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I Got It!

Writers: Miriah, Estelle
Date Posted: 2nd February 2022

Characters: Lorican, Lusilk, Silgan
Description: Lorican brings the news of his promotion home.
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 11, day 24 of Turn 10


Lusilk was pacing, her stride no longer the smooth stalk she had once
affected. Her rounded belly brought an obvious sway to her walk as she
waited for her husband to return. Silgan, reclined on the couch,
cuddled under a blanket; he had sworn to stay awake until Lorican
returned, but the late hour had drawn his eyes closed shortly after
his dinner.

Lusilk had spent her time with the little lock that Lorican had worked
on; to his credit, it was much better than he had used previously and
it had taken her almost a candlemark to jimmy it open. The little note
that he had left for her had made her laugh softly. He had gotten to
know her far too well.

There was a soft clink of metal outside before the door opened and a
voice called out, softly, having learned the wisdom of not taking Lusilk
by surprise. "It's only me." Lorican stepped into the room, his tool bag
hanging heavily from a shoulder and the cloth-wrapped sword in his other
hand. His expression was solemn and rather tired.

The moment she heard the clink of metal, Lusilk turned to face the
door, tensing until she heard his voice. Her muscles relaxed as he
stepped in the room alone; glancing at Silgan, she decided not to
immediately wake him, choosing instead to approach, studying Lorican's
face closely. Her brow knit and she frowned, "Did they not like the

"Oh, no, they liked it well enough, and the other pieces." He did his
best to keep his expression sober, but couldn't hide the faint twitch at
the corner of his mouth. Setting down the tool bag, he rested the sword
on his upturned palms, tilting it to examine the hilt. "Well, I knew it
wasn't going to be easy."

Lusilk's brows snapped down as she studied his expressions. That
little twitch made them snap right back up and her eyes narrowed as
her lips gave their own twitch. She pulled the blade from her belt and
slapped it against her palm. "So, who do I have to go have a chat

At her words, Lorican nearly dropped the sword. "Lusilk! No! I got it! I
got the promotion! See, I have the knots." He yanked the sleeve of his
jacket down from his shoulder in his haste to show her. Then, catching
the look on her face, the quirk of his lips transformed to a wide grin.
Careful of the blades they both carried, he drew her into an embrace
with his free arm. "We did it."

Chuckling softly at his initial reaction, she slid into his embrace
and leaned against him, wrapping her arm around his back. "You did. I
knew you would." With her free hand she slipped her knife back into
the sheath. "You do good work. I told you that. The sword is perfect."
She gently pushed the sword aside and turned into his arms, wrapping
her arms around his neck. "So...when am _I_ going to get some pretty

"You guessed my gift. I did bring back some good quality steel bars from
the Hall with you in mind," he said, gesturing towards the tool bag.
"There should be enough for two daggers. I thought we could work on the
design together. But..." His expression turned serious. "If I make a
blade for you, will you promise me only to use it for - well, for good
purposes? To defend yourself, or protect others?"

Her brows shot up at the question. Why hadn't she expected him to
request that of her? She should have. Her lips pursed momentarily; she
had reliable knives for other needs if she required it, so a promise
like that was easy to make. "If you make one for me, certainly I can
make that promise." Besides, she reasoned, "protecting others" was
such a broad and rather vague concept, wasn't it?

Lorican relaxed, his easy smile returning now that he knew he could work
on the knives with a clear conscience. "Thank you. We can start tomorrow
evening, perhaps." He glanced over her shoulder and his expression
softened as he saw Silgan dozing on the couch. "Should we wake him? Or
wait until morning?"

"He's out cold." Lusilk turned her head to look over her shoulder at
the little boy with a slight smile. "He was so excited for you to come
home." She turned and offered a little smile. "Why don't you tuck him
into bed and we'll have our own private little celebration for you and
he can congratulate you when he gets up."

"All right." His cheeks flushed slightly at the thought of what a
private celebration might involve. Perhaps he could use a little more of
that lavender oil... He bent his head to kiss her lightly on the lips,
then put the sword safely aside on a shelf before crossing the room to
scoop up Silgan in his arms, blanket and all. "Time for bed, sleepyhead."

Silgan's eyes opened as he was shifted in position and after he
yawned, his blinked sleepily up at Lorican. "You home?" He blinked
again and wrapped his arms around his neck. "You get it?"

"I got it." Lorican grinned. "Da is a Master Smith. And they liked the
sword! I'll tell you all about it in the morning."

"Yay!" Silgan yawned and as he was laid down, he snuggled under his
blankets. "Can I be your apprentice now?"

Lusilk watched from the doorway, her brow arching at the question, but
didn't interject, watching Lorican for his response.

He glanced at Lusilk, hesitating, for he knew that the Lord Holder
didn't intend Silgan for a craft. "Well, an apprentice has to have
finished Harper classes. You're a little young..."

The boy's crestfallen look was so touching, though, that he thought
quickly. "But you can be something even more special. You can be my
assistant! Whenever you're not at your lessons or playing with your
friends, you can come and help in the forge. And then - when you are old
enough - you'll have learned a lot already."

"Okay! I'm a great helper!" Silgan sighed happily at the idea and
snuggled into his blanket. "We'll start tomorrow. I'm awfully tired."

Lusilk waited until Silgan's eyes closed and then stepped back until
Lorican emerged. "Quick thinking, Lorican, and a good suggestion." She
kept her voice low. Surprisingly, she lifted a hand to his face, her
fingers light on his cheek. She didn't often openly display honest
affection towards him, desire certainly, but not gentle affection.
Surprised by her own actions, she blamed her pregnancy for the sudden
surge of softness, but didn't move her hand away. "Come to bed, hm?"

He looked down at her, surprised but clearly touched by her gesture.
"Mmm..." His hands brushed lightly against her waist, drawing her
closer, feeling the swell of her belly against him with a warm glow of
tenderness and growing passion. "Let's celebrate."

Last updated on the February 10th 2022

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