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FAQ / Life on Pern / Hold Life: General Information

Please note: The FAQ is no longer updated; for current info please see the Wiki

Last updated 3rd April 2014 by Suzee


Daily Schedule and Overview
These are workers unskilled in any formal craft or unable, for whatever reason, to rise above this station. In order to have food, shelter and protection from Threadfall, they do the tasks most others are unwilling to do. They serve a useful purpose on Pern and are not simple or stupid because of the role they serve.

Holds primarily use drudges for assistance in the kitchens, and for the purpose of household cleaning of the floors, furniture and latrines and bathing chambers. In addition, they carry messages to and fro the Hold and it's outlying buildings as well as, serving as ladies maids if they are pleasant and known to have talents in hairdressing and assisting with clothing.

They do not earn marks normally but can for doing special tasks or assisting when needed with the harvests or during large cleaning projects about the hold. They might even earn marks for running messages of special import.

6cm-10cm Breakfast period
12cm-2cm Lunch period
18cm-20cm Dinner period

There is normally a two candlemark period for each mealtime. The reasoning is that drudges assigned to different tasks might not immediately be able to break for the meal immediately upon the beginning of the serving period. Breakfast and lunch are expected to be eaten quickly and whatever chosen task they are assigned to, resumed as soon as possible. Dinner is the only 'leisurely' meal. After the end of the serving period, the hold harpers will often entertain the members of the Hold.

Living Quarters
There are quarters within the hold for drudges and they are set up in dormitory style with a bed, a chest for personal items, clothing and toiletries.

Basic clothing is provided by the Hold and this includes shoes/boots, basic dresses, tunics, skirts, outerwear and underwear. While not extravagant in design or coloring, the clothing is made out of sturdy and comfortable materials. Most drudges will have work clothing for both warmer and cooler months, as well as one outfit for more formal occasions (such as a Gather). There are no ragged drudges in the Hold-being unskilled does not mean one is expected to look sloppy or dirty in any way as most basics to keep one's hygiene within acceptable levels is provided and can be obtained by a simple visit to the Headwoman.

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