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FAQ / Life on Pern

Last updated 8th January 2009 by Eimi

Divorce on Pern

Divorce is possible on Pern, though in the South where marriage and producing children has become such an ingrained part of society, it would be looked down upon unless under the most extreme cirmcumstances. The way in which one would go about obtaining a divorce would be to petition the Lord Holder or Hallmaster where they live and ask to be granted a divorce. A harper would be needed to witness and draw up documentation of the disolution of the marriage. If the personas are on a River Boat, in a Cothold or minor Hold, they will need to petition the Lord Holder of the Hold to which they are bound, or the location in which they were married.

If you want your persona to be granted a divorce from a PC location, please inform the L1 of the Hold, Hall, or Weyr from which you wish to be granted a divorce as their persona would have to sign off on it. However, writing the proceedings in character is completely up to you!

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