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Persona Profile: Gienah

Writer: Estelle

Name: Gienah
Pronunciation: JEE-nah
Age: 17
Birthday: m3 d12
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Gienah is about five feet, four inches tall with straight, shoulder-length ash-brown hair and a scattering of freckles across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose which she would rather be without. Her wide grin and dimples give her a cheerful, deceptively innocent appearance. She was rather skinny and awkward when she first arrived at the Weyr, but has filled out and built up her strength during her stay.

Emotional Description of Persona:
As a child, Gienah always preferred playing outside in the mud with the hold boys to sewing and dolls, no matter how much trouble it got her into. She is very practical and down-to-earth, and doesn't hesitate to get stuck in to work or chores. Weyr life has turned out to suit her very well, her confident nature blossoming now that she's not restricted by expectations of how girls should behave in her former life. She has a strong sense of mischief and enjoys gossip. Sometimes, she can be a little impatient and careless of others' feelings, and ends up saying things she regrets, but she is always very contrite afterwards.

History of Persona:
Gienah's father, Bergien, was a laborer and herdsman, and traveled around the small holds of Emerald Falls, offering his services for a season or two where they were needed. At one of these cotholds, he met Evanna, a kitchen worker. The two fell in love and were quickly married, and Evanna joined her new husband on his travels. But the marriage was cut tragically short when Evanna died from complications giving birth to their first and only child, a daughter.

In her early years, Gienah was fostered with her mother's family while her father worked. Her grandparents had disapproved of the match, and there were frequent arguments when Bergien came to visit. Overruling their objections, he decided to take his daughter with him as soon as she was old enough to finish harper classes. Gienah was delighted with her new life. Despite usually being relegated to cleaning and cooking in the holds her father worked at, she took every opportunity she could to learn from him.

When Gienah was fourteen, her father took a job working as herdsman for a cotholder. While they were staying there, dragonriders visited the hold and Gienah and another boy from the cothold were Searched for Dolphin Cove Weyr. Gienah failed to Impress at her first Hatching, but decided to stay, since there were more opportunities for girls there.

As soon as he knew that Gienah would be staying, Bergien began trying to find a position as a herdsman at a Weyr. There wasn't a place at Dolphin Cove, but eventually he managed to find work at Dragonsfall Weyr. He wrote to Gienah with the news, and she applied to transfer to the Candidates there so that she could be close to her father.

Family and Friends
Bergien, 37, Herder (Father)
Evanna, 34, Herder's wife (Mother (deceased))

Dragon's Name: Esieth
Dragon's Age: 0
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Esieth is a mischievous young green who loves to tease her clutchmates and distract her rider at the most inconvenient moments. When she concentrates she is fast and agile, but she gets distracted easily. She's a pretty pale green colour, with a slim, graceful build, but still has a hatchling's clumsiness from time to time.

Approved: April 16th 2019
Last updated: August 30th 2021

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