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Persona Profile: Z'kai

Writer: Avery

Name: Z'kai
Age: 34
Birthday: m1 d12
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Zíkai has black hair that he keeps very short. He has medium brown skin, brown eyes, and a ready smile that makes his face appear much more appealing. His voice is mellow. He's got a solid build from all the work of being a dragonrider and his habit of running.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Zíkai tends to be a laid-back, generally relaxed young man. He is easily approachable and can be friends with almost anyone. There aren't too many people that he doesn't get along with, unless they've offended him or someone he loves, for Zíkai is loyal for life and intensely protective of his friends.

History of Persona:
Zíkai was born as Zakalis, the oldest son of a Master Technician and his wife. He grew up with a happy childhood, if one that was a little disorienting, as the family moved from location to location every few Turns as his father was reassigned. He was born at Sapphire Meadows Hold, and then lived at the Technicians Hold at Jade Harbour, and then lived at Dreamís End Weyr when his father moved there to help re-open the location. Unlike his siblings, who mostly applied themselves as Technicians, Zíkai never felt strongly enough about any craft to apprentice. He just worked in the Hall as a general laborer, and then when they moved to the Weyr he worked in the lower caverns.

Despite the novelty of being at a newly-opened Weyr when the clutches were massively booming, Zíkai never even considered applying to the Weyrwoman to Stand. It wasnít until while helping in the dragon infirmary one day that an injured patient expressed to him that he could be a good potential rider that he even considered it. He agreed to Stand, and Impressed at his second Hatching to blue Lakiath.

Zíkai soon became aware of the fact that the color of his dragonís hide was tearing his family apart at first. He knew his mother was shocked, but he didnít realize the depths of her holdbred resistance to the idea until his mother left the Weyr with his youngest sister. He also had a hard time struggling with what the hide color meant to himself, as well. The emotional chaos made the next few Turns a bit of a trial, but eventually he was able to become a steady wingrider and settle into weyr society.

Zíkai had served at Dreamís End Weyr for most of his time as a dragonrider, but he transferred to Dragonsfall Weyr a few Turns ago following Vralina, a greenrider he was weyrmated with. The weyrmating has dissolved amicably, but they both remain involved in their childrenís lives.

Family and Friends
Zakis, 30, Journeyman Technician (brother)
Zakaiha, 58, Holder (mother)
Soliha, 26, Crafter (sister)
Solaka, 20, Wife (sister)
Vralina, 37, Greenrider (ex-weyrmate)
Kaivras, 14, Weyrbrat (son)
Kalivra, 12, Weyrbrat (daughter)
Linaza, 10, Weyrbrat (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Lakiath
Dragon's Age: 13
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Lakiath is large and powerfully built, rivaling the size of small browns. He is a shade of cerulean all over like the brilliant blue of a clear tropical sky. His motions are quick but deliberate and he wastes no movement.

Lakiath is very intense for a blue dragon. This blue wants to show off and be the best. He is not a dragon who will be constantly demanding attention from his rider because heíll always be off and finding something to get himself into. He has confidence in his own abilities and doesn't care if anyone disparages them; when he receives praise, he swells up and his rider will have to deal with insufferable pride until he forgets.

Lakiath enjoys swimming and water as much as any other dragon, and especially enjoys going out of the Weyr and seeing new places. He performs well in Threadfall, very determined and vicious in the fight. He loves company in general, especially female company, and is usually seen in the presence of at least one green dragon whenever possible.

Approved: March 30th 2019
Last updated: March 30th 2019

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