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Persona Profile: T'leri

Writer: Avery

Name: T'leri
Age: 22
Birthday: m7 d12
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Talerin stands at 5'10 and has a stocky build, with broad shoulders and chest, and large hands. He always has a friendly smile on his face. His hair is medium brown hair kept short on the sides and back, but long on top. It tends to fall into his face and his grey eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Talerin is very much an extroverted people person, exactly as you'd expect from a Harper. He finds it easy to make friends with people and put others at ease, and seems to always be chatting, laughing, or flirting. He puts a high level of importance on the idea of being there for other people, whether that's acting as an encouraging big brother mentor figure, or being a sympathetic shoulder for someone to confess troubles to, or gently coaxing more introverted people out of their shells. He always seems to be at the center of groups of people and has a genuine love of performing to a crowd.

History of Persona:
Talerin was born at Dolphin Cove Weyr, the fourth and last child of his family. He was always an extroverted child and rapidly made friends among his peer group, never seeming to be a leader of a group and yet still so often at the center of things. Despite his wide range of acquaintances and friends, he made time for his older sister Talwynn, despite her being the complete opposite of him in temperament.

Because Talerin did well in his Harper classes and enjoyed the sound of music, nobody was surprised when he apprenticed to the Harpers during his twelfth Turn. When his parents split up and his mother moved back to Dragonsfall, Talerin chose to follow her so he could stay with the older sister he idolized. He felt a bit of regret about this decision a Turn later when the Harper Hall moved from Emerald Falls to Dolphin Cove and he realized he could have tried to get training from them there. But he got to see his favorite sister Impress! And then to help her through her protracted recovery from her Threadscore, something that has sobered him about Standing but not completely turned him off from the idea.

Talerin is of age to become a Journeyman but he hasn't quite finished all the tasks needed. It's been a mixture of Standing as a Candidate for every clutch taking up some of his time, and that he keeps getting involved in performance groups and taking more lessons surrounding the music and the people skills, and he just keeps forgetting somehow to be doing his work for more boring classes like archives and instrument crafting... He's not really bothered by this, though. He knows he's close to aging out of Candidacy, and if he does, he knows his future as a Harper will still be there to work on.

Family and Friends
Talwynn, 27, Wingrider, Skybroom Wing, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (sister)
Wynerine, 54, Rider of green Nierleth (mother)
Talern, 50, Master Dolphineer (father)
T'rin, 34, Jr. Journeyman Smith/rider of brown Blarieth (brother)
Talerine, 32, Jr. Journeyman Weaver (sister)

Dragon's Name: Girath
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Girath is a medium-sized brown dragonet of slightly stocky conformation. He's a rich umber colored brown.

Girath has a boisterous personality, which can sometimes shade into being snappy and grumpy. He wants to do things and get going already! He's not the traditional "sturdy brown" stereotype.


Vivace, Feline: aged 9, born m8 d26
Vivace is a small feline with a very long coat. She is mostly a warm sandy gold with a lighter tan chin and underbelly, and does not have any pattern or tabby markings. Her eyes are gold and her most notable features is that her ears are very oversized for her face.

Vivace got her name from the amount of lively energy she had as a kitten and has never quite lost. She enjoys patrolling around the rooms that are her territory, sitting on high perches to supervise the people around her, and playing by batting or chasing things around. She will accept pets but doesn't like to be a lap cat, though she will deign to cuddle-sleep on humans.

Approved: January 27th 2019
Last updated: September 30th 2021

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