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A Honeymoon Vacation

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 5th November 2020

Characters: Thayde, Enamra, H'riv, Zathris
Description: Thayde and Enamra go on honeymoon/vacation
Location: Amber Hills Hold, Dolphin Hall
Date: month 7, day 2 of Turn 10


After everything they had been through lately with Enamra losing the
baby and whole Jalodwyn situation, Thayde really felt that he and
Enamra could use some time away, someplace where they could just be
Thayde and Enamra, and not the Hallmaster and Hallmaster's wife.

He checked his leather travel bag for a final time, making sure he had
enough to last him for the few days that he had Enamra would be
spending away. "Are you almost all packed?" he asked as he went into
their bedroom.

Enamra stared at her bag, uncertain as to what to take. "Uh...almost?"
She'd never traveled and absolutely no clue what to take. "I've got a
few simple dresses and my underthings. And my brushes. Do you think
just a single pair of slippers will be okay?" She turned to look at
him, face hopeful. "We're not doing anything official, are we?" She
always felt _so_ uncomfortable meeting important people for official
meetings at the Hall. She was always certain that they knew she didn't
really belong there. "Will I need a bathing suit?"

Thayde began to peer through his wife's packing. "Hmm, let's trade out
the silk dresses for," and he went to her wardrobe and pulled out the
thicker cotton ones from the back, "these. A pair of slippers for
indoor wear will be fine, but you'll need," and then he bent again and
retrieved a pair of never worn boots from the bottom shelf, "boots,
too. Amber Hills will be cold. There will likely be snow there. Pack
your warmest cloak, too." When they had married, Thayde had ordered an
entirely new wardrobe for Enamra, but most of that was suitable wear
for a warm climate, not the cold one of Amber Hills.

She watched as he pulled the items one at a time from the wardrobe,
then placed them over the lacy undergarments she'd stuck into the pack
at the bottom. "Snow. I'm so excited. And mountains too! " She tried
to neatly stack each piece of clothing in the pack and then placed the
boots over them. "Cloak. Right. Didn't think I'd ever really wear
that. " She bounced a little on her toes, making her simple braid
swing freely along her back. "What kind of things are we going to do?"
She turned and gave an excited smile. "Can I try to make a snowman?
I've never made one."

To see her so excited made him smile. “I guess it depends on how much
snow they have. Our only ‘official’ business there is for me to
introduce you to Lord Zathris.” It was the Lord Holder was had
extended the invitation Turns ago now, for Thayde to visit when he

She paused and used a tactic that she hoped would work. She stood in
front of him and played with his shift collar. "I don't...have to get
all dressed up to meet him, do I? I mean, if it's not
_really_official?" She looked up at him through her lashes and tried
just a bit of a pout. "Right?"

“We’ll have one formal dinner with the Lord and his wife, where I’d
like to show you off,” he admitted, before his voice turned husky.
“But the rest of our time it will be just us and whatever we want to
do. I certainly want to see some more of those lacy underthings in
your bag.”

She blushed. "There's really not much to show off." She tugged at his
collar, but still felt a little pleased; she liked that he was proud
of her. Then came a hotter blush as she looked over her shoulder at
the bag and then up at him. "Oh...you! That was supposed to be a
surprise. It's the one I haven't worn yet. The really lacy one."

His lips curved into a wide smile, brown eyes heated. “Oh, I can’t
wait to see it on you.” He refrained from kissing her, knowing that if
he did they would miss their ride. “We’d better go, H’riv will be

Enamra stepped away with a grin, glad that her surprise wasn't going
to be totally wasted. Even if she had to do a formal dinner, it
would be worth it. "Then let's go. I want to see snow!"

“Thanks H’riv,” Thayde said to his brother as the brownrider helped
them off of Uuketh’s neckridge. There was a light blanket of snow
covering the hills around Amber Hills and Thayde was all smiles as he
reached up and set Enamra down on her feet in the snow. “Welcome to
Amber Hills, my love.”

"Thanks H'riv. Thanks Uuketh!" Enamra's voice trailed off as her feet
sank into the snow. With a gasp of delight, she bent, and picked up
a handful. "It's so cold!" She looked up at Thayde, eyes shining.
"It's beautiful!" She rose, her fingers and the tip of her nose
turning red from the cold, but she didn't let the snow go as she
turned to look at her surroundings. With eyes wide with awe and
wonder, she laughed in joy. "It's all so white and pretty!

H’riv smiled at the look in his sister-in-law’s eyes and the joy on
her face. “Just wait until Uuketh takes off,” the brownrider promised,
winking at Enamra before jumping back up on his lifemate’s neckridge.

Thayde handed off their bags to the drudge who had approached, and
then put his arm around Enamra’s shoulders and pulled her to his side
as he waved at H’riv.

Uuketh sprang upward, his brown wings sending downward spirals of air
that sent the powdery snow dancing in eddies around Thayde and Enamra.

Enamra squealed and giggled, nearly bouncing with pure glee as she
felt Thayde wrap his arms around her. She quickly turned, pressing her
lips to his, then when she wrapped her arms around his neck, slipped
her fingers under his collar, and let go of the snow.

Thayde yelped at the unexpected handful of snow inside his shirt as he
jumped away from Enamra. “Why you little...” he trailed off with a
grin as he reached down and scooped up a handful of snow. “Come here,
dear wife.”

She giggled and darted away running to scoop up another handful of
snow. "Nuh uh." She grinned and did what she'd always heard of doing.
She lobbed the ball of snow, but having not packed it into a ball, it
fell apart before it reached Thayde. She yelped in dismay and scooped
up another bunch.

Thayde, who did have some experience with snow, had packed his handful
before lobbing it at Enamra. The powdery bundle exploded when it
skimmed her shoulder.

From a high window in the Hold, the Lord of Amber Hills stood watching
the Dolphin Hallmaster and his young wife, running and playing in the
snow like children. A smile parted Zathris’ lips. “It looks like our
guests have arrived.”

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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