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Last updated 14th September 2005 by Bree

2005 Triad Tribune #8

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
August 2005

It's that time again and our brand spanking new issue of the newsletter is here for you!

Here, we post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our active areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona birthdays and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or has any questions or requests regarding content, then please be sure to email bree@triadweyrs.org.

Roll call was held last month - we have 32 members, and several lurkers.
Maybe we can 'persuade' them to join us?

News and Happenings

RBW News

It seems that gossip is the order of the Weyr. Gaiya and U'val spent a pleasant evening dicussing some of the happenings in the weyr over the past few sevendays.

K'sedel also managed to find time to visit Arima and pick out a special wine to share with a special lady. It seems that romance maybe on the cards for the Weyrleader. Arima was in for a shock though, she found out that her granddaughter wanted to stand as a candidate, and went to see U'val to seek comfort.

The Weyr is still recovering from Tabarnith's flight, R'han was rather shocked to see just how 'enthusiastic' he had been, when he saw Abrei.
However she seems to have no problems with it.

The weyrlings have had a few basic self defence lessons, led by J'an. Shayla appeared to enjoy them. J'an was clear in his insistence that they were being taught to defend themselves, not how to fight in anger.

There seems to possibly be a relationship developing between greenrider Nytha and bronzerider Ar'lis. The pair have spent at least one night together, and Zylarth won her Tagrerth's latest flight.

However,the main news at River Bluff is that there is an outbreak of an animal disease. Master Beastcrafter Tulyav diagnosed a strange illness affecting the herdbeasts of the weyr. K'sedel and Tsaera were most disturbed to hear this and called a meeting to discuss the issue. This led to a letter being sent to the other Southern Weyrs warning them what to look out for, memories of the plague not being that far away.

As yet, there has been no consensus on what action to take. R'han and Abrei were less than impressed by the meeting, feeling that it perhaps has only clouded the issue.

So - there's plots afoot at RBW, and plenty of adoptables or characters ready to be created. Come and join the madness!

Written by Emma

ACH New:

The Hold has been rather quiet of late--a sure sign that _something_ must be
perculating beneath the surface!

There have been rumors that the Vintner Hallmaster and his 'second were on
the search for a kitten at the Hold and this has aroused more than its share
of laughter regarding how indulgent the Hallmaster is with his young pretty
wife.The fact that both men ended up with varying degrees of damage didn't
help either!

Apparently Lady Lindria decided to step in and help the Hallmaster find a
kitten for her friend. One kitten became two kittens so let's hope Lady
Badia likes animals a LOT. At least Fielton avoided being tinkled on, bitten
or scratched this time, eh?

Lymria, a recent addition the Hold, visted Cinale at Vintner Hall and the
two discussed cooking--and welcome changes.

On a more somber note, Lady Enriline thought back to her earlier marriage to
her first husband and how she'd been shamed after his death when she found
out he'd had a mistress on the side. That, as well as her subsequent shaming
by her second husband when she'd discovered he too had a mistress have
remains reasons why she staunchly dislikes anyone who threatens the bonds of
marriage--including children born out of wedlock. Her past has shaped her
almost as much as Alalir's has and so how this will effect the couple, no
matter how happily married, remains to be seen.

Create a crafter or a holder today in ACH territory and jump into the
posting fray with us, won't you? We offer lots of rankers willing to post,
an active and interesting craft hall and a long standing and interesting

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)
Alalir, Lord Holder


Rumors are flying again this month at Vintner Hall--and once again Miryene
has found herself at the center of them. Jhonnel's abuse has become harder
to hide, but to everyone's surprise it was Fielton's new wife who brought
matters to a head. Miryene wasn't all that surprised to find that Badia had
more sense than she lets on, but Fielton certainly was. Having his sweet
little wife throw something at his head certainly shocked him, in any case.
How Fielton will deal with his wife's newly emerged temper will be
interesting to see in the coming days.

Daigoro has agreed to take Jhonnel's children to his parents, evading the
question of whether or not Miryene has a claim to them as their step-mother.
Miryene has agreed to pack up her things and return to the Hall. It looks
like a marriage that started in scandal is set to end the same way, if
something doesn't change soon.

In between speaking to Jio and Daigoro about Miryene's situation, Cinale
also found a chance to speak to Lymria, one of the ladies at Amethyst Cliff.
It seems no one can resist Cinale's cooking.

On a lighter note, Fielton amused more than one person with his frantic
search for a kitten after his wife mentioned wanting one. He returned with
two after enlisting first Daigoro's aid and then Lady Lindria's. After how
angry he made her over Miryene, who knows what sort of animals he'll be
looking to buy her next time!

