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Two Souls Intertwined

Writers: Avery
Date Posted: 1st October 2021

Characters: Kadira
Description: Kadira Impresses the second time she stands.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 9, day 3 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Jadirel, Tyrael
Part 1 of 3

Again, Kadira was in a Candidate class when the person teaching it
looked off to the side just as the hum of the dragons became audible.
Again, she flinched at the noise before she realized it was just the
precursor to a Hatching. As she put on her robe and walked out to the
Sands with the others, she felt lonely. Last time, she’d walked with
Jadirel. This time, she was walking on her own, since he’d Impressed. It
felt lonelier, and she was glad that the first time, she’d had him there
to talk to and by her side.

When Kadira entered, it was near the back end of the crowd of
Candidates. At least there was only one gold and one clutch here this
time... Less confusion and noise. She looked up at the Stands again,
scanning them to see her family. It took a moment as they were seated
closer to the dignitary zone and not in the regular crowd areas - she
wondered why - but she found them all together, and managed a little
wave at them. Her mother and brother lived here, but her father and her
half-brother and his weyrmate had traveled again to see her…she wanted
to acknowledge them for it.

**Better not disappoint them.**

As the noise got louder, she retreated behind a clump of girls, not
exactly hiding from the eggs but just...on the periphery. Farther back.

Then it went quiet. Somehow, the absence of sound was almost more
impactful than the wall of it had been. There was a loud crack as an egg
popped open and let loose a brown, a big one who clearly seemed to have
his intended lifemate already in mind. Since it wasn’t a green, she paid
him no heed.

As more eggs cracked open and dragonets of all colors spilled out, some
staying near the front of the crowd and others coming towards the back,
it was hard for her to keep track of what was going on. Kadira saw that
she was near a few other girl Candidates and noticed that a green was on
her way towards them, so she shifted to orient towards her. **Are you my
lifemate?** she wondered, trying to project that love and warmth and

Because she was focusing on the green, she didn't notice what was
happening behind her, that a bronze dragonet was heading surprisingly
quickly. It was a surprise when something struck her in the back. She
fell forward from the impact, smashing into the sand below. **Feck!**
she thought as she hit the hot sands face-first.

There was a moment of agony as she felt a heavy weight stomp on her arm
and a sharp tearing on her forearm, a ripping sensation that hurt far
more than the time she’d slipped up and cut her finger with a knife. She
cried out, but because her face was pressed down in the sand, it was
muffled, and just got some in her mouth and face. Dazed by the impact
and pain, she laid there for a long moment, groaning.

If the Sands had felt hot through her sandals, they were worse when you
were pushed full body into them. Her arm was screaming and she felt like
the sand was giving her a sunburn. So despite her body urging her to
just lie there and suffer the pain, Kadira slowly began to push herself
up, flinching as the sand scalded her palms. Then she flinched again
when she saw the bright red blood flowing down to spatter the sand.

**Oh, dragon _got_ me,** she thought, realizing what had happened.

Kadira used her good arm to wipe some of the stinging hot sand off her
face. She took two steps and swayed slightly, off-balanced.

A hand on her shoulder made her start, but it was Tyrael. “Thanks,” she
said, smiling at him. He nodded at her thanks and shifted so he could
support her as she walked.

A sudden cool feeling brushed against her, icy wind echoing outside the
cliffs, as though a lonely voice was howling, }:Wait! Wait!:{

Tyrael fell out of step with her and turned. Kadira slowed and looked
too, to see a large dragonet, rich cobalt in color, coming towards them.

Tyrael stepped away from her and called, "I need someone to take her!"

She half-turned when a greenrider reached out and put her arm around
Kadira's shoulders. "Come on, dear, we'll take you off and get that arm

“Guess that’s the end of the Hatching for me,” she said with a sigh.
Shards, and her whole family saw her get bowled over by a dragonet, too…
and she’d get stitched up and her mother would fuss…

}:Wait!:{ Again a feeling of chill down her back. Her stride stopped and
she shook her head.

Kadira shook her head and looked at the greenrider. “Did you hear that?”

“No, nothing. Come on, it’s near done now, we should get that looked
at,” said the greenrider.

}:Where are you going with my rider?:{ a voice demanded, and this time
Kadira clearly recognized that it was a dragon voice. In her head. And
more to the point… it wasn’t a female voice.

"Wait!" Kadira shoved the greenrider off as she turned to see what was
happening behind them. The blue dragonet had bypassed Tyrael entirely
and was still following them. He looked at her, and eyes that were
shimmering in orange-yellow distress began to whirl in rainbow colors.
Her own eyes went wide too.

}:My name is Ishath, and you are mine. Do not walk away,:{ the blue

"I can... I can hear him," she said aloud. Or perhaps shouted aloud. She
wasn’t sure about her own volume when everything was echoing inside her

}:You are injured.:{ Ishath crooned, stretching out his arrow-shaped
head toward Kadira's arm as he walked closer to the transfixed girl.

As she stared into his eyes, Ishath’s mind against hers was cool and
deep, and she felt like a Dragonsfall blizzard of icy wind and snow, but
instead of being out in it she was the wild storm herself, powerful and
free, relentless and enduring. She was more than the small thing,
tan-skinned and dark-haired and red-blood dripping she could see through
a fractured lens, the figure she realized was Ishath’s view of her
through his eyes. They were together, and they were strong.

"I'm ... It's fine, Ishath." Although she spoke the words, they came out
on autopilot as her brain tried to absorb what was happening.

“What’s happening?” the greenrider asked.

Kadira shook her head as the spell of Impression broke. Then she put her
good arm around the blue's neck and hugged him. "Ishath is my dragon.
And he’s worried about my arm.”

“Your dragon?” the greenrider asked in surprise.

She nodded, stunned, but knowing in her heart it was true. “I know they
need to look at my arm but we need to get him fed too.”

“We can do that,” the greenrider said, falling into step on her bad side
and supporting her at the shoulder. “Just lean on me and we’ll get you
two there.”

“You hear that, Ishath? They’ll get us fed, and my arm treated,” Kadira
told Ishath. Her dragon.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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