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The Cove or the Lake?

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 27th September 2021

Characters: Talwynn, D'kere
Description: Talwynn and D'kere discuss moving away from Dragonsfall.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 3, day 8 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Saibra, K'reyel, Yasmeane, Cyradis, Kapera, Zathris
super backdated because of Avery's LOAs

Talwynn came back in from her evening watch shift and shrugged out of
her warm coat and hung it and her cap up on the hooks for them. She
shook her head when she saw that D'kere was on their couch already.
"It's still odd to see you in here first."

The blonde bronzerider tossed his head back, shaggy hair flying back
from his face. "It's sort of nice, isn't it?"

Leaving his position as Weyrlingmaster's Second had been odd at first,
but going back into the fighting Wings with normal dragonrider
responsibilities had been a boon. Now he had more concrete times to
work which included drills, sweeps or transport, but his schedule was
consistent, not like working with Weyrlings where he might be called
away at any moment by a young dragon or rider in need. In short, it
was a weight off his shoulders.

"It means I can't always have the lights on and a warm drink available
when you get home, but it's nice to trade it off," she said with a
smile. "How are you feeling?"

"I am feeling... okay, I think. It's been really nice to only have to
worry about myself and Kenirath for once." D'kere lifted an arm from
the back of the couch and gestured for Talwynn to join him.

She settled onto the couch and curled up next to him. "So what has
your Wingleader been having you do?"

"Saibra? I've been running errands like an errant Weyrling. I think
it's her tough love way of showing me what I'm missing as a
Weyrlingmaster. Neither she nor K'reyel wanted me to step down."
D'kere shrugged his shoulders.

"Not fair on her to punish you," Talwynn said with a grimace. "Go
anywhere interesting?"

"Let's see, today I went to Amber Hills, Dolphin Cove, and Barrier
Lake." The bronzerider ticked each location off on his fingers.
"Delivering things for Cyradis, Kapera, and Lord Zathris. I supposed
it looked better having a bronzerider do that since they're all
'dignitaries'," he wiggled his fingers at the word.

"Hmm, that's a lot of places." Talwynn leaned up and nipped playfully
at his fingers. "I remember doing all the delivery duty runs when I
wasn't flying fall to non-dignitaries."

D'kere avoided the nips and tweaked her nose. "Well? Have you given
more thought to Dolphin Cove or Barrier Lake? I was at both locations
today. They each have their pros."

"There's a lot of pros to Dolphin Cove," Talwynn said. "I have family
there to spend time with, and I've lived there before. Never as a
dragonrider, though. The weather can't be beat because it's warm and
good for joints, and of course the beach is right there for fishing.
Any pros I'm missing?"

"Sounds about right," D'kere agreed. "So the pros for Barrier Lake
would be... less established positions so more opportunities for us to
slide into new Wings or jobs, newer construction, a moderate climate,
a peaceful lake where I am sure plenty of fishing could happen... A
clean slate for us both."

She nodded as she thought about it. "The clean slate of Barrier Lake,
where neither of us have family, is tempting. Mine might crowd us a
bit if we went to Dolphin Cove. And modern conveniences in the
construction would certainly be nice."

“Maybe we should visit Barrier Lake when we’re not on duty? We can be
a couple of annoying tourists,” the hint of a grin tipped the corners
of his mouth.

"That sounds good to me," Talwynn agreed, leaning over and resting her
cheek against his. "And if we like it there, we can apply to the
Weyrleaders for transfer. If they want to accept us, I can't see the
Dragonsfall 'ship saying no."

“Me either, especially not after the Yasmeane fiasco.” D’kere was
still sore over the way he had been treated with suspicion by the
Dragonsfall Weyrleaders.

"They'd better not treat it like getting rid of a problem," she
grumbled. They'd had rocky periods in their relationship, but her
fierce loyalty had been roused at how he'd been treated.

“Agreed. They’re losing you and one of the best looking bronzerider’s
here,” he teased, giving her a little squeeze.

"And Barrier Lake will gain. If we like it." She nuzzled his neck.
"So, this restday? A nice date away?"

“It’s a date,” he promised.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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