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FAQ / Persona Information

Last updated 29th July 2007 by Eimi

What Happens to My Personas When I Leave Triad?

If you decide to leave Triad, for whatever reason, you are entitled to decide what to do with each of your personas. You can either put them up for adoption (with the understanding that another member may decide to write them and make them their own, at which point you lose your claim to the persona), or you can ask to have them archived in our database as an inactive persona. If you decide to come back at a later date, you would be allowed to bring back your archived personas and adopt any of your personas who are still available. Archived personas are considered "pre-approved", however you would need to follow the Persona Approval rule of one at a time, and you must post with the persona at least once before another can be brought back or a new persona sheet submitted.

From time to time Triad conducts rollcalls. If a member does not respond to the rollcall in the given time-frame, they will be assumed to have left the club and will therefore be taken off of our member list. Their personas' status will be left to the discretion of the Council. Most will be put up for adoption. Also the Council may chose to archive any or all of an ex-members personas. Of course, the writer can at any time contact the Council and ask them to archive any of their personas who have not yet been adopted, or likewise make their archived personas available for adoption.

Please remember that personas who are adopted by another member are no longer your own. If you leave the club without specific instructions and come back to find some of your personas have been adopted by other members, you will not be allowed to take them back or archive them. Once they are adopted, you lose all claim to the persona sheet. Consider yourself forewarned.

Please contact the Council if you feel your personas have been put up for adoption, or archived, in error. If you are a returning member who wishes to reinstate some of your archived personas, please contact the Persona Approval Team.

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