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Persona Profile: Sasima

Writer: Suzee


Name: Sasima
Age: 34
Birthday: m4 d23
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Face Claim: Katie Holmes

Physical Description of Persona:
Sasima stands 5'6" tall and weighs 145lbs. She has short plain brown hair. It reaches to the beginning of her jawline, where she likes to keep it, though it has been longer. She has light brown eyes that look almost orange, and can be very piercing if she's angry. Her face is an oval shape, but not so much so that it's obvious at a first glance. She has nice full lips, that make for a wonderful pouty face. Her skin is amazingly smooth and her neck is on the long side. Grace is one of her strong points and she has enough to spare.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Sasima hates nothing more than being clumsy, or being near other people who are clumsy. She does not strive for perfection, she merely does enough just to get by. She has a strong sense of pride, when she does actually care about something, but doesn't let it overpower everything she does.

History of Persona:
Sasima was left unwanted at a gather. She was 6 and found her way along with the other children into the hold. Sasima was discovered at bed time and a great fuss was made about finding her parents. They were never found. Sasima stayed with the collective youngsters and even learned to read and write. Soon as she was old enough Sasima began to help with the running of the hold as a drudge. It was a few years later that she learned she didn't have a very high standing in the hold. She left when she was 16 instead of being made to marry and produce children. Sasima became something of a drifter then, moving around each time the subject of marriage came up. She's went to Amethyst Cliff Hold and began work as a drudge again. Having children didn't seem worse than running around holdless anymore. But when the earthquake occurred she was once again holdless until Amber Hills took the survivors in. There she worked once again as a drudge and even learned a little about being a ladies maid. But when people began once again pushed her towards marriage Sasima resolved this time to go to the Weyr.

Once at Dragonsfall her skills came in handy and she fit right in. She could even assuage her hunger for male company by frequenting the flight rooms and consoling the losers.

Family and Friends
W'ser, 47, Weyrdragonhealer, Dragonsfall Weyr (Love interest)


Dililly, Green Firelizard: aged 10, hatched m3 d24
Dililly was acquired and thats all Sasima ever had to say on the matter. The green flit is attentive and rather smart. Her dark green hide helps her hide in shadows so she can more easily spy, which happens to be one of her favorite things.

Reh, Feline: aged 10, born m9 d20
Reh is recently acquired (It seems to be a trend in Sasima's pets) from a litter that was born before she moved to Amethyst Cliff Hold. Reh is sleek and black, another perfect spy to add to Sasima's growing legion, and she follows her everywhere.

Approved: August 15th 2005
Last updated: March 17th 2019

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