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The Changes of Life

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 15th November 2020

Characters: Thayde, Zathris
Description: The two friends catch up during Thayde and Enamra's visit.
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 7, day 4 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Benani, Enamra, Irabel


"Well, my friend, you have a lot of things to tell me," Zathris said as he poured a glass of brandy and set it in front of the Dolphin Hallmaster.

Thayde grinned a little as he lifted the glass to his lips. "Yes, I suppose I do. The last time we saw each other I was a lovesick bachelor."

"And now you turn up married, and not even to the woman who had you so lovesick." Zathris surmised as he took a seat beside of his friend in front of the fire. The Lord of Amber Hills studied the dolphineer for a moment. "So tell me, how did you end up a Hallmaster married to ... to well..." Zathris faltered, unsure how to describe Enamra.

"A girl?" Thayde inserted for him. "It's okay, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking she is little more than a child."

"What is she? Seventeen?" Zathris asked.

"Sixteen, actually. She was fifteen when I married her."

Zathris's eyebrows shot into his hairline. "That's a little young. Even for us holders."

Thayde sighed a little, although he was not put off by his friend's questions, they were natural ones, he thought. "Let's just say, there were some misunderstandings and I had to marry her to maintain her reputation. I didn't even touch her for the first few months we were married. It was too...weird, at first, you know, the age difference."

"How much age is between you?" Zathris asked, although he had a suspicion.

"I'm thirty-nine and she is sixteen." Saying it out loud was strange.

Zathris shook his head. "It's not really that uncommon, not among holders, but holders marry for breeding and bloodlines, not for love and conversations. Have you managed to find some common ground with your young wife?"

Thayde thought about that, about all of the things he had Enamra had faced already. "Yes, I think so." His mind flashed back to the drunken dragonpoker the night before. They certainly had common ground in some areas. "I love her now, even if I didn't when we married. If anything she has made me less...."

"Serious?" Zathris supplied with the hint of a smirk. "You certainly seem... lighter? More free? If that makes sense."

"Yes," Thayde nodded slowly, "that's about the sum of it. I laugh much more now than I ever did before."

"So what happened to that woman you were pining over when we were on the island... What was her name?


"Yes, that one."

Thayde thought back on the woman he had thought he loved, but who had never returned his affections. "She left the Hall, before I returned. I haven't heard from her since." The dolphineer shrugged and took a sip of brandy. "Not that it matters at this point."

"Well, that settles how you became married, but what about becoming Hallmaster?" Zathris asked.

"The Hallmaster, Endarin, was only there temporarily after Famell left. He decided that he was ready to go back to Jade Harbor and asked if I wanted the position. It was one of those things where I wanted it, because I want to make sure the Hall is ran correctly, and yet at the same time, I didn't want it because of the headache it would bring."

Zathris barked out a laugh. "You sound exactly like I did, then, once Lord Benaroy passed. Did I want to be Lord Holder? Sure. But on the other hand, life might be a lot simpler if it was just me and Benani living on a little plot of land with nothing but our children and a garden full of vegetables to look after."

Thayde smiled at the mental image of Zathris as a farmer. He couldn't imagine it. "And that, my friend, is why a vacation is so important. I want to thank you again for inviting me here, with Enamra, we have enjoyed it immensely. Should you and the Lady ever want to get away to some sun and sand for a while, you know there's always a room for you at the Dolphin Hall."

"We may just take you up on that offer. It's been Turns since our honeymoon, but I wouldn't mind reliving it." Zathris thought his wife might enjoy some time away from Amber Hills as well.

"Any time you want to come the invitation stands."

Last updated on the November 23rd 2020

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