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Watching Her at Night

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 2nd September 2021

Characters: D'hol, Timassa
Description: D'hol and Timassa rest together as he worries
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 10, day 27 of Turn 10


D'hol rested his hand lightly on the heavy swell of the abdomen of the
woman beside him. The movement under his palm made his breath catch;
the ungentle kicks to his kidneys had woken him from a restless sleep.
He felt the nudges beneath his palm and tried to still the worry that
ate at him. It was more than the worry for Timassa, it was the memory
of the tiny bundles that he had had to carry away. The pain of that
day still lived in him, unforgotten and still undimmed by time.

He quietly and carefully rose from the bed, then scrubbed a hand over
his face before moving to pour a glass of water. He drank it quickly
and padded out to the ledge to stare up at the stars and the moons.

}: You need rest. :{ The quiet rumble of his bronze was soothing.
}:You worry too much. :{

**I can't sleep.** D'hol exhaled and leaned against Yumath's side for
just a moment.

}: Sad memories. But they are only memories. Not the now.:{

Perhaps it was the slight movement of the bed or the sound of water,
but Timassa's consciousness surfaced long enough for her to turn over
and groan softly in discomfort. She felt around for another pillow to
push under the side of her belly and support her leg. Then she pushed
lightly on the side of her belly where a tiny foot seemed bent on
pushing her ribs out of their way. "Come on baby," she murmured before
sinking back into sleep.

The moment Timassa groaned, it caught D'hol's attention. Hurrying back
to the bed and away from Yumath, he watched as she turned over and
rubbed her belly. He winced at the lump that seemed to move under her
hand and bent over to lightly run his hand over her abdomen in an
effort to soothe. Should he get her mother? He noted the pillows and
offered his own to settle between her knees. He would likely not be

She murmured something unintelligible and Saryolth rustled on the ledge.

The green leaned against the big bronze. }:Her eggs are uncomfortable
and pressing on her inside:{

}: Mine can tell. He worries for her often. :{ He lifted a wing to
tuck the green close to him.

D'hol lay beside her, propping his hand under his head as he continued
to stroke along her belly in an effort to soothe and allow her to get
a better night's rest.

In her dream she carried a bag of firestone across the weyrbowl. Her
arms didn't get tired but her hips and legs were and it was harder to
make them work to carry the load. Somehow she knew it was very
important that she get the bag to the other side and set it down
gently. "Almost there," she told herself. And then she felt the
support at her back. the hands moving gently on her skin. She
relaxed, somehow it wasn't quite so difficult. The tension flowed out
of her, the dream disappeared and she sank into a deep sleep.

Though she seemed to be in a deep sleep, D'hol didn't cease in his
slow, even caresses. As she slept, he leaned forward to brush his lips
over the crown of her head and kept her pressed close against him. He
pressed his cheek against her head and relaxed.

Timassa stayed still for some time in deep restful slumber but then
the babies began moving again and she turned in his arms to nestle her
head under his chin and her belly against his while they played water
ball kicking and punching.their parents and each other.

The first kick made D'hol grunt in surprise and as he carefully
attempted to look down, he received another. He'd been kicked by an
unborn child before, but Faranth's First Egg, how was she sleeping
through that sort of activity? **Definitely no sleep.** His rueful
chuckle wasn't loud enough to wake her, but the amusement woke his

Yumath cracked open an eye. }:They are fighting to hatch? :{

**No, just moving.**
Timassa's belly hardened though it didn't wake her. In the initial
stage of labor there was no pain. The babies grew quiet as the belly
hardened and gradually softened again.

}:It is birthing time,:{ Saryolth said smugly.

}: Saryolth says it's close to hatching time. :{ Yumath's voice broke
into the slight doze that D'hol had began.

**Just preparing.** D'hol thought sleepily, now warm and comfortable
with his arms around Timassa. **Go to sleep. We'll go to the Healers
tomorrow after drills.**

Last updated on the October 3rd 2021

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