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Vintner Hall

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Vintner Hall

Vintner Hall
by Bree

The new Vintner Hall is a very different place from the one that was located at Amethyst Cliff Hold for so many turns. Several buildings have been adapted to encompass the new Hall, with the largest being the Main Hall.

The Main Hall (A) houses offices, classrooms and vast kitchens on its main floor, with both a common dining room used by its daily residents and a far more impressive dining room that is used for wine tastings or celebrations. The dining rooms sit on either side of the large kitchen, which takes up fully one third of the first floor. The huge ovens on either side of the kitchen are cleverly used to heat the dining rooms during the winter.

The second floor has well appointed suites for the Hallmaster, Hallsecond and Master Crafters, along with slightly less comfortable sets of rooms for unmarried journeymen. Married journeymen and willing Masters are encouraged to take up residence in the many small but comfortable cots located behind the Hall. Several well decorated suites are set aside for visiting guests. All suites in the Hall include private bathing facilities.

Directly behind the Main Hall, a small building (B) houses the two story apprentice barracks. The ground floor is divided between a common study area, a large bathing area and several suites. The largest of these suites is reserved for the Master of Apprentices and his family, with several of the smaller ones being set aside for whichever journeymen are unlucky enough to be assigned to assist with the apprentices. The second story is a large open area where all of the apprentices sleep. Each apprentice has a bed, a bookshelf, a small wardrobe and a desk. A trunk at the foot of their bed is all they are given for storage space.

Next to the apprentice barracks is an oddly shaped building (C) that looks like it might have once been an Inn or tavern. For the moment no one is allowed inside, though there are rumors that the Hallmaster might intend to open a tavern there in the near future. Such rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied.

On the far side of this building are two long buildings (D&E) that are almost as big as the Main Hall when put together. These buildings house the most important tools of the Vintner trade, including the massive wine press that was salvaged from Amethyst Cliff with the help of dragonriders. A gigantic cellar connects both of these buildings, housing whatever wine was salvaged from Amethyst cliff along with endless rows of racks, waiting to be filled. The doors to these cellars are locked at all times, and keys to this area are guarded jealously.

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