Fielton's children don't seem to be adjusting well to their new
step-mother... of course, neither of them has had much of a chance to get to
know her, considering the fact that their father keeps Badia locked away in
their rooms with him every chance he gets. Daigoro has tried to assure
Fieayz that things will get better--maybe now that Fielton isn't in his
wife's good graces anymore, his daughters will have a chance to catch his
attention again!

There is always activity at the Vintner Hall, both within and without. Join
the fun today!

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org

EFH News

There was drama at the Hold this month as a fire mysteriously broke out at
the nearby Harper Hall, causing the building to be burned to the ground.
Luckily all of the harpers escaped, but it soon became clear that the fire
was no accident. A guardsman from the Hold, Gilbek, was caught near the Hall
and handed over for questioning, and the suspicion is that he started the
fire to please Lord Enrizial, who has no liking for the harpers.

Kohler, a friend of the Lord Holder, made an attempt at reconciliation when
he spoke to Hallmaster Ryndel, but had no success, just as Lord Enrizial had

The Hold is still reeling from the repercussions of the fire. Will the Hall
be lost for good, and what will this do to the morale of holders already
grumbling over Lord Enrizial's failings? Will there ever be an heir to the
Hold, and how long will it manage without a Steward? If you like turmoil and
tension in your plotting, now is a great time to create a new persona at
Emerald Falls!

Written by Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)

DCW News

In the aftermath of the disastrous Fall, there have been promotions to fill
empty spaces in the Wings. K'deren has moved from his temporary
Wingleadership in Hurricane Wing to be Weyrleader T'moran's new wingsecond,
while the Weyr welcomes a not-so-new bronzerider - N'klos, bronze Xanath's
rider, who is returning to take over the leadership of Hurricane Wing. After
reporting in to T'moran and visiting the former Weyrleader, O'dan, he found
himself invited to a party thrown by one of his former wingriders, R'yal. Of
course, R'yal had not the least expectation that the famously stern
bronzerider would attend, and he and his guests were rather shocked when
N'klos made an appearance and was even persuaded to make a speech! The
wingriders would undoubtedly gain further amusement if they found out their
new Wingleader is 'courting' - even managing to be charming to Yannis, green
Lorvallath's rider.

R'yal made an uncomfortable discovery while drinking with his friend
Terissa, who revealed that his friend A'zer has been in love with him for a
long time, even to the point of writing love ballads! Not being eager to
settle down and forego the pleasures of weyrlife, R'yal found it difficult
to know what to say to his friend when facing him at breakfast the next day.
He was soon consoled, however, by a late-night meeting with healer Dantial
from whom he managed to steal a kiss.

Candidate Kirra has been busy meeting the residents of the Weyr. She
travelled to Dragonsfall to get a firelizard egg, and spoke with Oria about
making friends. She was also happy to be visited on her birthingday by her
parents! Meanwhile, gossip in the Weyr whispers that the Weyrlingmaster
Third, Xuxha, sought out a little entertainment with bronzerider I'lan after
a late-night game of dragonpoker.

Weyrlings D'ren and D'cal have made their first flights, both successfully,
under the watchful eye of the Weyrlingmaster. As new riders are desperately
needed in the Wings, it's to be hoped that they will complete their training
as soon as possible. Many riders remain in the Infirmary, including B'vin
who was visited by D'cal, and the irrepressible O'dan who couldn't resist a
little flirting with his visitor Karaleigh. Other riders mourn the loss of
friends and relatives, including Br'nick who has the sympathy of the Weyr
for the loss of his weyrmate Cyritahn.

Dolphin Cove Weyr is still short of healthy riders due to losses in Fall, so
there are plenty of opportunities for transfers! Craftsmen and lower caverns
folk are equally welcome, and speculation is growing as to who will lead the
Weyr in the coming months, with Weyrwoman Kalina restricted to her bed by
injuries. This is a Weyr with plenty to gossip about and even more
opportunity for plotting!

Smithhall News

Much of the same going on at Smithhall this month! Daynar met with Penryn,
the Assistant Steward, and gave him some advice.

The Hallmaster spent some time with the Apprentices, giving probably
unwelcome advice. He broke up yet another fight with one of his favorite
apprentices, Nyblek.

He is still on the lookout for the thief, who has been extremely quiet
lately - perhaps lying low - and now also, preparing for a fosterling of
higher rank.

We have lots of openings for fun and intrigue going on at Smithhall.

