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Last updated 23rd August 2005 by Bree

2004 Triad Tribune #3

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
October 2004 Edition
It's that time again and our brand spanking new issue of the newsletter is
here for you!

Here, we'll post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our
active areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona
birthdays and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for
improvements or has any questions or requests regarding content, then please
be sure to email me at nici@triadweyrs.org.

TRIAD NEWS (The Weyrs):

DFW News:

The wings of Dragonsfall joined Dolphin Cove in rescuing the holders of
Topaz Sea Hold. Jaela brought her brother straight back to the Weyr so that
Weyrhealer Optham and Caellin could take care of him. Once she was sure he
was settled, she returned to help with the rescue mision.

Julerith and Ryerth seem to be quite happy with one another. She was caught
by him for the second time in a row. Her rider on the other hand doesn't
seem so pleased about it. The two dragons conspired to get Sarian out so
that N'klar was able to fill her weyr with flowers and wine. He than hid in
his weyr until she caught up with him. Sarian proceeded to knock him down
and make him promise not to go into her weyr without her permission. Then
their hormones took over and we'll just leave it at that. Will N'klar and
Julerith manage to tame the greenrider?

It seems that N'klar's Julerith has made quite an impression on Sarian's
Ryerth that is in turn causing all sorts of problems for Sarian as she tries
to go on with her normal activities involving men other than N'klar.
J'klin and Sarian seem to have run into problems with their dragons when
they tried to get to know each other. Nymth called Sarian a bed-hopper and
Ryeth insists that her rider is mated.

Sarian and X'reep spent the evening renacting the night of her graduation
and discussing their shared past after X'reep takes advantage of his open
welcome to stop by Sarian's weyr at anytime. Sarian follows Yanrik around
for about half a candlemark and finally corners him when he intentionally
goes down a dark, empty hallway. They end up having a tryst in one of the
side empty corridors.

A'rin contemplates his weyrling training and then he and Rith go for a short
swim before dinner.

Jaela seems to have been avoiding D'brek until he caught up with her in one
of the storerooms during her inventory check. They discussed what had been
going on between them lately and she ended up pausing in her work for a

Caellin stops in to see Weyrhealer Optham and they go over the schedule to
ease her back into work so that she won't lose her sanity by simply hiding
away from the world after the loss of her son.

F'ral enlists Shenae's help in a surprise meal for his weyrmate.

D'brek and D'wrayt wind up meeting outside of Jaela's weyr both intent on
seeing the Weyrwoman that night. After a terse, tense exchange of what pass
for pleasantries between the bronzeriders, D'wrayt decides to go on to his
weyr and let D'brek spend the evening with Jaela since he was there first.
Will these two ever learn to actually be nice to each other?

D'mari went to see Caellin about a personal problem that he had been having.
She told him that it was perfectly normal thing that boys his age went
through which made him feel much better.

The Weyr is in need of a new Weyrlingmaster and a Wingleader for Cyan. If
anyone is interested let me know, there are lots of coposting opportunities
with either of these positions.

Roxanne (roxanne@triadweyrs.org)
RBW News:

The headwoman has been visiting Abrei to see how the healer is recovering
from her injury. It doesn't seem good, Weyrwoman Tsaera has had to send for
another Master Healer to assist as both she and Ariadne felt that she was
not coping with her duties as well as she might whilst trying to get well.

Of course Soliera has issues of her own, it seems that age is catching up
with her, and too proud to go and see the healers on her own, she made a
private visit to Ariadne for a diagnosis.

The Weyrwoman brought her family to the weyr, she managed to evacuate her
daughter and grandson away from the devastation caused by the great storm at
Topaz Sea Hold.

Weyrleader K'sedel spoke to both S'ber and Sereeenia about their progress as
weyrlings. It seems that both of them are looking forward to graduation.
S'ber seems to be getting very friendly with one of the candidates, the
baker apprentice Kinear.

His granddaughter has also been meeting people. Kerranna, K'reyel's youngest
met Harper Kitali's young son Lidrin at the creche. Unfortunately, Kerranna
didn't endear herself to him, she knocked his building block tower over...

Lidrin also had an encounter with Alylth, the Weyrlingmaster's bronze. The
youngster had wandered away from Kitali's cousin who was supposed to be
minding him and disturbed a sleeping dragon, who called for his rider. J'an
managed to deal with the small boy and return him to where he should be.

J'an has also spoken to U'val about pain management, both riders are no
longer the young men they were, and age is taking it's toll, but it seems
that there are two things that help, wine and a talented healer specialising
in massage.

An'dr seems to be spending some time with Tiya, Abrei's young apprentice.
The two have become close friends recently.

Vykor still seems to have problems, reporting to the infirmary to get an
injury cleared up. Ariadne was concerned enough to consider mentioning the
boy's mental state to Abrei.

