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FAQ / Club Credits and Copyright

Last updated 17th September 2005 by Estelle

Credits: Location Guides and Weather

Location histories and guides are courtesy of the following members (or former members), who are listed in alphabetical order.

Location Members
Amethyst Cliff Hold Karen, Nici
ACH Vintner Hall Angie T., Bree
Dolphin Cove Weyr Angelina, Charlotte, Lexy, Mikel
Dragonsfall Weyr Angelina, Jane, Roxanne
Dream's End Weyr Angelina, Vickie
East River Logging Camp Mikel
Emerald Falls Hold Amy, Estelle, Mirri
EFH Harper Hall Estelle, Vickie
EFH Weaver Hall Nicole
Garnet Valley Hold Jonathan, Lexy
GVH Miner Hall Angelina, Will
GVH Smithcraft Hall Sarah S., Julia
Jade Harbour Hold Trilby, Will
JHH Healer Hall Roxanne
JHH Technicians Hall Paula
Opal Cove Hold Amanda
OCH Beastcraft Hall Em
OCH Tannercraft Hall Mikel, Vickie
Topaz Sea Hold Angelina
Triad Weyrs Overview Map Bear
TSH Dolphin Hall Ellen, Lexy, Vickie
TSH Printer Hall Angelina, Kathleen, Loretta, George
River Bluff Weyr Nicole, Paula
Sapphire Meadows Hold Jess
SMH Baker Hall Sara
Weather: various locations Angelina, Lexy, Vickie
Weyrlings Timewarp Angelina, Estelle, Lexy, Loretta, Melissa, Mikel, Paula

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