Make a character and join today!

written by Clancey (clancey@triadweyrs.org)

Dolphin Hall Update:

The Dolphin Hall remains in a state of uncertainty. However, this will all
be changing soon, for a new Hallmaster has taken up the position. Seori is a
motivated woman looking to turn things around for the Hall. She's looking
for as many recruits as can be found and will be bringing all sorts of
people, willing or otherwise, to join her cause.

So, come one, come all, and create a persona today! There's a lot to do and
great fun to be had. New apprentices would be especially welcome, as would a
Hallsecond. We look forward to seeing you at the Dolphin Hall!

Written by *~Beth (the_glowpoint@yahoo.com)
Seori, new Dolphin Hallmaster

DFW News

The excitement has been building as everyone waits for the eggs to harden.
The candidates have been busy in the sevendays before the hatching. Toriat
was headed to the dining cavern when he ran into Traelyn. He had missed
lunch and wasn't paying attention to where he was going in his hurry to get
food. As a way to apologize, he asked Traelyn to join him for the meal. She
accepted and grabbed a table while he got them food.

Denala introduces herself to Aryn. They get to talking about how it is
easier for the boys to adjust to weyrlife than them. Felarik comes to check
on Denala and is introduced to Aryn.

Felarik walks Karri to the records room. They both admit that they like
spending time with one another and arrange for him to come back later so
that they could go to the evening meal together.

Birigundi and Toriat have a mug of ale together and contemplate why some
candidates Impress and some don't. Toriat concludes that once searched then
it is all luck. Denala is joined for dinner by Birigundi and then Felarik.
Felarik doesn't want Birigundi anywhere near his sister based on what he had
heard about him. As soon as he was finished Felarik got up and gave Denala a
look that made her decide to go with him leaving Birigundi to finish his
meal alone.

The Weyrlingmaster 3rd, E'naer, talks with Teseada after a class in which
she hadn't been paying attention. He learns that she doesn't feel like
she'll Impress since this is her fifth turn of standing. E'naer tells her
that she shouldn't be so negative and that she is only just past the halfway
mark of her candidate career. He sends her off with a warning.

Kandris and Halli reunite in the dining hall when the greenrider recognizes
the candidate as her cousin. They have the meal together and talk about
relatives among other things as they catch up with each other.

U'kaiah's wingthird Kenza welcomes brownrider,D'ale, back to Dragonsfall
after commenting on the state of his weyr. She invites him to dine in her
weyr with their son and her other children.

E'naer and Demalia discuss talking about mating flights with the greenriders
and how they are lucky because they always win unlike the bronzeriders.
Demalia will talk to the girls and E'naer will take the male greenriders.
Demalia comments that they may have some unhappy greenriders after this next
hatching who had hoped to Impress the golden queen.

With a gold egg on the Sands, there is even more interest than usual. Jaela
took the candidates to see the eggs and Calyth allowed them to touch the
gold egg if they were careful. Kandris thanked Calyth for letting them visit
the eggs which the queen acknowledged by asking Jaela to relay her thanks.
Several of the candidates had been through it many times before, but some
had never been that close to the eggs.

Before long, the day arrived and the Weyr filled with sound of the dragons
humming. The Weyrleaders were given a ride to the sands by an impatient
Treadoryth. The first egg to hatch was a green, but she was soon followed by
the rest of her brothers and sisters. One of the last eggs to hatch was the
gold. The remaining girls were fixated on the young dragonet was she
stumbled towards the waiting girks. Gold Onnyth chose Teseada to the
surprise of the young woman.

Birigundi didn't find his lifemate at the recent hatching, but he is still
optimistic about Impressing next time. Optham and his family watch the
hatching. Before heading to the feast, the Weyrhealer goes to check on the
infirmary and the journeyman he left on duty.

Congratulations to those who Impressed!

written by Roxanne (roxanne@traidweyrs.org)
D'wrayt, bronze Treadoryth, DFW Weyrleader

Garnet Valley Hold Update:

This month started out as just another month at Garnet Valley Hold with
Lady Thalia getting assistance from the understeward, Penryn, in finding
her way to the fields where her husband, Lord Aswic, and his steward
were preparing for the spring. The peace was soon destroyed as Verora
and Meijah begin on a murderous spree that effects all the residents of
Garnet Valley and those beholden to it!

Verora, with the help of the guard, Meijah, poisons Auren's wine in the
hope of killing the nosy steward. The ambitious woman plans to bide
her time until she can get rid of the weak Lady Thalia and take her
place as Lady Holder. Her plan backfires, however, as Auren shares his
poisoned wine with none other but the Lord Holder himself! Chaos ensues
once Ryalane and her husband Briton discover Verora's crimes. Meijah is
there to save Verora, however, by stabbing Briton in the back and would
have finished off Ryalane as well if the guards had not mysteriously
shown up at the last moment. Meijah realizes he has been double crossed
and makes for the safety of the woods, only to find his betrayer, the
conniving Verora. He keeps her alive, however, though no one knows how
long she will prove useful to him...