Abrei and R'han seem to have at last managed to come to an arrangement in
their complicated relationship.

R'han was also apparently spotted in the company of R'han... Are there
problems in her relationship with L'keri?

And last, but not least the Weyr welcomes a new resident, Arima (written by
Victoria) a master Vintner.

Written by Emma (emma@triadweyrs.org)
DCW News:

Disaster struck Topaz Sea Hold this month in the form of a hurricane, which
all but flattened the holding before word could be got to Dolphin Cove Weyr.
It took a daring leap /between/ times by Weyrwoman Jaela of Dragonsfall
Weyr, followed by her Weyrleader and Weyrwoman Kalina, to discover that the
Wings had managed to time it back to the Hold in the calmer eye of the storm
and rescue most of the holders - though not all - before the worst of the
damage was done. The residents of Topaz Sea Hold and its two Halls are
presently living at the two Weyrs while arrangements are made for new
housing for them.

In the rescue, O'dan strained a muscle, which was treated by Oria, and
N'klos warned him to make sure he took care of it - both were relieved that
no riders had been lost. The three Weyrlingmasters got together to make sure
their charges weren't traumatised by the images of the storm. One of the
worst hit was Dysali, remembering her friends at the Dolphin Hall and
worrying for them - fortunately Doren was able to comfort her. The Printers
found themselves feeling lost, knowing that their Hall had been destroyed,
but are already thinking of the rebuilding, while Rystili and Tamron were
exhausted and just happy that they and their daughter were alive.

In happier news, Jyramikah's Ikoladith rose and was pursued by (among
others) J'darin's Hasaarth, I'lan's Naath, and the eventual winner,
K'deren's brown Donneth...much to the disgust of J'darin and his bronze. The
Weyr - and the Candidates - await the resulting clutch eagerly.

The Weyr congratulates Savina, who gave birth to a baby boy this month
witnessed by her weyrmate G'larn! Earlier in the month Savina found herself
on the receiving end of Jozia's charm, but it turned sour when he
unwittingly reminded her of her grief for T'layn. Jozia got on better with
K'deren and Vonalie when he sang a lullaby to baby Deralie.

Cadenry and Efina have been having more problems with their troublesome
foster-daughter, Fenriela. Though they managed to persuade her to go to her
harper classes, she clashed with a rather spiteful weyrbrat, Taely, again,
and the signs are there that Cadenry wishes another family could be found
for her. Efina, however, is getting on better with the young girl...or so
she thinks. She has been longing for her own children also, and the couple
asked the Weyrwoman, Kalina, for her help in allowing Efina to see them

Kalina discovered this month that the Weyrlingmaster 2nd, J'darin, is not
quite as bad as his friendship with T'moran might suggest - but would she
have thought that if she could have heard what was going on in his head?
Meanwhile, the Weyrlings have been busy as always. Dysali managed a little
(unconsious) flirting with Doren when he came to see the dolphins with her
and Lillyth - much to her embarrassment! Another young weyrling, C'lor,
found himself helping out Jyramikah with baby Vikajyr, while I'lan is
finding it tough to adjust to the Wings and not to overwork himself...even
if he is a bronzerider.

Gossip and scandal abounded in Dolphin Cove this month. Young riders Dyaera
and Oria chatted about men - including Dyaera's night with J'darin - and
Oria realised she'd better visit Xuxha since her Degrorth rose to mate! It
was also revealed this month that Degrorth is a Search dragon. Dyaera also
pounced on an old friend from Dream's End, Q'dan, and revealed that his
'second, J'darin, is quite...nice. Rumour has it, also, that O'dan has been
seen swimming with a young weyrling and wandering in the direction of the
Weyrwoman Second's Weyr with a nice dinner - and we all know what that

Dolphin Cove Weyr has plenty going on in the aftermath of the storm, with
the hostility between the conservative riders who'd like to see the lower
ranks kept in their place, and the more free-thinking supporters of the
Weyrwoman - any many more plots, too! New personas are always very welcome
to join the fun

Written by Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)


Emerald Falls Hold:

Lord Enrizial has agreed with Master Gilas and the Harper Hall to allow the
Printers, who are without a home after the terrible storm at Topaz Sea Hold,
to take up residence in and around the Harper Hall. He would have liked to
impose conditions on them to prevent the women following their crafts, much
to Lady Anaia's disgust, but in the end his desire to have another Hall in
his territory won out.

The Hold welcomes a new resident - Helvalla, the wife of now permanent
Master Healer Miranek, and her children. They will occupy a cot of their own
just outside Emerald Falls, and would probably be delighted to have some
visitors from the Hold...though in private, they worry that their daughter
Helan will be unhappy in the restrictive atmosphere.

