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Worst Gossip in the Weyr

Writers: Devin, Francesca
Date Posted: 19th July 2021

Characters: Kamalia, K'mai
Description: Kamalia and K'mai chat after drills.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 3 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: H'run, L'val

Kamalia dismounted Alaudath, her left arm going to her right shoulder
to give it a quick massage. Part of wing drills that day had involved
tossing sacks of firestone, and she had made one bad throw. The pain
was mild enough; she was pretty sure it would be gone by the next day.
**Are you ok without a bath?** she asked the green.

}:I'm ok. Maybe tomorrow. Besides, I want to talk to Sebeth. He flew
well today.:{ The small green began blatantly flirting with the blue.

Kamalia refrained from rolling her eyes at her green's behavior. While
she preferred to avoid too much flirting with wingmates, Alaudath was
quite the opposite. After a mating flight, Kamalia was more likely to
wake up next to a wingmate than someone else. "Don't mind her," she
said to K'mai. "She just wants to stroke Sebeth's ego a bit."

K'mai laughed. "Oh he _loves_ it. He's worse than me." The bluerider winked.

Kamalia smiled in return, used to K'mai's frequent flirting. "Blues,"
she said in a joking tone. "They give greens a run for their money."

"That they do. Some of them, anyway." He glanced over to where Sebeth
was happily flirting with Alaudath.

"Speaking of blues..." Kamalia took a step towards K'mai and lowered
her voice. "How are you and H'run doing? I couldn't help but overhear
the two of you a few sevendays ago." H'run had told her they were ok
now, but Kamalia was curious to hear K'mai's side of the story.

"Oh, well. . . that was just a little hiccup in our friendship. We've
smoothed everything over." At least K'mai hoped so.

"That's good to hear." She was still curious, but with both K'mai and
H'run saying things were fine between them, she didn't want to come
across as nosy. "It's always awkward when things happen between
wingmates." And she was speaking from experience, since Alaudath had
been caught several times by dragons in their Wing.

"Disagreements, yes. But not everything."

"I guess not," she replied, although she was skeptical. She listened
in on Alaudath for a moment, and the green was fully invested in her
conversation with Sebeth. Looking around, she confirmed that most of
the riders had left. "Any thoughts on L'val?" she asked, keeping her
voice low. "He seems pretty good, but," she gestured at her head,
"that ability he has is something, isn't it?"

"A rare gift. Sometimes I think I'd like to have that ability, but
then I think about all the dragons in the Weyr chattering in my head."
He chuckled. "Sebeth is more than enough for me."

Was she the only one who didn't really like having a Wingleader who
could hear everything Alaudath said? Maybe it was because of what she
would do with that power. "It makes me uncomfortable," she admitted.
"I think it's because I'd be tempted to spend all day listening in on

"You'd be the worst gossip in the Weyr," K'mai said with a teasing smile.

"Exactly.... or, at least I'd know all the dragon gossip. You know,"
she reflected, "maybe it wouldn't be all that interesting after all. I
don't want to hear all about how someone's hide glistens in the sun,
or," she frowned as a new thought came to mind. "Oh no. Mating
flights. That must be awful. Now I just feel sorry for him."

That made K'mai laugh. "Can you imagine? Having to listen to every
horny dragon in the Weyr?"

Kamalia joined in the laughter. "It's amazing he can focus on leading
a wing, with all of that going on." While L'val's ability still felt
like an invasion of privacy, at least she could appreciate the
difficulty of managing it.

"It's hard enough to manage Sebeth when he's trying to flirt with a
green, and I'm only hearing one side of that conversation." Though
he'd heard people with that ability learned to tune out the constant
sound of dragon voices.

"He seems to be doing a good job now," Kamalia said, feeling her
green's contentment. "She doesn't usually have much of an attention
span with flirting, and the two of them are still going at it." She
tried to remember the last time Alaudath rose. Was it almost time for
her to rise again? "You know, she does like being caught by blues in
our Wing," she added, her tone becoming a touch flirty. "I'm actually
surprised Sebeth hasn't caught her before."

"Me too. I know he doesn't always chase her, but he certainly seems
interested now." K'mai moved a bit closer. "I'd love to help improve
his chances."

The bluerider was certainly handsome, and his offer was tempting.
Kamalia's resolve wavered for a moment, sure they would have a good
time together. But, the risk of future awkwardness stopped her from
accepting the invitation. Instead, she gave a regretful smile and
touched his arm lightly. "I think you know my rule," she said,
adopting a mock serious tone. "No fun with wingmates... unless it's a
flight of course."

"Well, if you ever change your mind, I offer no-strings fun. Unless
you consider friendship a string." He smiled.

She returned the smile. He really was good-looking. "I'll definitely
keep that in mind." In the meantime, she'd keep her fingers crossed
for a future flight.

Last updated on the July 21st 2021

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