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Last updated 28th December 2006 by Bree

Silver Sails Trade Ship

Article by: Bree & Becki

The Silver Sails is a beautiful cutter ship that is tenderly cared for and immaculately kept. It has been in the hands of Captain Lerra and her First Mate Jerroll for nearly ten turns now, and in that time has gained a reputation in certain circles of being an excellent smuggling ship as well as a safe transport for women hoping to escape to the relative safety of the Weyr.

The ship usually has between twelve and sixteen crew members, leaving enough room for cargo or passengers, though passengers are expected to bed down with the crew or in the cargo area. Only rarely are exceptions to this rule made, and only for people who are willing to pay.

The nicest quarters on the ship are reserved for the Captain and her First Mate. Though Lerra's cabin is more spacious, both cabins are finely furnished and surprisingly comfortable.

The rest of the crew sleeps below decks in a small but clean bunk area. A well appointed galley gives the ship's cook a place to prepare meals with whoever is assigned to assist them. Meals are served in shifts, and eaten around the small table that is also used for card games and meetings.

The cargo holds are off limits without the permission and supervision of the Captain, the First Mate or the Quartermaster. Venturing into them without permission is asking to be put ashore at the next stop--if you' re lucky.

Lerra has cultivated several contacts and business partners over the turns, and the Silver Sails goes where there are marks to be made. The most common locations visited are along the Sea of Azov, though Lerra makes trips as far as River Bluff Weyr in the west and Coral Bay Hold in the east.

Though she was sent away from the Hall due to the craft ban, Lerra wears the knots of a Master Seacrafter whenever the ship puts into a port likely to be friendly to female crafters. When dealing with more conservative Holds and Halls, however, she steps back and lets Jerroll take the lead, and assume the role of Captain. Being inconspicuous is far more important to her than having her status recognized, and she trusts her First Mate implicitly.

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