With both the Steward and Lord Holder dead, as the harper Calran later
confirms, this leaves the young assistant steward, Penryn, in charge.
The young man is left the unenviable task of breaking the news of the
Lord Holder's death to both Lady Thalia, and Aswic's life-long secret
lover, Kelvarand. In this time of chaos it falls to him to keep the
Hold together by calming the fears of its residents.

Not all the residents of Garnet Valley Hold are willing to be calmed,
however. Ledan has decided to take Sirela to Emerald Falls with him
where they can be together and live in peace. This will leave Garnet
Valley without a chief healer. Who knows who else will leave the Hold
in the months to come?

As Ryalane recovers from her injures, she reveals to Penryn that,
contrary to what was first believed, Verora was the real mind behind the
murders and that Meijah was just her willing accomplice. He also learns
from Ledan the kind of poison used, and pays a visit to Edevor to find
out where they might have gotten it from.

Penryn also finds that the Hold's residents are not the only ones with
concerns. He must also field questions from minor holders and the
Mastersmith. It seems the questions on everyone's minds are: What will
happen to Lady Thalia and her baby son, Aswic's only heir? Who will be
chosen as Regent to take control of the Hold and when can they expect
the decision to be made? What will happen to Penryn when he is no
longer in charge of the Hold? And will they be able to find Meijah and
Verora before they can make their escape? Only time will tell...

Written By Eimi (sea_spray_singer@fastmail.fm)


It seems no one was born in September - shame!

Persona Birthdays

Persona birthdays upcoming in Month 8. Like us, they do get older. And while
we no longer have to worry about updating their ages (thanks to Estelle's
wonderful programming!), please make sure to submit any other changes that
occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth, new pets) for

5th: Karaleigh (Eimi)
7th: Jarri (Yvonne)
10th: Marza (Victoria)
15th: Vivvi (Bree)
16th: Dysali (Clancey)
20th: N'klos (Nici)
22nd: Jeralir (Nici)
25th: Krystafir (Roxanne)
27th: Jhonnel (Bree)
28th: P'veas (Emma)

New Members

Welcome to....

Jonathan (August 2005)

Send him coposts as a joining present!


These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides
itself on making rank available to any member who's completed membership and
mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks with
their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by a
brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require
corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long.

Email the Level One Ranker listed if you're interested in any of these
ranks! For Level One ranks, e-mail triadcouncil@triadweyrs.org

Rank Reqs by level:
Level One (2 coposts per month, one assignment/report) Level Two (2 posts
per month, one must be copost) Level Three (1 post per month) Level Four (1
post per month)

Dragonsfall Weyr

Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Headwoman (level 3 - Lower Caverns Staff)
Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing)
Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Amethyst Cliff Hold

Araster: Master of Apprentices (level 3 - Vintner Hall)

Dolphin Cove Weyr

Weyrwoman (level 2 - Volcano Wing (Queens))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Hurricane Wing)
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Tsunami Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)
Hallmaster (level 1 - Dolphin Hall)
Hallsecond (level 2 - Dolphin Hall)
R'glen: Weyrharper (level 3 - Lightning Wing (retirees))

Emerald Falls Hold

Lady Holder (level 2 - Holders)

River Bluff Weyr

J'ren: Wingsecond (level 3 - Torrent Wing)
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))
Aynho: Weyrlingmaster Third (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))

Garnet Valley Hold

Lady Holder (level 2 - Holders)
Headwoman (level 3 - Holders)



Do you know about the wonderful (personalized) weyrling pages? If you have a
weyrling, you should! Visit http://www.triadweyrs.org/weyrlings.php to find
out what your weyrlings can and can not do at any given time!


If your mentor is ever LOA and you need an answer, please remember that you
can ALWAYS e-mail the mentors as a whole at mentor@triadweyrs.org!


Did you know that there are NO BEES on Pern? It has been established as
true! Earthshattering!


Check out the updated Candidate FAQ courtesy of Nici, who has more than her
share of candidates this month. :D


Wondering when months are open? Wondering when months are closing? Wondering
which month it is?


Well, perhaps you'd better do that yourselves! Stop by our 'Introductions'
forum and introduce yourself. You'll get to know other members and maybe
even get a few coposts out of it!



Email triadcouncil@triadweyrs.org with any of your questions!

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