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Last updated 4th January 2009 by Eimi

Where are my personas?

When you left the club, unless you specified what you would like to be done with your personas, one of three things would have happened. First, your personas may have been placed up for adoption. Second, they may have been archived. Third, they may not have individually been archived but your sheet was set to inactive and so they no longer appear on the location lists.

If your personas were placed up for adoption you can find them under their original locations. If they have not yet been adopted, you can 'reclaim them', either by adopting them back, or by editing their sheet and setting them to 'inactive' to be brought back at a later date (please see "Can I bring back some of my old personas?"). Personas that have been adopted by another member will not be returned to you. Please see the FAQ "What Happens to My Personas When I Leave Triad?"

If your personas were archived, you can find their sheets by searching for them on the website under the tab "Personas". They still belong to you and you are allowed to bring them back, but only one at a time.

If your personas were not archived or placed up for adoption, they will be reactivated as soon as you set your member sheet to active once more. But please set your personas to inactive! You will be allowed to bring them back, but only one at a time.

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