Lady Anaia's pregnancy progresses well under the care of Miranek and the new
journeyman, Dikero. She won't have the other journeyman, Keromal, lay a
finger on her, and Dikero is apt to agree after a fierce argument over
Keromal's complaint about Dikero to Lord Enrizial led to blows - fortunately
stopped by Miranek.

The Master Healer also had a rather unusual interview with Lord Enrizial,
who is clearly worried about his wife. His concerns are not about her
physical health, however, but whether she might be going mad!

At Green Valley Hold, Kohler and Mirdra managed to spend a little time alone
before they were descended on by Kohler's brother-in-law and sister, Zathris
and Leralira. Zathris had disowned his father and given up his rights as
Heir to Jade Harbour Hold in anger at his father's opinion of his wife. The
two of them are remaining at Green Valley for now.

The tension between Lord and Lady, Hold and Hall, and even between the
healers in the Infirmary is growing, and Emerald Falls is set to explode -
which will make it an interesting place to be for writers in the coming

Written by Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)

ACH News:

It's been eerily quiet at the Hold of late, but there are many things on the
horizon, with the upcoming wedding of Lord Alalir and Enriline fast

Vivvi and Alalir's daughter Enlira discussed life in general and Enlira
accepted Vivvi's offer to assist her with a gown for the wedding.

Will the wedding go off without a hitch? One never knows with this
particular Hold!

There's still time a create a persona in the Hold or adopt one of the many
characters that we have available.

In other news, the Vintner Hall is starting to come alive, thanks to it
having gained a new Hallmaster! Welcome Master Fielton! And already there's
action at the Hall, with the Hallmaster welcoming the return of his daughter
from the Weyr and his reprimand of a clumsy apprentise. Things don't look
like they'll be boring at the Hall at all!

So, what are you waiting for. Create a persona in Amethyst Cliff already!

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)
GVH News:

Wow, there is a lot going on at GVH of late! Some of it good, some of it not
so good. Some of the best news is we have a new Headwoman! Thank Bree for
taking up the post and offer her lots of coposts, guys!

It would seem as if the 'caravan' carrying the bandits has finally made its
way to GVH territory. And Kiezal 'accidentally' set fire to Jerandra's
caravan, causing quite a huge to-do between them tha thad to be mediated by
Voltar. He in turn made sure they both knew where they stood in the scheme
of things!

Speaking of that Headwoman from earlier, she is making quite a splash around
the Hold. She's met with just about everyone who has a position and some who
don't! Verora has determined that Carlan isn't worth her time or concern,
but what is she doing with Auren? And why does she want to garner the Lady
Holder's trust when she truly thinks she doesn't need to be part of things?
And one has to truly wonder why she's sticking around and lurking outside of
Lord Aswic's apartment!

Stay tuned for answered to all of this and more...and don't forget, Lord
Aswic still doesn't realize he's harboring a runaway Lord Holder's daughter
in the form of Nikanna from Sapphire Meadows Hold. There is lots of things
going on that'll keep us all busy and on the edge of our seats, wondering
just what is going to happen!

In other news, the Smithcraft Hall also has a new Hallmaster! Thank Clancey
for stepping up into that roll with the creation of Daynar. He's quite
strict and there is going to be lots of fun to have around there! So, make
yourself a smith today and join Clancey in causing plenty of trouble there
as well!

Written by Lexy (alexis@triadweyrs.org)
Dolphin Hall (formerly TSH)

Well, the entire Dolphinhall is still in a state of upheaval. They are lost
and staying at the Weyr for now as they wait to see where they can move...or
if they can move! Stay tuned for more information.

Now would be the perfect time to make a Dolphineer and help to rebuild what
was lost in the storm and flood at Topaz Sea Hold!

Written by Lexy (alexis@triadweyrs.org


Change is coming to the Harper Hall! Hallmaster Gilas has persuaded
conserative Lord Enrizial that hosting the Printer Hall after the disaster
at Topaz Sea Hold is a good thing, and Hallmaster Donnigan has accepted the
invitation to move in. The harpers will have to learn how to get on with
their new neighbours - and quickly!

A big welcome to Journeyman Daile and his wife Elendiel is also in order!
Journeyman Daile has been called back to the Harper Hall to ease relations
between Jade Harbour and the Hall after the scandal that Daile and
Elendiel's secret marriage caused. But will the Hallmaster be willing to
forgive and forget?

There are adoptable characters at both the Printer Hall and the Harper Hall,
just waiting for a writer just like YOU to claim them! There are several
plots on the horizon, and today is the perfect time to get in on them.
Written by Yvonne (yvonne@triadweyrs.org)

Printer Hall (formerly Topaz Sea Hold)

Printer Hall

Hallmaster Donnigan and all the craftsmen and women and their families are
currently refugees from the storm that destroyed the Hall, living at Dolpin
Cove Weyr and trying to make plans for restoring the Hall.

