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The Right Path to Follow

Writers: Ames
Date Posted: 27th May 2019

Characters: Faldrimme
Description: Faldrimme reflects on where her life stands at this moment.
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 10, day 4 of Turn 9

Arippa or Faldrimme

She sighed as she rested her elbow on the ledge and looked out at the stars.

How had life just moved on without her it seemed? Her own dreams were
now so muddled she honestly didn't know what she truly wanted anymore.

Everytime she saw Arippa she felt the pull of her heart to follow the
dream she and her sister had _always_ had together. They would marry,
have babies to grow up together and be wives just as they had always
hoped for.

Yet every time she walked past the runner's fenced area her dreams of
pursuing the craft tugged at her heart again. She recalled her brief
time she'd visited the Weyr to explore the possibility of crafting.
The idea held so much excitement, yet was also so very different from
the world she'd grown up in and imagined her future in.

"How do you find the right path to follow?" She muttered to the empty
air around her with a sigh. "I only wish I knew," she added quietly,
gazing out at the darkness around her once more. Her father had been
pushing more and more for her to choose _any_ path and her heart felt
heavy with the weight of trying to find her future. If only someone
would help her find her right path to follow.

With a final sigh, Faldrimme pushed away from the wall, turned and
headed back inside.

Last updated on the June 3rd 2019

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