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The Training Goes Well

Writers: AmajoS, Miriah
Date Posted: 21st April 2019

Characters: Rothen, Karhal, Veyter
Description: Rothen displays Pup's skills for Karhal.
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 10, day 17 of Turn 9


Rothen arrived at the practice area used by the canine trainers,
prepared for Veyter to run him and Pup through their paces and was
surprised to see Karhal there as well. "Good morning, sir," he said,
covering his surprise as best he could.

"Rothen." Karhal inclined his head. "I'm observing today. I'd like to
see what you and Veyter have been working on with your canine and to
gauge your progress with her."

He smiled a bit nervously, hoping that this would go well. Pup usually
did everything he asked of her with only a little extra prompting, but
she could also be stubborn sometimes. He didn't want to lose her if
she decided to show out today. He'd already gotten quite attached and
he enjoyed their training a great deal. He glanced at Veyter to see if
he was ready for them to begin.

"We're working on basic obedience today," Veyter explained, pausing
only long enough for Karhal to incline his head. "Rothen, take Pup and
go through the 'Sit', 'Stay', 'Come', and 'Down' commands first. She
should know those without any issues by now, especially if you've
continued working with her."

Rothen took a breath and pushed his nervousness aside with the
experience of turns of practice. He led pup to the center of the
training yard, and she followed just as she was supposed to. On his
left, watching him for cues.

When they arrived at their destination he unclipped her lead and
backed away a few steps saying, "Stay." His tone was firm and he held
up one finger in a wait a minute gesture. The young canine stood
exactly where he'd left her, eyes on his finger and ears perked.

After he'd backed a sufficient distance to demonstrate her willingness
to stay put he stopped and said, "Sit." His tone was just as firm as
before and this time he moved his finger sharply downward so it wound
up pointing at the ground. Pup sat, panting cheerfully with her tongue
hanging out the side of her mouth and her eyes glued on Rothen.

Next, he said, "Come." This time he made a come here gesture with his
hand, holding it Palm up and bringing the fingers in sharply. Pup
immediately stood and ran toward him. Before she got to close he held
his hand up in a stop gesture and she stopped without him saying

Finally, he gave the last command of the exercise. "Down," he said and
gestured downward with his hand, palm toward the ground. She
immediately dropped to her stomach, her tail thumping behind her.

He held his finger up in the stay gesture, and said, "Stay" again.
After watching just a moment to make sure she was going to be good, he
turned to face the other two men. Now that the exercise was over the
nervousness started to creep back in. He wasn't sure if he should be
using the gestures so much, but she really seemed to do better when he
paired the commands with the gestures.

Karhal observed Rothen, arms crossed over his chest as he studied
every motion, every hand gesture. He understood the reasoning behind
it, young canines usually did respond better to gestures; it was an
obvious cue for them and easier to learn. He gestured Veyter over and
murmured softly to him while Rothen waited.

Veyter paused, then nodded. "Rothen, again. Keep your hands behind
your back the entire time."

Rothen nodded and took a breath. Pup did well with verbal commands
-most- of the time. There was no need to panic.

"Stay, Pup," he commanded with his hands gripped behind him. Then he
backed away again. The puppy cocked her head to one side then the
other, as if looking for his hands, but other than that didn't move.

Once he was a few yards away, he stopped and said, "Come." Again, she
tilted her head, but then got up and trotted over to him not as
quickly as before, but she went in a straight line and stopped right
in front of his feet.


She sat, a happy panting expression on her face. She looked for all
the world like she was showing off now. Like she was saying, 'I don't
know why you're standing like that, but you can't fool me!'

"Down." Rothen gave the last command and when the puppy dropped down,
he breathed a sigh of relief. "That's a good girl, Pup!" He fished a
little square of dried beef from his pocket and gave it to her before
turning to see what the Captain and Veyter had to say.

Karhal looked on, no smile on his face, despite the evident cuteness
of Pup's expressions, but approval clear in his eyes. He gave Rothen a
nod and gestured him over. "Very good. You're making fine progress,
Rothen. Veyter's reports said as much. Work with her at least half a
candlemark on those commands each day until there's no hesitation,
then do regular reminders weekly." He arched a brow. "Pup? That's her

Blushing, Rothen gave a shrug. "I couldn't think of anything that
seemed right and she started answering to that. I know it's not a
great name for a guard canine, but she likes it."

"Well, I've often said that a canine knows best on some things.
Perhaps this is one of them." He studied the pair with continued
approval. "You appear to be bonding well together. I think next week,
Veyter is supposed to begin with scent training; it's best when
they're young. If you do as well as you have been, then I'll be quite

Rothen beamed proudly, wondering for an absurd moment if parents felt
like this about their children," She's a quick learner. I think most
of our progress is because of that."

"Don't discount yourself. A lot of it because of her breeding true,
but the bond is important. She wants to please you and so she works
hard to do it. You have a larger part than you realize." Karhal
inclined his head. "Keep doing a good job, Rothen. You'll go far."

"Yes sir, thank you." He smiled over at Pup whose tail was thumping on
the ground. She looked almost as pleased with herself as he felt
pleased with both of them.

Last updated on the April 26th 2019

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