Written by George (gdowns747@comcast.net)


Life is a little tense at the Vinter Hall right now. Hallmaster Fielton is
growing more and more grumpy by the day, and not even the news that his
eldest daughter, Fieayz, is coming home from the Weyr can cheer him up. He's
chased off more than a few women since taking the reigns of power a few
months ago, and is starting in on terrorizing the apprentices. Aelin in
particular has faced his wrath more than once due to his unfortunate habit
of breaking things.

Vinter Hall is looking for Journeymen, Apprentices, Support Staff and a
Master of Apprentices to protect people like Aelin from Fielton's wrathful
rage! If you're interested in helping out, let Bree know!

Written by Bree (bree@triadweyrs.org)

Hey, no birthdays in November! Sad

We'll have to hope some November babies join our ranks soon!

Persona birthdays upcoming in Month 2. Like us, they do get older. And
while we no longer have to worry about updating their ages (thanks to
Estelle's wonderful programming!), please make sure to submit any other
changes that
occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth, new pets) for

1st: Efina (Lexy)
1st: Ariavin (Emma)
2nd: Ledan (Nici)
4th: Rekka (Yvonne)
6th: Shenae (Tina)
8th: J'klin (Heather)
9th: T'moran (Estelle)
12th: Cazriel (Nici)
12th: Leralira (Nici)
13th: Raederle (Lindsay)
14th: Gilas (Yvonne)
20th: Jozia (Gino)
22nd: N'solyn (Roxanne)


Cali (October 2004)
Gally (October 2004)
Jon (October 2004)
Lindsay (October 2004)
Victoria (October 2004)

Wow! Welcome aboard all! Let's all try to make them feel welcome and offer
them lots and lots of coposts! Smile

These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides
itself on making rank available to any member who's completed membership and
mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks with
their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by a
brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require
corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long. Email the Conclave at
Conclave@triadweyrs.org if interested in any of these ranks:

Rank Reqs by level:
Level One (2 coposts per month, one assignment/report)
Level Two (2 posts per month, one must be copost)
Level Three (1 post per month)
Level Four (1 post per month)

Dragonsfall Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Cyan Wing)
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing)
Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrlingmaster 3rd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrwoman Second (level 3 - Sienna Wing (Queens))
Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Amethyst Cliff Hold
Lady Holder (level 2 - Holders)

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)

River Bluff Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrharper (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)

Caravan Leader (level 4 - Trader Caravan One)


Not everyone's filled out a member profile for the website, and some folks'
data may be outdated. Please visit the website's member's section
(http://www.triadweyrs.org/dblistmembers.php) and check over everything to
make sure it is current.

For _everyone_ we need a date of birth. We can set it *not* to display
your age on the website, but for admin purposes, we need to know birthdates
(more information to come on that issue later).

So... either fill out a Member Profile Form here -
http://www.triadweyrs.org/phpmemberform1.php - or if you already have one,
send any updates WITH date of birth to html@triadweyrs.org



Members are reminded to let senior members IE: Level 1's, Council Comms, or
answer the questions any newbies or members might have in this forum.

Those who've attained the positions listed above have taken the time to
realize the differences in Triad canon and the often contradictory and
confusing book canon (and some of the DLG errors).

We appreciate the helpfulness of ALL members, but please let the more senior
staff answer questions of canon and rules.

Estelle has taken the time to prepare a wonderful primer for new mentees
(and even those members who have been here a while!). Please feel free to
visit this area of the forum. It's a good reference for answering many of
the questions you might have.

Go to: http://www.triadweyrs.org/forum/viewthread.php?tid=2092 to review.

Note: Please remember to _always_ check to make sure a post has been
reviewed by the mentor for each of the mentored members in your coposts.
If you are an L1 or ranking member, there are no excuses for not checking!

If unsure ever regarding a mentees status, or whether a post has been
please check with the noted mentor (info provided on the site) or Nici, as
Mentor Master at nici@triadweyrs.org)


Please remember that Triad Weyrs is very strict regarding Pern canon--and
especially of those rules set down by AM herself. Please remember to be
careful when preparing posts to check for canon errors.

Please go to the following links to review the canon rules for Triad Weyrs.
Rankers and oldbies too--we can all use a refresher from time to time! Smile




So, you want answers? We'll we've got them--or at least most of them. For
those seeking quick answers to common questions, please visit the new
'Knowledge Base' forum that's been set up at :

Just one more thing we're doing to make finding answers easier!

Well, perhaps you'd better do that yourselves! Stop by our
'Introductions' forum and introduce yourself. You'll get to know other
members and maybe even get a few coposts
out of it!


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