You could throw a party?" K'mai chuckled because that was his
solution to most problems. He picked out one of the little sandwich
cookies and hummed with pleasure at the flavor.

K'mai was sexy when he did that... H'run averted his eyes and barely
tasted the little cake, trying not to notice how the sounds K'mai made
now were so similar to the sounds he made in the dark. He tipped his
head back and draped the crook of his elbow over his eyes. "I'd have
to _tidy_, K'mai. But if you want a party, I could host one. What I
really need is a _distraction_..."

K'mai glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and bit his lip. No.
Nope. He was absolutely _not_ suggesting that, because H'run would
take it the wrong way. "Cleaning is distracting, isn't it?" he teased.
"Planning a party would be distracting. What if you invited friends
from other Weyrs, and made them bring gifts to cheer you up?"

"In this tiny weyr? I think not." He sighed again, disappointed that
K'mai didn't take the bait. But a party... he could do that. It might
fritter away a few candlemarks in the planning. And he _adored_
getting gifts. "I'm bored enough to think about asking Saibra if I
could do all her hidework if it weren't so boring in the first place.
I don't know... perhaps I'll write a terrible symphony instead. Or
compose a novel. Or something."

"You think writing a novel would be more fun than a party? Come on!"
K'mai took another sweet.

"Sweetness, you need to read more," H'run said dryly. "I could write
something positively _scandalous_ if I chose. Something to make the
Weyr's toes curl even as I tweak their lovely little noses. Although I
can also do that with a good party..."

"Now you _have_ to have a party because I need to be there if it's
going to be scandalous and toe-curling."

Shards, now it had to be an _exceptional_ party instead of merely a
great one. But there was no way that H'run could bear to let K'mai
down. "When are you free? I'll plan it for then. But I'll need at
least a sevenday, if not two, to ensure that the right people can
attend. The right people do tend to make plans ahead of time. It is
quite vexing."

K'mai tilted his head, trying to remember all his social engagements.
"I think I'm free the day before the restday two sevendays from now.
After duties of course. But a party the night before a restday means
we won't be hungover for drills."

"Double check for me when you're back at your weyr, and I'll plan it
for then." After all, there was no point in having a party if K'mai
wasn't there to enjoy it.

K'mai nodded. "But first, I have to help you eat all these sweets." He
was glad H'run seemed to be in a better mood, and that he'd helped
H'run find something to look forward to.

Last updated on the March 28th 2024

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