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FAQ / What Pern Month Is It?

Last updated 24th August 2016 by Suzee

What Pern Month Is It?

Article by: Bree

Are you wondering what month it is now? The following is a list of Earth Months and the Pern Months that are open at the same time. Each Pern Month lasts 2 Earth Months, with 1 month of time at the end to tie up loose plot ends.

We are currently in Turn 8 of the current Pass, which means Thread has been falling for seven full Turns now.

January 2016: Month 3 & Month 4
February 2016: Month 4
March 2016: Month 4 & Month 5
April 2016: Month 5
May 2016: Month 5 & Month 6
June 2016: Month 6
July 2016: Month 6 & Month 7
August 2016: Month 7
September 2016: Month 7 & Month 8
October 2016: Month 8
November 2016: Month 8 & Month 9
December 2016: Month 9


JulyM12M13 TE/TB
AugustM13 TE/TB
SeptemberM13 TE/TBM1 TE/TB
OctoberM1 TE/TB

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