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Last updated 16th January 2021 by Avery

Dragonsfall Clutch Records

Article by: Avery

Dragonsfall Weyr - Clutch Records

Month, TurnDamSireEgg TotalGold
M9 T10ChionethErdenth36
M8 T10AglayathMnoranth33
M10 T9ChionethErdenth33
M1 T9ChionethErdenth34
M8 T8OnnythArinoth28
M5 T8ChionethErdenth34
M2 T8LissathKenirath25
M12 T7OnnythHaloth33
M9 T7ChionethNirreth34
M6 T7OnnythHaloth40Lissath
M13 T6OnnythImalkyth17
M9 T6GenithNirreth
M4 T6OnnythHasaarth33
M12 T5GenithNirreth
M8 T5OnnythLarweth31
M3 T5RiyanthUluruth45
M12 T4OnnythKalamath30
M7 T4RiyanthTreadoryth42
M7 T3CalythTreadoryth30Onnyth

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