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FAQ / Life on Pern

Last updated 18th December 2006 by Bree

Commonly Misused Words

Article by: Triad Council

On Pern, CAPITALIZATION and punctuation counts! Make sure you are familiar with the differences between these words!

Weyr vs weyr

Weyr - A collection of dragonriders all located in the same place in one
community, governed by a bronzerider Weyrleader and a goldrider
Weyrwoman. It is both a social network and a physical location.

weyr - The rooms in which a dragon and their rider lives. Also often
refers to the rooms in which the residents who support the dragonriders

Impress vs impress

Impress - The initial pairing of a dragon and their rider in which their
minds are forever joined together. It cannot be undone.

impress - To make some one take note and remember someone or something.
A feeling of admiration.

between vs /between/

between - In the middle.

/between/ - The black, cold, empty void that dragons pop in and out of
when moving from one location to another almost instantaneously.

Stand vs stand vs Stands

Stand - To be on the Sands for a Hatching in the hopes of Impressing a

stand - To be upright on your feet.

Stands - The seats from which spectators can watch a Hatching.

Hatching vs hatching

Hatching - The event in which the dragon eggs begin to rock and break
open, after which the dragonets find their lifemates. Also refers to
the feast and celebration that comes directly after.

hatching - The actual action of breaking out of a shell.

Sands vs sand

Sands - The floor of the Hatching Ground which is covered in
geothermically heated sand.

sand - Minute pebbles and rocks that have been worn down to fine grains.

Ancients vs ancient

Ancients - The original colonists of Pern and their early descendants.

ancient - Very very old.

Fall vs fall

Fall - Refers to Threadfall.

fall - The act of falling down.

Hold vs hold

Hold - A building, refers to a Hold, Minor Hold or Cothold.

hold - The act of supporting or grasping something.

Weyrwoman vs weyrwoman

Weyrwoman - The rider of the senior Queen at a Weyr.

weyrwoman - Any woman who lives in a Weyr.

Thread vs thread

Thread - The menace that falls from the sky.

thread - Finely spun fibers used for sewing.

Search vs search

Search - When a dragon & rider from the Weyr look for potential Candidates.

search - To look for something.

Weyrhealer vs Weyr Healer

Weyrhealer - The Master Healer who is in charge of the entire infirmary at the Weyr.

Weyr Healer - Any healer from the Weyr.

Master Crafter vs Hallmaster vs Craftmaster

Master Crafter - A crafter who has attained Master status.

Hallmaster - The Master Crafter who has authority over a particular Hall.

Craftmaster - The Master Crafter who has authority over all of the Crafters of a specific Craft. (In Triad's Timeline, there is a Northern Craftmaster and a Southern Craftmaster.)

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