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Reports for Harper Hall

January 12th 2019

Lots of new faces mingling with the old at the Harper Hall these days.

Tasni seems to be settling in. She meets Merlish, who is secretly pursuing a new passion - runners! The young bride of Eilomar does not want Tasni to know her true reasons for being in the Record room, and instead makes an excuse about wanting a new book to help her cook more healthily now that the diet she has put herself and husband on seems to be having the desired affect.

But she was not the only one Tasni bumped into in her quest to understand the Southern Continent. Ueltin also payed a visit to the archives and had a chat with the Journeyman Archivist. Though he has reasons other than just being friendly. The Journeyman has returned to the Hall after a long stint journeying. During his last assignment, Ueltin got himself into a spot of trouble when the Holder's daughter accused him of getting her pregnant. The journeyman admits to tough-as-nails Master Jayala that it was in fact the Holder's wife he had slept with. The Master was less than impressed, but did ask him while he was at their Hall to keep an eye on their visitor from the North and try to find out what she was really doing in their Hall.

Jayala, meanwhile, has been busy with her duties of recruiting female apprentices. Writing a letter to one such prospect makes her reflect on her own journey to the Hall. While she had once been a respected teacher in a Weyrhold, after the earthquake that destroyed Thayan Peak and the moving of the Weyrfolk to Dolphin Cove, the journeywoman was forced to take steps to ensure her career as a Harper could continue after her Hold fell under the jurisdiction of a hidebound Lord.

A possible Northern spy, a Harper in hiding, a young wife still trying to get pregnant by her gruff elderly husband, and a no-nonsense lady Master... And where exactly is the Hallmaster in all this? Stay tuned for more from the Harper Hall!

Written by Eimi as L1

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