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Last updated 1st April 2010 by Clancey

Triad Weyrs Timeline

Triad Weyrs Club Timeline

Recent Events Timeline (prior to club roleplaying):
Dates are Turn-Month-Day.

1160-1: A devestating outbreak of illness sweeps across the South, already hit hard by previous plagues. Holds are abandoned, and populations decimated. An emergency meeting of Craftmasters and Lord Holders bans women from joining the crafts and sends apprentices back home to marry and have children to help the population recover.

1190-4-5: Dragonsfall's senior queen, Cusyanth, rises.

1190-5-12: Cusyanth's clutch of 45 is a severe departure from 10 egg clutches, and includes a queen. The scramble for candidates begins.

1190-5-15: Thayan Peak's senior queen rises.

1190-6-20: The Dragonsfall clutch hatches. Two dragonettes die for lack of a lifemate.

1190-6-24: Thayan Peak's clutch results in 40 eggs with a queen. Lady Weyrholder Kazsian makes a deal with Topaz Sea Hold's Lord to open his Hold to Search.

1190-8-2: The Thayan Peak clutch hatches, with Lord Jaryd of Topaz Sea Hold in attendance to see his sister, Jaela, impress the gold. Three dragonettes die for lack of a lifemate.

1190-8-10: Topaz Sea Hold's Halls and crafters are revoked by the Southern Craftmasters due to his association with Thayan Peak and allowing Searches in his Hold.

1190-8-21: Lord Jaryd's appeal to the North results in his Halls being occupied by Northern crafters and others sent south to support him. Jaryd is accused of an affair with Lady Weyrholder Kazsian.

Late 1190 - 1195: Search is allowed in the North to rid Holds of surplus population, particularly those males deemed likely for green or blue Impression.

1195-10-11: An earthquake levels Thayan Peak Weyrhold, killing its Lady Weyrholder and others. Lord Weyrholder S'honan opens an old Weyrhold location for his people, but names the location Dolphin Cove Weyr. The trend is followed by the other three Weyrholds, who revert their names, seeing signs of a Pass returning.

1195-12-2: Ardvith rises at Dolphin Cove Weyr, making S'honan officially the Weyrleader to young Kaedre as Weyrwoman.

1196-3-15: Dream's End Weyr is opened to relieve overcrowding at the five existing Weyrs.

1197-1-26: Windswept Islands Weyr is opened to relieve overcrowding.

1198-5-13: Rising Moons Weyr is opened to relieve overcrowding.

1199-9-5: Igen Weyr(tm) reopens after agreements are negotiated with the Igen(tm) Lord Holder to accept holdless from his Hold to staff part of the Lower Caverns. Other Lord Holders in the North show interest.

1200-2-16: Fort Weyr(tm) reopens.

1200-5-22: Ista Weyr(tm) reopens.

1200-8-10: High Reaches Weyr(tm) reopens.

1200-10-4: Telgar Weyr(tm) reopens.

1200-13-26: Benden Weyr(tm) reopens. [Location not permissible for personas]

1202-4-17: Dragonsfall's advisor, a harper greenrider, jumps forward in time. His injuries upon leaping into Threadfall convince Opal Cove's Lord Holder that Thread will indeed return.

1202-5-1: A standoff between Lord Eiwyn of Opal Cove Hold and his Halls ends with both of them staying, despite Craftmasters wishing to put the same ban on Opal Cove as Topaz Sea Hold.

1203-2-23: Silvery masses of Thread appear over Emerald Falls Hold and are met successfully by Dragonsfall Weyr and Dolphin Cove Weyr.

The Tenth Pass has begun.

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