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Persona Profile: J'nne

Writer: Len

Name: J'nne
Age: 23
Birthday: m8 d14
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Violin
Face Claim: Ioan Gruffudd

Physical Description of Persona:
Like his sister, Jaylene, J'nne is taller than normal, thanks to having a 6'3" father. Whilst he's not quite as tall as his father was, he stands 6'1" and has a strong athletic build to go with it. A life of fiddling has not left him as muscular as the dragonriders around him, but he is well toned, with broad shoulders angling down to a narrow waist and long legs. His hair is jet black and tends to curl, and he keeps it on the longish side. It tends to be between ear length and shoulder length, depending on how busy he is and how ambitious he is to cut it. He has large dark grey eyes that most people assume are brown, because of how dark they are, and they're helped by long black lashes, which seem to delight and annoy women (and more than a few male greenriders). His facial features
are more angular than his big sister's but his nose is just as strong. He has dimples when he grins.

His manner of dress is modest and not flashy in any way. He used to just wear his brother J'zen's hand-me-downs but since he got taller than the older sibling, he has had to make do with picking his own out, which he hates to do and will beg his sister to do for him at any opportunity.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Relaxed and confident would come to most folks minds in describing J'nne, with a hint of mischief. He enjoys nothing so much as playing duets with Jaylene on the fiddle, or trying (and failing) to drink his two siblings under the table. He takes a natural shine to any new faces and enjoys helping others in need. Nothing seems to flap his nerves and the only time he'll readily admit he is nervous is when there is Threadfall, and that is because after losing both his father and an elder brother to Thread related deaths, he worries about his two remaining siblings. He was raised by is birth mother and is extremely close to her as well.

History of Persona:
Jayonne was born at River's Buff Weyr, the youngest of four children, to a blue rider and a woman who had come to the Weyr to become a Harper. In the first year of Threadfall, his father died of injuries sustained thereof. Tragically, his eldest brother also died of Fall related injuries just two turns ago. In this case, it was when his green was fatally injured and he suicided. Unlike his two remaining siblings, who focus on the here-and-now, Jayonne does tend to brood when thinking of the two lost family members.

As Jayonne is five years younger than the next oldest child, he grew up with everyone in his family dotting on him and he loved nothing more than bugging his sister when he was a child. She and his mum taught him to play the fiddle, of which he showed a lot of talent in and followed both his mum and sister into the craft of Harping. Besides the violin/fiddle, he also plays the gitar well, and the hand drum and has a pleasant low tenor voice.

From the time he was 12 turns old, he also Stood, but with no success. At 17 and a half he stopped in order to devote his life fully to his music. When he was 18 he walked the tables to become a Jouneyman.

At 21 he lost his home, River's Buff Weyr, to a tsunami. Along with his green-riding siblings and birth mother, he relocated to Dragonsfall Weyr. After seeing the loss of riders and dragons at River's Buff--not to mention the Weyr's queen and her clutch--he decided to Stand one more time. To his shock he Impressed bronze Tribeth.

Family and Friends
Jaylene, 34, Wingthird, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (sister)
Tenani, 57, Lower canverns worker (mother)
J'zen, 28, Rider (brother)

Dragon's Name: Tribeth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Tribeth is a rather small bronze, just shedding the 'puppy' fat of his weyrlinghood and becoming a rather lithe bronze. Whilst no longer looking like a chubby child's toy, he still has very large doe-like eyes and a petite face that perfectly matches the rest of his form. The impression he leaves is less the brute power of a typical bronze and more elegance. His hide is a warm honey-bronze and there's nothing he loves more than for his lifemate to rub as much lotion onto him as possible, showing off his hide to its best effect. Otherwise he's a rather droll little dragon.

Approved: April 13th 2011
Last updated: June 24th 2019

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