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FAQ / Life on Pern / Hold Life: General Information

Last updated 31st July 2017 by Avery

Crafters at the Hold

Article by: Avery

Crafters are contracted to work at a Hold via agreement with the local Lord. The contract benefits both sides. The Lord Holder provides them with housing and workspace from which to run their business. In turn, the Crafters contribute the benefit of their skills to the Hold where they reside. Contract durations may range from a short-term agreement to a long-term one.

Some Crafters are hired by a Hold to provide services. For example, Technicians repair the electronics in more modern Holds, while Harpers teach children and provide entertainment. Other Crafters might be leaders of the non-craft-trained holders who work in a field related to theirs. For example, a Journeyman Woodcrafter might be in charge of the Hold's complement of carpenters, or a Beastcrafter's job to run the stables.

There are multiple options for those Crafters who produce tangible goods like Weavers or Smiths. They might assist the Hold's Headwoman is managing the non-craft-trained holders, so a Journeyman Weaver aiding the women who spin and tailor. Or they have the option to operate mostly independently. These Crafters might use their provided space as offices for their business and spend most of their time taking private commissions from individuals. They would still be expected to provide items that the Hold needs as part of their tithe, or else pay a set amount of marks from their profits.

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